Occupy Wall Street Resumes Attack on America with today's May Day Protest

So Occupy Wall Street wants to “celebrate” their special holiday long called “May Day” by “shutting down” 130 American cities today, with various websites calling for a halt to school, work, housework, schoolwork or any other unpleasantness in order to assert power “by the 99%” against the wicked “One Percent.”

And here they go again today with their clenched fist and their angry protests against the American system, and their supposed expression of free speech by “shutting down” American cities, interfering with other people’s ability to earn a living, and breaking their agreement or promise to work (for the few who have jobs) or go to school.

Using much the same language that some self appointed Tea Party leaders also use – the usual “power to the people” and the “truth to power” type of thing, the “Occupy” protesters may have been out of sight and out of mind all of this time but that was just the winter shut down.  For those who lived through or studied the radical left of the 1960’s this is the usual thing – it is now party time.

Ironically, some of the more radical types moving around in our midst happen to love that Guy Fawkes image – that mask with a smiley face.  That became the “occupy” symbol but is also used by some as their badge of protest.  You should be aware that Fawkes was a terrorist in Great Britain, and that “Guy Fawkes Day” is celebrated every year over there as the day that he was captured and his terrorist plot to bomb the Parliament building was stopped.

I have seen some within our movement – usually the ones who hate anyone expressing a belief in Christianity, who are conservative and who say they vote in GOP primaries – employ that symbol and that other revered symbol of the “truth to power” group (as they fancy themselves), Che Guevara, the Marxist thug revolutionary whose face adorns so many T-shirts.

I find it rather ironic in fact, that there are some similarities between the Occupy Wall Street “May Day” protestors and some within our ranks of the Tea Party.  Before I go into a few of those similarities I will caution you that of course there are some rather enormous differences, and I am only speaking of a few within the ranks, none of whom I would ever recommend.

Many of the ironies may be lost on you Dear Reader, so I will stroll you through a few of them to help commemorate “May Day.”

First, it is the date/holiday which Communist occupied countries have traditionally “partied” with marches and demonstrations to show “worker solidarity.”  And of course, if you lived in such a country everyone is supposed to act like they are so happy and pleased to be living in a slave state.

Second, May Day is the “holiday” which the radical left used during the 1960’s to launch their own “May Day” protests against the Vietnam War, their demand for legalization of drugs, their upset over the “influence” of “establishment” including the evil corporations, rich bankers, both political parties, etc.

Oh.  That may sound like some Tea Party types you may know.  So, did you catch the similarities?

Let me be clear on this: I consider myself a “Taxed Enough Already” sympathizer but just like in the conservative cause at large there are some differences of approach within both groups.  I have been a Tea Party, 912 and “patriots” supporter for years, but have been a Christian-conservative many MORE years.

There is a part of the Tea Party which sounds virtually indistinguishable from the 1960’s radical left (ie. drugs, war, and don’t tell me what I am allowed to do).  And those Occupy Wall Streeters, in turn, make sounds (or grunts) like what comes out of the mouth or the “pen” of some of today’s self-appointed Tea Party locals.  Know them by their fruits.

Please note: I do not know of any national Tea Party, 912 or patriot groups or leaders where there is the slightest resemblance to the Occupy Wall Street leftists.  I am referring instead, to Facebook pages and websites and public meetings which anyone can access, and which I have.  Do not laugh – if you have a Facebook page you may very well be “friended” to several of these people – who sound just like Occupy Wall Street May Day leftist protestors.

So tomorrow in a number of cities in America the “Occupy” groups which sounds exactly like Communists, exactly like 1960’s leftists, exactly like the supporters of a certain candidate still running for the GOP nomination for President, and many of whom also dress pretty much the same as well (ie. “we are the ‘workers'”) – will “converge” if that is the word, in a number of cities to make known their protest.

What exactly are they protesting?

Well, they want us to know they are the 99%, and represent “the people.”

That reminds me of the result of some primary elections where I’ve read “we are the people” on Tea Party webpages for the past 2 years, posted by people too busy to attend “how to” workshops offered by American Majority or Leadership Institute or at the recent Pennsylvania Leadership Conference in Harrisburg, PA.

After 2 years of such complaints which never include any attempt to actually meet with officeholders to attempt to influence their vote on key issues, and repeated “we are the people” claims, we then saw primary results (again) in those areas dominated by such groups, of 15 to 25 percent of the vote for their “we are the people” candidate.

Just like the Wall Street leftists, you cannot find too many actual issues that they wish to object to.  They are simply “tired” of “the establishment” running things and they demand that “the will of the people” should be listened to.  Ah.

Similarly tomorrow we will have a group whose philosophy is represented by their clenched fist – the same symbol of Communists around the world for over 80 years and of the American radical left since the 1960’s, marching around to offer some sort of vague protest against “the establishment”.

Three of the groups which are marching together are the SEIU (the “Service Employees International Union”), the Marxists by whatever name they are using this year and the illegals.

About illegals, the radicals of Moveon Dot Org now say that this word describing illegal aliens, we are no longer allowed to use.  It is they aver, so racist and judgmental.

The normally even tempered liberal Juan Williams of Fox News objects, saying that it is like speaking of the bad performance of a student by calling him “dummy.”

No Juan.  Your son or daughter who did not do well in school is NOT at all “just like” an illegal.  He broke no law.  It is never a good idea to call such a child a “dummy” but it is NOT at all the same thing as someone who broke the law to crash our border and live here in violation of our law.

No, they now say, it is preferable to call these visitors to our shores in whose behalf they will “march” on today’s “May Day,” as “undocumented immigrants”.

If I may offer: that is both incorrect and untrue – an immigrant is a person who legally enters a country.

If you lost your documentation then you go get another copy.

If you are here illegally you are breaking the law, you are not allowed to be here, and you are an alien, someone who is subject to the jurisdiction of another country and whose allegiance is to another country.

In American immigration law there is no category for “undocumented worker.”  You can be a legal alien, or an illegal alien.  You can be an immigrant.  You can enter the “path” to American citizenship.  Or you can ignore American law and be an illegal.

And so “illegals” are one of the groups supposedly being represented by the radicalized “May Day” protesters with their new name this year, Occupy Wall Street, demanding the same old thing as before, a leftwing, anti-America agenda.

These are the groups which will be marching around today, some of whose members will engage in civil disobedience to press their complaints against “the 1%” they say are running things.

And that brings us to the most interesting two ironies.

First, the illegals’ cause and the cause of “revolution” to overturn the American system, including our election system which enthrones those who win a majority (or sometimes a plurality, ie. Bill Clinton’s reelection with 42%) of votes – are being championed by illegal means.

Well now isn’t that symmetric?

Second, this “May Day” and its passive or civil disobedience, follows my report yesterday on the call of the Catholic Bishops to work within the system, to put pressure on elected officials, to replace elected officials and if all of that fails then to actually engage in civil disobedience.

So there’s two very disparate groups both speaking of change, both opposing the “establishment” and both saying that their followers should make change but if that fails, then their followers should resist to the point of civil disobedience.

What is the difference?

The Catholics work within the system, including pressing elected officials not to abrogate their religious liberty under the First Amendment.  The Occupy Leftists seem to tear down the system, and demand that government should have no restriction on its powers to force people to give them money and power.

In other words the Occupy Leftists would demand that their law breaking should not be prosecuted because that is just their free speech…. and they would be the one yelling the loudest to put Catholics in jail who refuse to pay for infanticide services which their religion teaches is murder.

The Catholics uphold the idea of government restrained by the Bill of Rights.  The Occupy Leftists demand more power be used by the government to take from one group and give to them what they did not earn.

The Catholics ask nothing from government except to be left alone.  The Occupy Leftists demand that government take from one group to give to them.

The Catholics have jobs and are being urged to vote for candidates who will uphold the American Bill of Rights and the Rule of Law.  The clenched fist of the Marxists posing as Occupy Wall Street is a symbol of oppression from Bolshevik Russia, used by jobless leftists – often students, labor union leaders and professional agitators in America for many years as a thinly veiled threat of violence to tear down the system they hate.

And that sums it up: one group refuses as a matter of conscience to allow the government to violate their most core beliefs about the right to life, and defends what is great about America – the First Amendment and the idea of constraining government power.

The Occupy Wall Street “May Day” protesters have kicked off their new season to complain about the American system and demand more power to the government, and more of an assault on freedom.

Let us hope and pray that our newer friends who consider themselves Tea Party, 912 and/or patriot minded, stand on this side of the line with conservatives, with Christians and Jews, with the Catholics, and not on that side represented by the clenched fist complaining about “the establishment” where both parties are the same thing (to them), and the country is run by the bankers, the corporations, the Jews, the monied interests.

I’m on the side of freedom, on the side which demands constraints on government power, which demands that every elected official answer the question, what are you doing right now to defend your constituents from our own government?   I’m on the side that knows moral right is the foundation basis of law, not simply “I want” and “I demand” or as they said at age 7, “gimme gimme.”

I’m for the American system, and with the primary election over here in Pennsylvania, I have a clear picture of which candidates I can support and which ones whose election I fear.  There’s a heck of a difference.  The other side has the clenched fist in the air, whines when you speak of “illegals.”  They want to “transform” America and I’m with the group that wants to preserve what the American founding fathers created, and get us back on that path which led to American exceptionalism.

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