Why Ted Cruz in PA on Tuesday April 26?

Ted CruzWhy is Ted Cruz the only choice for conservatives on Tuesday in Pennsylvania?  They said of Ronald Reagan he could never win because he was too conservative.  But he ran and won as California Governor anyway, then won reelection by an even larger margin.  They said it again when he ran for President but he ran and won, and then won reelection in a landslide.

Liberal Republicans have always said conservatives cannot win.  When their candidates win the GOP nomination for President, they seem to always lose.  Conservative Ted Cruz can win because like Ronald Reagan before him, he articulates our conservative views better than anyone else.  Like Ronald Reagan before him, he has spent many years articulating conservative views on important public policy issues and he has never disappointed conservatives.

JPG for Cruz for President, PA Flyer, Side 1, Delegate List, by Pat Henry on Facebook, aka Hanover Henry on REDSTATE (write to him on Facebook to get the PDF better for printing).
JPG for Cruz for President, PA Flyer, Side 1, Delegate List, by Pat Henry on Facebook, aka Hanover Henry on REDSTATE (write to him on Facebook to get the PDF better for printing).

It makes no sense to look for a candidate who will challenge the liberal GOP establishment, and pick either of the two candidates who got more votes in Manhattan than Ted Cruz.  It makes no sense to look for someone who won’t go into the back room and make deals to sell us out as we have seen happen again and again, and then select the guy who wrote “The Art of the Deal” and who has spent his entire adult life contributing millions of dollars to the very liberal and leftwing politicians and establishment Republicans who made this country the mess we are in today.

It makes no sense to go into the voting booth on Tuesday and vote for any GOP national convention delegate who, as one put it on Fox TV this week, says he will “give respectful consideration to the views of the district” when he goes to the national convention, and he decides who will be our nominee.

JPG for Cruz for President, PA Flyer, Side 2, Delegate List, by Pat Henry on Facebook, aka Hanover Henry on REDSTATE (write to him on Facebook to get the PDF better for printing).
JPG for Cruz for President, PA Flyer, Side 2, Reprint of this REDSTATE article by Pat Henry on Facebook, aka Hanover Henry on REDSTATE (write to him on Facebook to get the PDF better for printing).

If you see names on the ballot you recognize and appreciate for their past service to our cause, our party or to the state, DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM for delegate.  This is YOUR DECISION who will be the GOP nominee for President, and you ought not to try to delegate your choice to someone else however popular they might be, however well known in your community they might be.  Vote only for Cruz delegates.

My friends at ACTION of PA – Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation –believe you should render unto Ceaser what is his, and to God, what is His.  That means you have a duty not only to vote, but to use an informed conscience to vote for the candidate who best represents your philosophy, faith, beliefs.

It is your duty as a citizen and especially as a Christian, is what my ACTION friends say.  I commend them for their efforts to persuade more Christians to use their faith and their OWN informed conscience as the basis for choosing the best candidates to vote for.

If you are in the conservative GOP mainstream in Pennsylvania that means you should vote for Ted Cruz in the “beauty contest” but also, you should ONLY VOTE for those candidates who you are certain will also vote for Ted Cruz at the GOP national nominating convention.

Never mind the candidates who will “give consideration” to your views.  You should regard that statement as an INSULT to your intelligence.

And never mind the candidates who will themselves decide who THEY think can best win in November against the Democrat.  It is your President, it is your Republican Party, and this is your choice to make on Tuesday, April 26.

If you are a conservative Republican there is only one clear choice based on the candidates’ track record, as well as who can best articulate our views and win in November and be the very closest thing we have seen to Ronald Reagan (as Rush Limbaugh put it) in our lifetime.  Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump is very proud he is doing so well in the northeast USA right now.  That should make you think: isn’t it always the liberals who do so well in Manhattan and the northeast USA?  Don’t let them fool you.  You have a real conservative you can vote for as the GOP nominee.  The fact is that Donald Trump is not going to have a majority of the delegate votes at the convention.

Trump will enter the GOP national convention with a clear majority AGAINST HIM … as he would put it, by millions and millions of votes, by a margin of hundreds of delegates.

There is a slate of candidates running in PA who are pledged to vote for Ted Cruz on every ballot and who are endorsed by the Cruz campaign.  The flyer is below and downloadable as a PDF if you can’t get to a Cruz campaign office or need more.

When Donald Trump fails to get a majority, and when his threats of violence fail to persuade the majority to nominate him on the first ballot, his delegate strength will erode on the second ballot and if Cruz doesn’t win then, he can win on the third ballot.

There is no path to the GOP nomination except with a majority, not just a plurality of votes for Donald Trump, not over the objections of the majority who voted NO on Donald Trump, not just with the endorsement of northeast liberals.

Regarding complaints we have heard that there isn’t enough literature, that the Cruz campaign operation in Pennsylvania is either in a shambles or is a joke – that there is no office in your area, there is no Facebook page or PA website or the other problems with the Cruz PA operation, let me say this clearly:

Fellow conservatives, Ride to the sound of the guns.  Print your own literature.  Or reprint this article, download this flyer that you can print out at your local Staples or other printer, or print on your own printer at home.  Print a lot of them and find the nearest polling place to hand these out on Tuesday.

If there’s someone there already handing out Ted Cruz flyers, give them some of this better piece and then go find another polling place that doesn’t have a Cruz volunteer and stay there as long as you can on Tuesday.  Print this article on one side, the Cruz delegate list on the other side:  Side oneSide Two.

Please don’t let people throw away their vote in Pennsylvania on Tuesday for a conservative President without putting up a fight.  The battle is on, the fight is now, and we need you to ride to the sound of the guns, circulate this flyer on Facebook, by email, by hand, now today and especially on election day.  Ride to the sound of the guns.

Ted Cruz Pennsylvania
Official Slate for
Convention Delegate by
Congressional District (CD)

Aldridk Gessa

Marilyn S. Gillispie
(G. Edwin Mathias pledges Cruz*)

Barry Kroeker
Rick Chura
Lyle Stewart

Mary Elizabeth Wert
Robert Wert

Deborah Evangelou

Louis Kaneshiki
David Show

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