A Last Minute appeal to Evangelicals Concerning Donald Trump

I have always been most fond of the traditional or Christian-right leg of the old Reagan campaigning and governing coalition, originally held together on the masthead of William F. Buckley’s National Review long before anyone ever imagined our going from a respectable but nonetheless small fraction of the 1965 vote for Mayor of New York City to a future landslide for our candidate for governor of the largest state and then as President.

They are after all, simply the nicest of the three groupings, even if nowhere near as knowledgeable as the economics or freedom oriented members of the coalition, nor as strong as the national security and defense minded conservatives.

Nor do most of our values voter friends have the strategic vision of coalition minded conservatives which the undersigned tends to associate with.  They just want to do what is right as God gives them the light.  They want to be guided by The Word.  And they are tired of being criticized for bringing their values to the public policy arena.

For years they have been criticized for voting for candidates who shared their views.  Until this year 2016.

Now with Donald Trump appearing poised to again sweep “the evangelicals” to his banner in tomorrow’s “Super Tuesday” vote to nominate a President, I am reminded of how logic-impaired my favorite group of our conservative coalition can sometimes be as they yield to Godly faith not man’s logic.  Yes, I do say that with some serious degree of admiration but, in this case, I don’t think that my favorite group of our coalition, is using an inspired and informed conscience to guide them in choosing a candidate for President.

I write from the perspective of someone who has dedicated nearly 100 articles in this space to the defense of the values voter viewpoint over the past four years.

I ask directly: How can you wonderful people who have the best developed conscience based on The Word, vote for Donald Trump, given not only his past track record but his continuing defense of Planned Parenthood? 

Here’s a video clip it only took me a minute to find on Youtube so you can listen carefully to the biggest GOP defender of Planned Parenthood, Donald Trump.

It isn’t just The Donald’s defense of Planned Parenthood.  It is his use of their language of choice – that they are all about “women’s health” and the fact that his donations have helped elect the very Senators who defend against our defunding the largest baby-killing organization in the world.

On top of their making it legal to kill babies they make us pay for it too – and this is the organization which The Donald wants to continue funding because he says, they do such a terrific job on “women’s health”?

It took a little bit of time and repetition by Donald Trump before I came to the conclusion that he sincerely likes Planned Parenthood as much as those of us who despise killing babies, detest them.

You will recall his solemnly chastising Jeb Bush for making what The Donald called “a terrible” mistake in criticizing Planned Parenthood several months ago.  That meant Jeb was against helping women, if he was against Planned Parenthood. Trump sternly lectured, a big mistake attacking such a terrific group for the women.

Now I realize at the time I may have been in good company with many other conservatives who heard that but simply couldn’t believe it was serious and in any event (had he misspoke?  It never does seem to matter does it?), what conservative wants to defend a Bush?

But the repetition of the GOP’s best defender of Planned Parenthood continued right through the last two debates.  The Donald is only against funding abortions he says, completely unaware that there are already restrictions in such funding and in any event, money is fungible and the credibility he gives them with his constant praise is most invaluable.

Most important is the question, why would conservatives want to “fund women’s health” instead of having health issues addressed equally – men, women, children; families, singles and anyone in between, preferably by abolishing Obamacare and preserving the free market system which made our healthcare the envy of the world?  Most especially, why would any conservative who says that his values shape his beliefs, vote for a candidate for President who not only does not share those values but is the best advocate for the opposing viewpoint that any of us have seen in many years?

The day that a Bush is our advocate on a social issue like funding Planned Parenthood, and the supposedly anti-establishment rebel candidate is the one who is the defender of the status quo on this critical issue, is when things are really all mixed up.  And they really are.

I rather doubt anything that any of us write on these pages will influence a single Trump voter to desist and turn instead to an alternative or better yet to the consistently solid Ted Cruz.

Nonetheless, I find it imperative to take one more try and to provide the link for anyone left, especially residents of the southern states holding the “super Tuesday” primary vote.

You plan to vote for Donald Trump on Tuesday for the laudable purpose of sticking it to the establishment.  But you’re voting for top GOP defender of Planned Parenthood.  You’re voting for the guy who says it was normal business for him to donate to the very Senators who presently make it impossible to stop the funding of the biggest babykilling machine of all time.

He loves women and so, Trump wants to continue funding the organization that kills babies, especially black babies in he inner cities of America using white people’s tax money to keep the doors of their “women’s health” clinics open.

And instead of voting for the candidate who the establishment hates the most you are planning to vote for the candidate who has been a good friend and donor of Senator Harry Reid, Senator Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton and the GOP establishment.  You are sick and tired of the backroom deals so, you’re going to vote for a guy who personifies “The Art of the Deal” as his best selling book is aptly named.

My dear values voter friends, I beg you to think this through, change your mind, develop and maintain an “informed conscience” so that you realize Donald Trump is the last candidate you should ever consider voting for.  Ted Cruz is the best coalition conservative – the one who can best unite all parts of the Reagan coalition, the one who Rush Limbaugh says is the closest thing to Ronald Reagan we will ever see in our lifetime.


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