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Interesting that freedom of speech is “unpatriotic”, so much that there is a call under Obama’s name to ban this website.
Howard Dean Republican exterminator Posts…

Alright let’s get the ball rolling. We must make the internet more “Obama” friendly, there are a whole bunch of conservatard sites that criticize our president. I have been assured by Sec of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano that she will take steps to make the internet more friendly but she needs sites that should be banned. Please brainstorm here


Howard Dean M.D.

(Get the ball rolling here are some sites

www.gop.org <—Opposing party
www.redstate.com <—Conservatard watering hole
www.freerepublic.com <—See redstate.com
www.mccain.senate.gov <—Ran against Obama and attacking him now.
www.sarahpac.com <—Sarah “Carabou Barbie” Palin’s “Political Action Committee.”