Senate retaliates with aid cut to Pakistan after Doctor who helped catch bin-Laden labeled "traitor" and sentenced to 33 years in jail

The doctor who helped America find and kill Osama bin Laden last May is now officially a criminal and a “traitor” according to the so-called “justice system” of Pakistan, which ought to tell us clearly that any further attempts to label this country a U.S. ally are foolish in the extreme.

Those friendly to the terrorists and who are animated by a deep hatred of Christians, Jews, freedom and the West, have made the good Doctor an example of what happens when anyone cooperates with America.

He is now labeled a traitor, his family is under virtual seige, he is in jail facing a virtual death sentence of 30 years in jail and the word is out loud and clear: if you cooperate with America you are a traitor in Pakistan.

For once, the U.S. Senate appears ready to push aside pro-Osama, Obama doubletalk, State Department “diplomacy” aka appeasement, and do something right in response to such direct attacks on America’s interests and on justice.

The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee voted 30-0 for an amendment offered by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham to cut $33 million of Pakistan aid as a punishment for a Pakistan court sentencing Doctor  Shakil Afridi to 33 years in jail for “treason.”

Generally I agree that the foreign policy of the United States ought to be guided by the simple proposition, is it in the just interests of the United States?

Even a liberal U.S. Senator like Dianne Feinstein of California pointed out the obvious: if Pakistan regards a Doctor who helped America nail Osama Bin Laden then the official position of Pakistan is that Bin Laden and his terrorists ARE the government/country of Pakistan.

As liberal Fox TV commentator Kirsten Powell said of Pakistan’s action labeling a Doctor who helped America catch bin-Laden “that pretty much tells us everything we need to know.”

Why would we want to send a single dollar of American money to a country that regards Osama bin Laden as their hero and his enemy – America – as their enemy?

The Senate Appropriations Committee had already made deep reductions in President Obama’s budget requests for financial aid to Pakistan because of its lousy track record recently in helping us fight Islamic terrorists.

In fact, more than half of the money requested by President Obama for Pakistan has been cut.

Going further, members of the Committee have said further reductions will be done if Pakistan does not allow us to reopen the overland supply routes they cut off for the U.S. led coalition forces in Afghanistan.

This past week the Senate’s Armed Services Committee added several “slaps” at Pakistan to their approval of the $631.4 billion defense budget.  In cutting off funds they demanded that the secretary of defense must certify that Pakistan has reopened our supply lines to Afghanistan, has cut off its support for the Haqqani terrorist network in thier country and has stopped imprisoning their own citizens who are friendly to America.

Most Americans are not aware of the real war in Pakistan but those who realize what is going on are outraged and for once it seems to be crossing party lines in the Senate.

Most Americans are not aware that Pakistan has cut off our ability to resupply our forces in Afghanistan and provide help to those fighting the terrorists in that country, supports a terrorist group which hates America and imprisons people who cooperate with the west as “traitors.”

Pakistan isn’t just tolerating terrorists.

Pakistan has cut off our ability to aid those FIGHTING the terrorists in Afghanistan and has openly supported the Haqqani terrorists in Pakistan..

Pakistan didn’t join us in celebrating the death of terrorist Osama bin Laden.

But they ARE punishing with a life time jail sentence the man who helped us terminate the terrorist.

I do not know why the full Senate has to wait several more months before they can vote on this new cut – $1 million for each year of jail time the Doctor was given.

Nor do I know why we cannot cut more of our taxpayer money going to Pakistan.

But what they have done at the Appropriations Committee is both in the interests of the United States, and it is right, and I applaud the Senators.

We should not suffer in silence when someone who cooperates with America in a foreign land, is punished for that act.

There should be hearings in the Senate as to how soon more aid can be cut.

There should be hearings in the Senate as to how the Administration can justify leaking the information which Pakistan used to learn the identity of Doctor Shakil Afridi.

They hate Christians and the Doctor who cooperated with the Judeo-Christian west.

That makes Pakistan our enemy and Doctor Afridi our friend.

They love Osama bin Laden and hate those who resist his terrorism.

That makes Pakistan a friend to the Islamic terrorists and an enemy of America.

Doctor Afridi and his family should be offered asylum in America and help in relocating here.  His freedom should be our highest priority, and it should be done loudly and proudly so that the world learns there is yet honor in the west, and that we know and will defend the right against the terrorist wrong.

Yes, moral right doesn’t belong in foreign policy, they will say.  But nowhere in recent memory can I think of an instance in which doing what is right so very much coincides with a foreign policy that serves the just interests of the United States.  We should zero base budget Pakistani aid and make them justify what they are doing to earn a single dime of American taxpayer assistance in the future.

We should treat the imprisonment of Doctor Shakil Afridi as an act of war against America and retaliate without waiting for the U.S. Senate’s glacial pace.

It takes both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House to appropriate taxpayer money.  There is no reason for delay and no reason for confusion.  We ought to demand immediate action from our Senators and our Congressman.  The Senate Appropriations Committee 30-0 vote to trim another $33 million from the aid-to-Pakistan budget was a good start.

Free Afridi, punish Pakistan, stand up to the terrorists and their friends, defend freedom and what is right.  Do it now.  Do not accept delay.


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