"For Greater Glory" Movie Takes Aim at Government Suppression of People of Faith, but may not come to a Theater near you on June 1 unless you act.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s conservatives railed against those elements of the anti-war movement in America being led by “agents of a foreign power hostile to the interests of  the United States,” which was how one of them, the National Lawyers Guild, was described by a panel of Congress.

One of those conservative groups, Young Americans for Freedom, was founded with a magazine cover article taking aim at the leftwing critics, entitled ‘HUAC AND ITS ENEMIES” – which focused on the House UnAmaerican Affairs Committee which labeled NLG as “hostile” to the interests of America.

The self-described “civil libertarians” of that time didn’t like the idea of government investigating those leftwing activists who advocated the violent overthrow of the United States government, and who were accepting help from foreign powers such as the Communist Soviet Union.

Fast forward to 2012.  We have for the past few years heard that America’s government – once again – is being too repressive in the “war on terror” and that our civil rights are being threatened in the name of fighting the terrorists.

We see “Occupy Wall Street” marching in the streets – reminiscent of the anti-war, anti-America, anti-capitalism, leftwing protests of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

They are once again blocking traffic and stopping people from getting to work.  They are once again breaking the law in the name of “resistance”.

Ironically, that very same NLG that was on the cover of that conservative youth magazine in 1960, has been seen giving counsel and legal advice to the “Occupy Wall Street” lawbreakers of today.

Forward to June 1, next Friday.  A very realistic movie is coming out telling the story of a government that really did clamp down on those who – they claimed – were “agents of a foreign power hostile to the interests of” the country.

The movie is For Greater Glory.  It stars Andy Garcia.  It isn’t fiction.

For Greater Glory isn’t about the United States government clamping down on 1960’s leftists who advocate violence and who received money, training and help from Soviet Russia, nor about 1980’s Democrats who ran for office with funding and other help from Communist China.

This is not a movie about Occupy Wall Street and their claims that the capitalists are enslaving us, or that America is a police state.  Far from it.

This is a movie about what happened when the government of Mexico earlier this century, decided it did not want the Catholic Church to continue to operate in Mexico.

About what the government did to stop what they regarded as “agents of a foreign power” – the Catholic Church and its priests and its followers (which Dear Reader you should by now realize if you are new as my reader, includes the undersigned).

In light of the recent American Bishop’s call for civil disobedience by Catholics if the federal government’s new “mandate” (ie. edict) to force all of us to have and to pay for infanticide insurance isn’t repealed, it is a true story of the past, which could very well repeat in America in this next year.

Already there are jurisdictions in America where the actions of the government have shut down the charitable work of the Roman Catholic Church (see my earlier report here at RED STATE).

Andy Garcia’s movie is about much more than civil disobedience.  When the government decides it has had enough of the criticism of people who – they think – answer to foreigners (ie. Pope in Rome, God in Heaven), they ban the church from their country.

The “Cristeros War” is the result – a revolution against the “revolutionaries” of Mexico and it really did happen – 1926 to 1929.

The very same people who took so seriously the extremist claims of the 1960’s that it was merely “free speech” to advocate violent revolution in America, who give so much media coverage to the “Occupy Wall Street” attacks on America’s free enterprise system, are now the ones suppressing this movie by ignoring it and by not showing it in movie theaters.

Andy Garcia’s movie is a real story, not Hollywood fiction.

This movie shows the persecution of Catholics, the banning of their religion from the entire country, the capture, torture and execution of Catholic priests and defenders of the faith – Saints of God later recognized as such by their (my) Church.

For Greater Glory shows not just passive resistance but violent resistance led eventually by the retired general who is played by Andy Garcia in this movie.

The stirring movie trailer (please.  stop what you are doing.  Take 3 minutes to view/listen to this movie trailer right now, click HERE) may very well reduce practicing Catholics and all people of faith to tears as they realize first, this is a true story and second, as they ponder the possibility that America itself is on the same path as Mexico in the early part of this century.

Then as now, the government got sick and tired of being criticized by Catholic priests and bishops.

Then as now, the government struck back to eliminate the threat to its rule.  Yes we are on the same path and yes, this movie is a graphic and I pray stirring warning to America.

Those hero Catholics of Mexico believed that they should only render unto Caesar that which is his, as our Lord said.  For matters of conscience and faith they followed Christ the King, and hence adopted the name Cristeros (ie. Cristo Rey).

The open war to capture, torture and kill Catholics in Mexico finally ended with assistance from the United States and the influence of the Knights of Columbus although the extreme anti-Catholic policy of the Mexican government continued.

Pope Pius XI spoke out against that persecution and for the Cristeros, and several of the priests and rebels – portrayed in this movie – were later canonized as Saints of the Catholic Church.

I went to their movie website for the movie to check local place/time to watch when it comes out on June 1 and learned that there’s nothing within 25 miles, and in fact, that I have to travel 78 miles to see the movie.

So that’s what it means when a movie is put out “independently.”  It means Andy Garcia and his backers are way out on a limb, and that this movie is only going to be seen by a lot of people, if some of us speak out loud and clear.

Facebook just sucked all the air out of the room for the past week of hysteria and hyping to sell stock.

But a true story of resistance to the government shutting down free speech, suppressing Christians, is not only invisible as a news item but is impossible to see without interstate travel and a full day trip to see it.

America’s news media has their priorities straight:

Facebook is the major news item and helping them sell their “first day stock offering” yesterday was the news of the week.

The very recent call by Catholic Bishops to stop the government from forcing us to obey what we consider a mortal sin – supporting the killing of innocent life with infanticide “service” – is virtually ignored by the “major media” (see my earlier report here at RED STATE).

It is time for Christians and all people of faith to fight back.

Andy Garcia’s movie, co-staring Eva Longoria, doesn’t have to foretell the future of America but can instead be our call to arms to alert all good people what could happen, if we are not outspoken now in defense of the Bill of Rights and especially of our First Amendment right to exercise our own freedom of conscience.

Resistance and standing up to the government and to their friends of the news media and to those who operate movie theaters, can begin right now with angry phone calls to ALL of your neighborhood movie theaters asking them why the heck aren’t they showing this movie?

There are many different ways and many different avenues to pursue and use your freedom of speech and I pray that you will speak out for this wonderful movie right now while you can.

A simple start is to circulate this link, urging people to read this story and to commit yourself to do whatever you must to be allowed to watch this movie and to recommend this movie on Friday, June 1 or on that weekend when they count “First Weekend” attendees.

For Greater Glory depicts the early stages of what we are seeing in America today when our own government goes after people of faith and goes all out to suppress their influence.

Rather than their taking sides in the suppression of people of faith, movie theater operators ought to be “fair and balanced,” let us see the movie, and let us decide whether in fact it is true, that there’s For Greater Glory we can have on this earth, than in following Christ, The King.

I strongly urge my friends here to make phone calls to your pastors, priests and rabbis and ask them to join you in an effort to bring this movie to your neighborhood on June 1.

Or else this sad story of what the government did to people of faith in Mexico not so many years ago, could repeat in America.

Those who ignore history may be doomed to repeat it – and what happened in Mexico to the followers of Christ the King, ought not happen in America in 2012.

This is not a story about Mexico.  It is not a story about Catholics or even about Christians.

For Greater Glory is a story of what will happen when the restraints placed upon the government of America by the founding fathers in the Bill of Rights, are allowed to be ignored, and the government of Barack Obama is allowed to suppress their Christian critics.

You don’t have to follow “Christ the King” to be alarmed but we ought all of us, to be watching Andy Garcia and the Cristeros, on June 1, as a very small way we object to the path America is on today.


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