Congressman and 7x Worldwide Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao Helped Reelect Harry Reid Last Year but Angers American Left by Opposing Gay Marriage

The Filipino boxer, world champion turned Congressman from the Philippines who helped reelect Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a close race against a TEA Party favorite by rallying the huge Filipino community in Nevada (and especially in Las Vegas), may not be so popular with liberal Democrats after what he said about Barack Obama’s pro-gay marriage views this week.

Asked by a reporter, Manny Pacquiao said “I am against gay marriage, but I’m not condemning gays… I’m just against gay marriage.”

The National Conservative Examiner, said Pacquiao (in an interview with them) specifically addressed President Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage last week.

“God’s words first … obey God’s law first before considering the laws of man,” Pacquiao was reported to have said.  “God only expects man and woman to be together and to be legally married. It should not be of the same sex, so as to adulterate the altar of matrimony, like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

The National Conservative Examiner goes on to say that “Pacquiao’s directive for Obama calls societies to fear God and not to promote sin, inclusive of same-sex marriage and cohabitation.”

The Examiner states “Pacquiao believes same-sex marriage is an abomination and its advancement should be stopped starting from the high offices of  the U.S. to block possible legalization.”

Manny was banned by a shopping center in Los Angeles after they read of his original comments about gay marriage.  His followup interview did him no good with the gay-friendly shopping center, which banned him in the name of promoting diversity and stopping intolerance.

I am not making this up.  Yes.  Manny Pacquiao was banned by a trendy Los Angeles shopping center in the name of stopping intolerance and promoting diversity.

The original report inferred that Pacquiao referring to the Bible’s Book of Leviticus and its prohibition against gay marriage and its penalty of death for homosexual conduct.

Both Pacquauo and the writer of that original report agree that it was an error and that he never said that.  But the trendy shopping center that made national news with its “ban” on the famous and popular Filipino boxer did not reverse its ban.

The irony has so far not been commented on by any national media source until here at RED STATE in this report.

Manny helped save the Senate seat for the Democrat Senate majority leader who was trailing in the polls right up until the final few days of the 2010 election against popular Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle in Nevada.

He generated headlines (Harry Reid Camaigns with Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas) and excitement on the campaign trail.

Nevada has a very large Filipino community, and Manny’s campaign appearances, especially focused on that community and other immigrants in Nevada, boosted the numbers from this community who voted for Harry Reid.

For example, stories like this helped boost turnout for the embattled Senate Majority Leader:  “With a seven-time world champion boxer by his side, Reid appeared ready for a fight against his opponent Sharron Angle.”

I’ve heard reports that as many as 90% of Filipinos voted to reelect Reid.

The grateful Harry Reid several months later welcomed Filipino Congressman and boxing legend Manny Pacquiao to Washington, DC, giving him a special tour and then holding a news conference with him, at which he said:

“Congressman Pacquiao, of course, is also boxer who holds many other titles beyond that of lawmaker.  He holds the title of super welterweight world champion in both the World Boxing Council and World Boxing Organization.”

“Manny is a fighter.  There is nearly unanimous agreement that he is the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet.  But he knows it’s not enough just to fight for yourself, or to be a world champion.  You have to be a champion for others.  And Manny is tough.  Not because he can take a punch as forcefully as he gives one, but because he fights for those who can’t fight for themselves.”

“The large and vibrant Filipino community in Nevada looks up to Manny, as do Filipinos and fight fans all over the world.  He sets a welcome example of an athlete who does good.  He is someone who isn’t in public service for fame or glory or money, but because he knows his people need his voice.”

“He is a friend of Nevada’s, a friend of America’s, and – I’m proud to say – a friend of mine.”

Thus spoke Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid about Manny Pacquiao in early 2011.

So the question is, will Manny Pacquiao still be called “a friend of mine” by the Democrat U.S. Senate Majority Leader after the criticism of gay marriage following the President’s statement endorsing it to boost his fundraising efforts in the gay community?

And, the second question is, will there be a single national media source which reports the amazing turnabout of the man who helped reelect Harry Reid and was a media sensation in Nevada doing it, and who is not as a Catholic Filipino criticizing the policy of the very Democratic Party he supported last year?

Finally, my personal question is: will Catholics and Christians listen to a devout and popular Catholic who has no intention of meddling in America’s political debates but is simply criticizing any initiative which most Christians (and Catholics included) find offensive – hurting marriage between one man and one woman by the new Obama endorsement of gay marriage?

In the last presidential election Barack Obama won a majority of Catholic voters.  In Nevada, Manny Pacquiao helped reelect the Democrat Majority Leader by helping boost turnout from the Filipino and immigrant voting bloc to as much as 90%.

Will the Obama “war on people of faith,” on the Catholic Church, and now Manny Pacquiao’s words of opposition to the new Obama endorsement of gay marriage, change that in the 2012 election and help defeat Obama and make Harry Reid into a Senate Minority Leader?

Congressman Pacquiao generates massive crowds that Americans would be shocked to see in his native country, where his voting record includes a “no” to make free contraception “accessible” – the liberal word for free and taxpayer funded (please disregard the Webster dictionary definition of that word “accessible”) – to Filipinos and also to oppose mandatory sex education in schools.

Pacquiao has a very devoted – indeed fanatical – following among immigrants in general and Filipinos in particular.

Manny Pacquiao was originally “a friend of mine” in the words of Senator Harry Reid.

But is he still, now that he has taken a stand for conscience in the “war against Catholics” and against people of faith?

Turns out he is a friend to those who have taken a stand to stop the Obama war against Christians.

And so, I’ll be rooting for the 7 time world champion, listed as number 4 on Forbes’ list of most influential athletes in the world, at his next bout on June 9.  And I’ll be hoping his comments on gay marriage will help give second thoughts to all those immigrants who were marching in lock step with the political party which opposes their core beliefs on faith.


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