Conservative Christian Center Urges Action to Save Babies

Supports Human Life Services and 40 Days for Life, direct action to save the babies, Celebrate Life Dinner

Most conservatives oppose abortion and are in favor of “the right to life.”  But a smaller number actually do something to put their faith into action.  I’m not just talking about helping the campaign of candidates for office such as which candidate for President will appoint Supreme Court and federal judges who will stand for life.

As commendable as that is, there’s an even more direct way that a small number of Church going Christians have found they can go beyond advocating for life and actually support a life choice.

In many communities around the country a group which does something about it are those who operate local crisis pregnancy centers, such as the Human Life Services center in York, PA, which is having its annual “Celebrate Life” fundraising dinner this Friday, October 21 (their facebook page has info on last minute seating at the York County PA dinner).

Human Life Services, like other similar centers in communities around the country, provides free pregnancy testing, free ultrasound to confirm the details, confidential counseling about pregnancy options which does NOT push the women to kill their baby, prenatal and parenting education, maternity and baby clothes, and for those they have reached too late to save their baby, post-abortion recovery counseling.  Truly, if anyone on earth is, Human Life Services is doing Christ’s work on earth.

These centers operate mostly with volunteers and completely with volunteer financial support.  Unlike the “women’s services” offered by Planned Parenthood, their help involves supporting mothers who want to carry their unborn child to term, rather than do an abortion and discard the “fetus.”.  These groups don’t get the hundreds of millions of federal taxpayer dollars that Planned Parenthood abortion clinics receive.  They completely rely on voluntary donations to exist.

The local clinics which do this work received praise from a group I very much recommend, Conservative Christian Center (CCC) because “they don’t just advocate for life they save life.”  CCC aims to increase the number and influence of Christians in public policy and works to conserve Christian traditions in America, with emphasis on putting faith into action.

CCC members will accompany Jay McKiernan, the York County chairman of Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation, to the annual fall fundraiser of their local human life center where they will have Jay present a modest financial gift from CCC to continue the life saving work of Human Life Services, and they urge support of this group or your local group doing this important work.

Another local initiative which came in for strong support from the Conservative Christian Center is the 40 Days for Life, where supporters are urged to stand prayerful vigil at Abortion Clinics in their own community (see the “40 Days” website for addresses and a signup form) through November 6 (they started Sept. 28).

CCC co-sponsored a speaker on this topic together with the Black Robe Regiment of Virginia at last week’s Freedom Leadership Conference and urges readers to follow the advice of that speaker, Judy Cook (wife of the BRR-VA President, Rev. William Cook) – stand an hour a week at a local Planned Parenthood Clinic and pray for life, pray for the shutdown of the baby killing clinics.

But when 40 Days for Life ends on November 7, the fundraising dinner adjourns next Friday, the election is over on November 8, the action will need to continue and that’s the promise of Conservative Christian Center ([email protected] for their free e-newsletter), which will hold an exploratory committee meeting in York, PA to discuss how conservative Christians can best work together to take action (to get invited send them an email, if you live nearby).


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