Rep. Scott Perry Votes NO on Obama Debt Limit Increase After Telling Constituents “we are soldiers in the war for the soul of our nation”

U.S. Congressman Scott Perry (R-PA 4th District) told a gathering of Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation of Pennsylvania (ACTION of PA) this past Saturday morning in keynote remarks to their York County chapter breakfast in the south central part of the Keystone State, that “we are soldiers in the war for the soul of our nation” and then yesterday, on Tuesday afternoon 2/11, once again voted with “the majority of the majority” of the U.S. House of Representatives against the debt limit increase demanded by President Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Congressman Perry’s vote against the debt limit increase put him in the minority once again, as GOP House Speaker John Boehner, a small minority of House GOP Members and all Democrat House Members voted to increase the debt limit as they did when they also prevailed in late 2013 after the government shutdown that resulted from the President and Democrat Senate’s refusal to compromise or even negotiate with the House Majority.

The debt increase limit passed the House on a vote of 221 to 201 and will not come up again for a vote until after the 2014 election (early report on Rep. Scott Perry and the House vote HERE).

Perry’s past vote against the Obama spending increase was cited during Question and Answer period by a member of ACTION, which resulted in sustained applause from the very supportive crowd for the very obviously popular Congressman Perry.

While his vote against the debt ceiling was not popular with Democrat and moderate GOP Members of the House and the media intelligentsia, it does set the stage for the 2014 election season with two contrasting visions of the future.  Congressman Perry is very willing to dig in and fight as a member of the House “Majority of the Majority” for “the soul of the nation” as he put it at the Saturday breakfast, presaging his House vote several days later on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

Two major issues which voters will decide in the 2014 off year elections with one third of the Senate and the full House to stand for election is the continuing increases in government spending and taxation and Obamacare, which is also now clearly labeled as the tax increase it always was thanks to the Supreme Court ruling and which does not let you keep your doctor and your current insurance.

Perry’s strong speech at the Saturday breakfast resulted in two different groups volunteering to host campaign reelection events for him.  On Sunday, members of the local Philippine American Heritage Council met for brunch in York City and unanimously agreed that they would join as co-hosts for a “meet and greet Congressman Scott Perry” dinner to benefit his reelection with several pledging to bring donation checks, after reviewing and discussing his record and his support of Filipino-Americans.  Perry was the keynote speaker at the Philippine American Heritage Council’s 2nd annual picnic this past summer.

And, members of the ACTION of PA organization where Congressman Perry spoke this past Saturday, have written to their York County Chapter President, Jay McKiernan, to ask that individual leaders of that organization join together as co-hosts of a similar “meet and greet” and fundraiser for the benefit of the Reelect Perry for Congress effort.

Contrary to reports from the mainstream and intelligentsia media and their moderate GOP allies, House votes like that cast repeatedly by U.S. Congressman Scott Perry and his “majority of the majority” are engendering very enthusiastic grassroots support.

The debt limit issue is second only to Obamacare as one that most conservative GOP voters rank as their highest concerns in 2014.  Candidates for U.S. Senate and for the GOP nomination for President, take note.  If you are not on the side of Perry and his “majority of the majority” on these and other issues you will not win GOP primaries in 2014.

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