Trump, Cruz and Kasich New Hampshire Winners. Robotically Repeating Rubio Deflated.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich are the New Hampshire Winners.  Rubio, Carson and Fiorina are the biggest losers.  This despite the massive media focus on “surging Rubio” for two weeks (the week before & after his 3rd place loss in Iowa).  Fiorina is no surprise.  Carson is, not because he failed to finish in the top 5 but because he finished with a low 2% even behind Carly Fiorina.

The “Cruz is a dishonest thief” (phony) narrative failed.  I predicted this in a post at my Facebook page after last week’s straw poll vote by Christian-right activists at Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation of York County PA.  Many of them genuinely like Ben Carson but don’t like his new campaign tactic of calling conservative Senator Ted Cruz dishonest because his campaign got some of their voters in Iowa.  They switched either to undecided (2nd place) or Cruz (first place) after seeing him do this in the debate.

Bush did well enough to stay in the race for at least a little longer, hoping to pull ahead of Kasich on the road south and on to Florida.  I wouldn’t rule it out.  His biggest problem in the south has been his former protégé, Marco Rubio.  He has cause to celebrate tonight for pulling ahead of Rubio, even if only barely.

Conservatives had best remember that Jeb as he prefers to be known, was actually a pretty conservative and well regarded governor and Florida is home territory.  After his finish ahead of Rubio in New Hampshire, even if by a whisker, he could now perform much better in contests in Florida and the south.

Not much to say about Chris Christie whose finish to the rear of the establishment GOP pack doesn’t diminish his starring role in last week’s debate as the man who took down the Robotically Repeating Rubio.

So: Trump with the non-issue oriented “mad as hell” crowd and some conservatives, Cruz for the conservatives and Kasich for the establishment eclipsing Rubio are tonight’s big New Hampshire winners.

The story ought to be how the given up for dead winner of the Iowa primary, called a dishonest thief by even the nice Carson and endlessly and on the hour by the formerly fair and balanced Fox News, surprised everyone by finishing third while the surging and universally celebrated Rubio ebbed.

The lamestream media and establishment GOP story will instead be that Kasich and Bush are duking it out to see who will be the challenger to Trump, while Cruz isn’t relevant.  If they could ignore Cruz for his surprising and not predicted 1st place Iowa finish they will certainly feel justified in doing it again with his shocking (including to them) 3rd place New Hampshire victory.

Disheartened conservatives might try remembering that the media monopoly, sometimes assisted recently with their story line by the once-fair and balanced Fox News, has been broken by social media including tweet, blogs and Facebook.  And most of all they ought to remember that New Hampshire turned out to be a major victory for us for many reasons – confusion to our foes, unity for our friends, albeit a continued delay in going after the still unchallenged and unscathed Trump.

Conservatives should rally with social media and as Cruz volunteers, ride to the sound of the guns, and not listen to the media and establishment GOP spin on Iowa and New Hampshire.  There’s only one candidate who can effectively tell Donald Trump no, you’re not now or ever be “bigger, greater, more unbelievable than Ronald Reagan.”  And that’s the real surge king and solid Reaganite, Senator Ted Cruz.


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