Thanks Newt Gingrich, for giving voice to (so many) conservative ideas during this campaign

I’m grateful for hearing so many good conservative ideas from Newt Gingrich and thoroughly enjoyed his performances during the debates.  But poor Shephard Smith on Fox News was insufferable today, blasting away at Newt Gingrich moments after the former House Speaker announced that he had suspended his campaign for President.

Newt’s crime in Shephard’s eyes, was he discussed too many ideas as he withdrew and it gave poor Shephard a headache, to have to listen to and then report on conservative ideas, especially if there are more than a few at a time.  Echoed Ed Rollins, the has been campaign manager who’s not had any recent success but is now a regular on Fox, “no discipline.”

Smith seems to never fail to find something to whine about, although he is not big on facts he is most excellent at using the Saul Alinsky method of ridicule and scorn, and gives very good face – a very ugly, upset, scornful look that shows whatever he is reporting on, is well, very upsetting to him, ridiculous, absurd.

And most often, it is a conservative speaker or position that is getting the pounding from this least popular of all Fox News show hosts, who consistently ranks in dead last place among their star lineup.

For my part, I’m delighted that my vote helped elect one delegate to the GOP nominating convention from the 4th Congressional District pledged to Newt Gingrich – namely Charlie Gerow, one of the founders of the conservative Pennsylvania Leadership Conference.

Charlie is one of those people I like even when I might not agree with him.  Because from what I can tell, he is supportive of the conservative cause, not simply one candidate he favors. (as an aside: 2 of my favored candidates pledged to Rick Santorum also earned my vote – both won – and I voted for Santorum in the “beauty” contest).

While I preferred Rick Santorum for President, I would have had no problem voting for Newt Gingrich if I thought he could have beaten Mitt Romney.  In fact, I’d endorsed Newt after his outstanding debate performance and leading into the South Carolina and then Florida primaries for exactly that reason.

I said if I lived in either of those states, and given the rising poll standings for Newt, I’d have voted for him and highly recommend him.

A meeting of Evangelic conservative (or “values voters”) leaders in Texas the week before that South Carolina primary endorsed Rick Santorum by a rare 75% vote – but South Carolina and Florida voters went with my recommendation (aren’t I immodest today) instead, and gave Newt his moment in the sun.

Sadly, his complaints that he was only being beaten because Mitt Romney had raised more money, didn’t work out for him as a campaign issue.

The Romney advertising blitz turned around the victory for Newt in South Carolina, into a devastating loss in Florida from which Romney never recovered.  Rick Santorum regained the lead and held it as the “not Romney” candidate thereafter, with my full support.

I’d prefer to go back to simply being a fan of Newt Gingrich, despite some things where I might not agree with him, and some things in his past that I did not approve of.

His “Rediscovering God in America” book for example, is a perfect refutation of all those “separation of Church and State” and “shut up Christian” folk out there.

There are even some of their creed within the ranks of RED STATE who can be reliably counted on to object to anyone who cites their faith as a reason to believe anything political, and once motivated to go on the attack, will find any excuse that they can to blast away at the Christian-motivated writer.

If someone wants to make the claim that there is no such thing as a “war on religion” they’d best avoid Newt Gingrich because whether he debates you face to face or uses surrogates who have read “Rediscovering God in America” you won’t do very well on logic or facts.

The Gingrich book that is one of my favorites is basically organized as a walking tour of some of the most famous monuments in Washington, DC to show that how a belief in God animated the founding fathers of America.

Gingrich in fact, scored some of his strongest points with conservatives – especially values voters – during the GOP presidential nominating contest debates when he spoke out against the Obama-led “war against religion” in America, specifically citing the shut down of some Catholic supported charities because of this war.

Gingrich has also done some videos in joint productions with Citizens United, and I very highly all of them.  One of my personal favorites is Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous with Destiny, which he and his wife Callista host.

In fact, one of the things I really did not like about Newt Gingrich running for President is that in any instance in which I recommended any of the Gingrich books or videos it sounded as if I was pushing him for President – when in fact I was most of the time, supportive of Rick Santorum.

Now it will again be safe for me to recommend his books and videos without having to worry that I’d have to answer the question “well then why aren’t you supporting him for President.”  I simply liked Santorum better and thought Santorum had a better chance of winning.

I am not amused at all by all of the strongly negative junk I’ve seen during this primary campaign, which at one time or another has come out of the mouth of all of the candidates for the GOP nomination for President.

It is one thing to speak about policy differences but so much of what we saw as a turnoff included personal attacks and sadly, I have to include Newt in that indictment.  Although the candidate who I believe engaged in that the least was Rick Santorum.

Overall I do appreciate the issues that Newt Gingrich raised, including his ideas on space, which do not appear to have gone over very well with people who are tired of government over spending.

I’m a bit libertarian on that topic – I’d like to see America in space but, does it really have to be the government doing everything instead of private companies?

But the whole space thing was a diversion from other issues where Newt’s facts and his rhetoric helped advance our cause.  He will go back to doing exactly that in the future.

The worst his critics can say about him is that he has too many ideas, and was/is just selling books.  Those are his best traits, along with his ability to help explain them.

I rather doubt the more focused Mitt Romney will have too much use for him on the campaign trail but as for me, I do believe I will be able to recommend his future books and videos without hesitation, and the more of them he sells, the more influence he will have with the ideas he proposes.  And for our cause, that is great!!

Thank you Newt Gingrich.  And like Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich and most conservatives, of course I’m voting for Mitt Romney against Barack Obama.


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