We are going to steal your Party from within [Closed]

I really can’t believe some of your people accept us into a so called conservative coalition. Thats the last thing that we LIBERTARIANS want. Instead of calling myself a hard boiled libertarian I should have referred to myself as an honest one. We are going to steal your Party from within. I’m not here to make friends nor am I here to discuss policy with you guys. Our agenda is so far removed from yours that there could never be any agreements on anything.So why waste the time arguing. We have much more in common with leftists such as DENNIS KUCINICH and NOAM CHOMSKY than any so called mainstream GOS. The PAULS will openly testify to that themselves. True Libertarians such as me want privatized not GOVT. ran what you would probably call SAN FRANCISCO Values implicated. Most of all we want the military empire brought home and all bases closed. The fake war on terror and it’s bogus Siamese twin the so called drug war terminated.

We took a bible belt state like KENTUCKY like taking candy from a baby. So look forward to a LIBERTARIAN FUTURE.

Ban me if you want I really don’t care because this is the last time I would ever waste my time with so called establishments conservatives anyway.

LOOK forward to you guys being the JR. Partners