York County Pennsylvania Rebuffs Democrat War on Women

(posted Wed. 11/5 early AM but delayed by REDSTATE).  What “war on women”?  York County, PA resident Kristin Phillips-Hill said it is more like a “war for women” that conservative Republicans are fighting and winning.  She should know.  She is a newly elected State Representative in the GOP Majority legislature in Pennsylvania.

In addition to the failure of the “Democrat War on Women” theme across the United States yesterday in closely watched U.S. Senate races, the election of two more new state legislators who are conservative Republican women added another “slap in the face” to the failed Democratic campaign theme against Republicans.

Phillips Hill told one of our sources at her victory party in York County last night, “we have debunked this Democratic myth of a war on women by electing three GOP women here in York County, Pennsylvania.”

Kristin Phillips-Hill is one of two newly elected female state legislators who join the County Coroner  in York County, PA in an “actions speaker louder than words” local rebuff to the supposed “war on women” theme where Democrats claim Republicans are “against” them.

All three ladies are conservative Republicans who proved very popular with the social conservative group, Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation (ACTION of PA) where they have been speakers this past year.

ACTION of PA State Chairman Jay McKiernan told this reporter that all three ladies are very popular at his organization’s breakfast meetings where they have all been speakers.

“We have debunked this Democratic myth of a war on women by electing three GOP women here in York County, Pennsylvania.”  -Representative-Elect Kristin Phillips-Hill, 11/4/14 at her Victory Party

The three ladies also proved very popular reaching out to traditionally Democrat constituencies, such as the local Philippine American Heritage Council.  “Our members who met and heard them speak thought they were fabulous” said a spokesman for the group.  Two of the three ladies spoke at the annual picnic of the non-partisan Filipino cultural group before their election, with Kristin-Hill as one of the featured speakers at the 3rd annual picnic this past August on the subject of American Exceptionalism.

Kate Klunk of Hanover, PA worked at the White House of President George Bush on domestic and economic policy and as a private practice attorney before winning her first race to become a State Representative from York County, PA last night.

Kristin Phillips-Hill of York Township, has been a legislative aide and then a member of the Dallastown Area School Board, as well as owner of her own small business and most important, wife and mother of three children.  She just won her first campaign for State Representative from York County, PA last night.

Klunk and Phillips-Hill are the third and fourth women in York County history to be elected to the state House of Representatives.  Both won their contested primary, and then both ran unopposed in the general election as was the situation with some other state legislative candidates.  Not running challengers to strong GOP candidates is a tactic of the Democratic Party to try to keep the GOP vote turnout smaller for their successful candidate for Governor. Klunk and Phillips-Hill won their races against a backdrop of a Democrat victory for Governor in their state.

Those who supported them and campaigned for the incumbent pro-life Governor Tom Corbett, point to a majority of the York County vote going against York County native, liberal Tom Wolf.  “With 93 percent of precincts reporting, Corbett led Wolf 57 percent to 43 percent,” reported the York Daily Record.

Asked how the three winning GOP candidates are different in philosophy from the Democrats, Kristin Phillips-Hill told our source “we are fiscally and socially conservative.”

Asked about the strong effort made to win their election, Phillips-Hill admitted that “we ladies all worked very hard and very energetically to show our voters that we will faithfully represent them if they elect us.”

We wish we could say “as York County goes, so goes Pennsylvania” with three wonderful, articulate, energetic conservative ladies like this winning election this year and last year, and with the voters’ strong rejection of the candidacy of native son, liberal Governor-elect Tom Wolf.

But the election of these three conservative ladies does send a clear message out across the country that GOP conservatives aren’t waging a war ON women but a war FOR women and for their constituents, and this way can be a path to victory if it is followed by others in the next two years.

We join in congratulating Kristin Phillips-Hill and Kate Klunk on their joining County Coroner Pam Gay in the winners circle and wish them all the best in articulating a clear conservative message in the years ahead.


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