Is Barack Obama America's "most biblically-hostile U.S. President"?

Recent headlines highlight President Obama’s “war on Catholics.”  I’ve written of this several times myself.  (most recently HERE).

The Catholic Bishops have called for a “fortnight for freedom” of events to teach and commemorate America’s historic protection of religious freedom and the threat they face from the Obama Administration – a two week period ending on the 4th of July this year.

But the “war on the Church” as Newt Gingrich called it in one of the GOP debates, is much broader than simply an attack on Catholics.

David Barton of Wallbuilders has highlighted 51 “counts” in an indictment against what he calls the “most biblically-hostile U.S. President” in history in a recent article at his website.

Barton contents that this is a war not simply against Catholics, and not just against Christians but against anyone who is a reader and a believer in the Bible as the word of God.

He describes 16 acts of hostility by the Obama Administration towards people of biblical faith.

Barton specifically showcases 10 acts of hostility from the Obama led military toward people of Biblical faith.

David Barton’s article describes 17 acts of hostility toward biblical values which should be found offensive by anyone – Jew or Christian – who believes in and are inspired by the Bible.

And Barton’s article – replete with 53 specific footnotes to document his “indictment” – lists 8 acts of preferentialism for Islam in their literal “war against Christians.”

Those of little or or no faith may still understand that if the protection against federal power being used for or against a religion is this easily pushed to the side without a major backlash then none of the protections offered to us in the Bill of Rights will be (dare I use the word) sacred any longer.

For example, I have seen people who do not use firearms and are conservatives, act very bored with the subject of the defense of gun rights, thinking this is a battle that does not effect them.

But if the government can ignore the clear language of the 2nd amendment protection for “our right to keep and bear arms” then they can get away with anything, and so we must stand with gun owners.

And so here is yet another example of a clear prohibition against the government, being ignored – a constraint placed there by our Founders who were worried about government threatening our freedom.

It is rather unmistakable the meaning of the First Amendment:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

And yet there is David Barton’s clear documentation – to supplement the Catholic Bishop’s recent “proclamation” where they protest the assault on their religious freedom – of the Obama Administration’s “war on faith.”

For example, Barton cites the Army’s order to Catholic Chaplains that they were not allowed to read a letter to parishioners from the Catholic Bishops.  This unprecedented interference with a Sunday sermon was never overturned.  (see Army Silences Catholic Chaplains)

So why should people who are Jewish or non-Catholic Christians care?

Because a precedent like this establishes that the federal government may go ahead and safely ignore the First Amendment’s pesky prohibition of their doing what exactly they just did.  What part of “…or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” could possibly confuse anyone?

And what part of: if they can ignore the First Amendment restraint on the government they can ignore ANY other constraint on government power, confuses you?

It ought to be very clear why those who prefer the government constrained – as the founding fathers intended – ought to be very upset with the Obama war on faith.

How about your being forced to help abort a baby, if you work at a hospital?  That’s old news – it happened in February, 2009 – when the Obama administration announced that they have revoked “conscience protection” and it was implemented in 2011.  (see Obama to Lift “Conscience” Rule for Health Workers and Obama Admin. Changes Bush “Conscience” Provision for Health Workers.

Perhaps you do not agree with the U.S. Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishops and their so openly anti-abortion policy.

Perhaps you believe that those pesky “social issues” people should be a little bit more silent.

But does it bother you at all that the Obama Administration has specifically eliminated federal grants to aid victims of human trafficking to the Bishop’s organization because of their anti-abortion stance?

Oh.  Perhaps you are a conservative who prefers the government should be the sole source of charitable assistance to people in need?  Oops.  That’s a bit of an oxymoron.

In other words, do you have to agree with the position of the Catholics to agree the federal government is clearly conducting a “war on religion” in this cut off of federal aid?

From my vantage point as a conservative I’d just as soon have the government competely out of the charitable business and leave charities and churches to go about this important work.

But I object most strongly to the Obama Administration using their pro-abortion litmus test to single out the Catholic Church for retribution like this.

Do you recall Barack Obama deliberately removing the phrase referring to “the Creator” when he claims to be quoting from the Declaration of Independence?  He’s done it seven times and David Barton’s article documents it.

President Obama in May, 2009 refused to host services for the federally mandated “National Prayer Day” at the White House.  But he has been happy to host similar events at the White House for the Ramadan holiday.

Which is the worst transgression against people of faith out of the 51 listed by David Barton, in your view?

Are there any you wish to add (please do in the comment section and if possible include any citation)?

Is David Barton’s list of 51 specific examples of attack by Barack Obama on people of faith, sufficient to arouse both Christians and Jews, Catholics and Protestants, to defeat Barack Obama and those Senators and Congress who have assisted his “war on faith” which tramples our First Amendment protection?

I suggest we start that “Fortnight for freedom” called for by the Catholic Bishops to educate and mobilize people of faith and those who understand that if you can ignore the First Amendment you can ignore the rest too – early.  Why wait until the last two weeks before the 4th of July?

David Barton of Wallbuilders has done a splendid job as he consistently does, and his work deserves wider distribution.

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