Eric Cantor spent $168k at Steakhouses

One of the many things conservatives love about establishment Republicans… and our reporting on this sort of thing is one of the many things they hate about us:

Eric Cantor Blew $168K at Steak Houses; Brat Spent $122K Overall

When conservatives write out donation checks to support victory for GOP candidates, those of us long active in the conservative movement and who are ardent supporters of the original Human Events and later REDSTATE, have long known it is best to bypass the “official” GOP campaign committees and directly write out donation checks to those conservative candidates who stand the best chance of winning.  Or donate to conservative PAC’s such as the “super PAC” founded by former Senator Jim DeMint, Senate Conservatives Fund.

Perhaps we should have a new “scorecard” to help us decide which candidates to support in the future?  I propose the REDSTATE Steakhouse index.  The candidates with the HIGHEST dollar amount spent at restaurants get the LOWEST REDSTATE Steakhouse score.

I suspect David Brat would have earned 100% on such a voting index (by spending zero on steaks at the expense of his campaign donors).  Perhaps Congressman Eric Cantor would have topped out the field of incumbent GOP officeholders with his $168,000 Steakhouse expenses?  But then, perhaps not, considering the number of highly paid GOP consultants employed by the establishment GOP.

If you include a pro-rata share of the GOP Committees – National Republican Senatorial Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee and the big daddy, Republican National Committee (based on their support of primary incumbents), the Steakhouse Index spending scorecard for establishment Republican incumbent officeholders  would surely skyrocket.  And it seems to me that’s only fair – they are being supported in every way possible by the establishment GOP, so why shouldn’t their Steakhouse Spending be included.

How about the Steakhouse spending by the highly compensated consultants for the establishment GOP?  If we could find a way to get those numbers, wouldn’t it be only fair to allocate a pro-rata share of that Steakhouse spending to establishment GOP candidates?

You can be sure for example, that anyone connected to former Senator and now Heritage Foundation (and ACTION) leader Jim DeMint wouldn’t be getting any of those Steaks.  But did Eric Cantor’s consultants get Steak dinners paid for by the National Republican Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee?  How much would that boost the $168K in already reported Cantor Steakhouse spending?

For those who may have missed my earlier report about the significance of the Cantor defeat, reported just after the polls closed, please visit

House GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor loses to conservative primary challenger

David Brat Overcomes 59% to 38% poll disadvantage and $5 million vs $120 thousand fundraising disadvantage to win landslide 55% vote

I made the point in this late night election night post still missed by the entire world of political punditry,

The big loser in today’s defeat of the powerful GOP House Majority Leader is not incumbent Eric Cantor.  It is the number one House Republican, Speaker John Boehner.  The Speaker had a number 2 Majority Leader who many movement conservatives despised.  

With Eric Cantor now out, a future Majority Leader challenge to the leadership of John Bohener is now far more of a possibility, especially if Boehner betrays conservatives again on an issue of critical importance to them such as amnesty for illegals.

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