Saddam's WMD: Discovery and Denial

Now that our units in Iraq have discovered the smoking gun that the left has seemingly wanted for the past three years, they have shifted the goalposts again. And one more time, the facts of Saddam’s WMD must be presented to the American people to counter the lies of the media, and regrettably, some people in our own government agencies.

The left and their allies in the press are apparently too dense to understand the significance of the Coalition previously finding biological agent seed cultures, several hundred tons of purified nuclear material, and tons of chemical weapon (CW) precursors. But this entire controversy has never been about the weapons themselves, the age of the munitions, or the media promoted fantasy of pallets of chemical rounds ready to be loaded into Iraqi artillery pieces. From the beginning it has been about the campaign of disinformation and deception of the antique media and the shadow government within our intelligence agencies to discredit the administration in a time of war.

The SecState and Pre—war Intelligence

A typical response to the NGIC report on these chemical weapons is found in a piece by Dafna Linzer in the Washington Post. After briefly covering Santorum’s and Hoekstra’s news conference, Linzer quotes the proverbial unnamed ‘intelligence officials’ who said that these,

…shells were old and were not the suspected weapons of mass destruction sought in Iraq after the 2003 invasion.

This is a false statement and in fact, directly contradicts publicly divulged US and European pre—war intelligence estimates as stated by both the President in his 2003 State of the Union address, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s speech before the UN a little over a week later.