The factors affecting the performance of concrete batching plant

What affect the performance of the concrete batching plant?The efficiency of the equipment is of great economic significance.the several factors are as follows.

The quantity of mud and water input of the concrete batching plant.Input more,it is easy to flow slurry;too little,it is not easy to reach the required standard.
The consistency of mud.The consistency of the water mud is related to the proportion of water and cement.The proportion of water and cement is small,the water slurry is easy to thick,liquidity is small,the adhesive property is strong,water retentivity is good.And the less the proportion of water and cement is, you cannot meet the requirements of the construction;if more,the strength is lower and durability is reduced.
The sand ration of contrete batching plant.If water mud contains little sand,the water mud will be rare,it is easy to lose;if the quantity is more,the water will be dry and thick,the liquidity is small.
The kind of cement and the perpormance of concrete.Fine cement,the good flowability and water mud applicable.
The time,temperature and additive of concrete.Long time high temperature,small liquidity;blending admixture,big mobility.