ObamaCare at the Supreme Court: Totalitarian Democracy does not mean freedom.

(5th in A Fortnight for Freedom Series, For Greater Glory PLEDGEDuring the Vietnam war, we first heard that America is helping to bring Democracy to another land which otherwise would not know it.  A major part of the “White Man’s Burden” (as Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem calls it) then and many times since, has been to “bring Democracy” to those who would otherwise not know its wonders and benefits.

Aside from the arrogance of the statement that America (or white men) have any special duty to bring their ways to others, today’s Supreme Court ruling to approve a forced mandate ought to give a lot of good people a new idea: a country can be a democracy but still be totalitarian.

And there really are people who think they must force “enlightenment” on the unwashed and ignorant masses – that is, you and me.  It is a thoroughly totalitarian as well as intrinsically arrogant idea which involves less a missionary approach and more of a “subjugation” assault. Isn’t the Rudyard Kipling poem’s wording, a supreme irony when taken in the context of today’s Supreme Court ruling and the attitude of those who would “subjugate” us all for our own benefit (so they say)?

But isn’t it all “democracy” in action?

Adolf Hitler governed with the support of the German people for his National Socialism Party (Nazis), as do today’s manifestation of that party in the Middle East, the Egyptian Brotherhood in Egypt.  A majority vote does not legitimize the execution of Jews, any more than slavery is made proper by the fact that a number of southern states had a majority who opposed its abolition before the victory in what some southerners still call the war of Northern Aggression.

The issue is not how do you select your government but whether your form of government is in fact, totalitarian or oriented towards freedom for individuals.  Some conservatives have always been confused by this, some liberals and no leftists.

And so, to a leftist, power by any means necessary, has always been their means towards their end of totalitarian government where they run everything, without exception.

Knowledgeable values voter Christians know that it is people who adhere to their faith who build America and who over the centuries, have fostered more freedom for more people than any other system in the history of humanity.  Our Savior created us as individuals with individual choices to make and utopia is not on earth nor based on membership in any collective.

The alternative to Christians’ respect for individual liberty because we are all brothers and sisters of the same Father, is Totalitarian government.

This has been true throughout history, without regard for whether it is a power grab by a small group such as in 1917 with the Bolsheviks, or in Vietnam where a coalition suddenly saw its non-communist leaders vanish, get assassinated or be captured by the losing French forces (betrayed by the new ruling authority – the Communists of Ho Chi Minh).

It does not matter what was promised or pledged or said – such as the Muslim Brotherhood claiming they would not run anyone for President, or President Obama’s claiming the fee to be paid by those who did not choose to buy his health insurance wasn’t a tax. Today the Supreme Court ruled it is.

All of this begs the question.  If we are a Democracy, then “the will of the people” is all that matters?  But if we are a Republic with constraints and limits on the power of government, has what our founding fathers created, today been dealt a death blow?

America moved in the direction of totalitarian government today because one man broke ranks – Chief Justice John Roberts.

It does not matter whether President Obama wins reelection or not because even with a new President and a majority of Senators and House members it will be very difficult to erase the ruling by today’s Supreme Court ruling.

Today’s ruling, led by a Chief Justice who in every way PRIOR to his appointment to the highest court has shown that he would be a conservative jurist, betrays the idea of limiting government and moves America to a “no limits” totalitarian government that simply cannot be restrained, limited or constrained.  And that is the very definition of “totalitarian.”

While the government’s defense of its new power grab was focused on the “commerce clause” to trump the clear and simple language of the 10th amendment prohibiting any powers for the federal government not “enumerated” specifically in the Constitution, Chief Justice Roberts has now created a new path to totalitarian government.

And that is, if the politicians say no, we are not forcing you to do this, you have freedom to say no, but we will then impose a fee upon you – wouldn’t we conservatives say AHA it is a tax!!!!???

But Chief Justice Roberts is the author of a new doctrine: the totalitarian Democrats (and yes that is not an oxymoron, but is the central thesis of my offering today) can now impose new power grabs without limits, and not even bother to stretch the commerce clause to justify their crushing of the intent of our founders.

The Totalitarian Democrats may now impose “fees” on us if we choose not to accept their present and future beneficence, deny it is a tax, pass such laws as if they are not a tax, and later, the Supreme Court can then retroactively rule that it was in fact, a tax and hence, constitutional.

And, someone in this logic, the ability of the government to tax for any reason, any activity and even a non-activity (ie. the refusal to purchase the government’s specificed idea of health insurance). is now unlimited.

The Roberts Doctrine very simply, is that the government now has all power to do anything, and doesn’t even have to correctly call it a tax at the time that it is being voted on – the court can always do that for them a few years later, if it goes that far.

What motivates Chief Justice Roberts?

Many essays will be written on that subject and no doubt I’ll be reading some of them.  But I will speculate as follows.

The President’s Men said most clearly in the month before this vote, that they would demonize the Chief Justice and the Supreme Court, if ObamaCare were ruled unconstitutional.

The threat to demonize means simply: now and forever, your name will be dirt in the history books, and everywhere you look on the internet.  If you type your name, you will find page after page of dirt and smear.

John Robert’s was clearly warned, we will destroy your name, your reputation, your lifework and even your beloved Supreme Court, if you stand in our way on this totalitarian power grab.

In this showdown, I fear that John Roberts blinked.  He came up with what appears to be a very convoluted logic that defies all reason and most certainly all conservative thinking, to abandon the conservative side of the Supreme Court, and join with the 4 liberals, to uphold ObamaCare.

While I do believe we conservatives should make the most out of this bad situation, there is no mistaking in my mind, what has just happened: Judge Roberts has moved America a gigantic step in the direction of Totalitarian government whose power has no limit.

When we say “no limits” I take this opportunity to illustrate once again, that during this “Fortnight of Freedom” as called by the U.S. Catholic Bishops, we should be undertaking four vital missions.

First, we should pray and today shows more than ever, why.  Second, we should fast, and for those who do not realize that does not mean no nutrients it means to sacrificially offer privation as a means of atoning for our sins and to appeal to our God for his favorable attention.

Absent action which changes what is happening, Catholics and those who differ with today’s Supreme Court ruling, will only have two choices in the future.

One, we can dissent from the law and be fined, penalized, taxed, jailed, shut down.  As the Catholic Bishop’s April statement makes clear, this has already happened in Boston and San Francisco, where Catholic adoption services have dissented and been shut down, withdrawn and no longer available.

Second, we can comply despite our beliefs – religious or otherwise – and do as we are commanded.  In the case of people of faith, that means placing your immortal soul in jeopardy.

The Catholic Bishops suggest another alternative, and offer the “Fortnight for Freedom” to institute their alternative.

We are urged to educate our friends and anyone who will listen, about the origin and history of our freedoms, most especially the idea of constraining the government with the Bill of Rights, including the First Amendment prohibiting the government doing what it did today with this Supreme Court ruling.  And we can do it for this purpose:

And this is the point of the “education” – to arouse so many people to express their protest of this attack on our religious freedom that we influence our government to change what it is doing, or else we change those who are governing us on election day.

For conservatives, Tea Party and values voters included, the message of today’s ruling is that we must improve our efforts to influence public policy and to build our army.  Without a doubt, the left has the advantage and it was used to help them win at the Supreme Court today.

Regrettably, we have learned that the Supreme Court is not immune from popular opinion and popular pressure.  We must make certain to counter balance the ability of the left to press the court and to threaten Justices as they have done today.

I do not suggest that the immoral (ie. wrong, wicked) methods of Saul Alinsky be employed by us to counter the secular, liberal-left.  But I do suggest that we study the tactics of the left and do a better job of countering them.

Foremost among those things we must do, is a better job of bringing more of our supporters into the world of what military commanders call “command, control, communications” – a key component of military strategy

Simply put, more people from our ranks should be using social media to not only stay in touch but to also influence public policy.  If President Obama and his allies outnumber us more than 15 to 1 in this “ccc” arena then we may very well win more elections in the future even as we continue losing key votes in Congress and critical rulings in the courts.

All too often, traditional and values voter conservatives think of the internet and social media as ephemeral as the spirit world, if not more so.  They do not see that internet and social media are simply another name for the same “communications, command and control” that won the battle of Midway for America in World War II and lost the battle of Gettyburg for General Robert E. Lee in the turning point of the American civil war.

Americans should be very angry with this ruling and with the “decision” by the Supreme Court that despite the lies of the President and his allies, this in fact, was a tax imposed on them, as well as a massive loss of our freedom and a clear and present danger to the entire idea of a government constrained by a Constitution.  But even with a 2012 election victory – which is by no means ordained – the propensity of so many conservatives to go right back to sleep after November, must be changed.

Issues are the mothers milk of politics.  The left has used ObamaCare to build their armies larger than ours and to use their “ccc” advantage to terrorize the Court so that one justice broke ranks and voted as they demanded.

If angry Americans activate for this election and stay active after, then Chief Justice Robert’s enduring legacy may be that with a stroke of the pen he awakened the Sleeping Giant which will not only change the face of government this election day but keep aroused Americans awake for a change, until this clear and present danger of totalitarian democracy has been averted.

There are many good conservative organizations and publications such as RED STATE which are truly independent voices for our philosophy and the Obama-Roberts decision today to move America towards Totalitarian Democracy, should skyrocket their numbers – members, readers, supporters, boosters, activists – as never before.  Or the idea of limited government just received a death blow today, from which it will not recover.

I will continue to sound the alert to my friends and anyone who reads my words that they should be on RED STATE, they should be reading, listening and learning, and they should be helping us expand our ranks and build our army so that we can reverse America’s course towards Totalitarian Democracy which Chief Justice John Roberts ruled for in today’s ObamaCare ruling.

once again I wish to bring to your attention in the context of today’s ruling, that Andy Garcia’s For greater Glory movie, is the most compelling of the year to explain what happens when the government has so much power to force people to obey its dictates.  The true story of what happened in 1926 Mexico sounds so much like what is happening in 2012 America that it is chilling, as well as inspiring.  This is totalitarian democracy versus what we are losing – limited, constrained government preserving freedom, including our religious liberty.

Check it out, make the pledge to see the movie, to vote to defend religious liberty in 2012, to spread the word: For Greater Glory Pledge.


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