Do you support Senator Jim Inhofe's Angry Reaction to EPA "Crucify" American Energy Companies Plan?

The outrage, is that there’s not more outrage from Christians.  The most toned down I can get on the question of Obama Administration official who revealed that their policy is to use the terrorist tactic of crucifixion on businessmen to force them to stop trying to supply Americans with lower cost energy in the quantities needed is to say it is irreverent and should provoke Christians.

How about sacrilege, profanity, blasphemy, to describe what Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region VI Administrator Al Armendariz said is the Obama Administration’s policy towards American citizens they do not like?

This is wrong on so many fronts and in so many ways that it is difficult to see where to begin until one steps back and realizes that they crucified my Lord Jesus Christ, using the most painful and humiliating method of torturing someone to death that was known in the history of mankind until that date.

It was a tactic to terrorize, leaving someone on public display to die slowly and painfully, unable to even breath air without having to painfully lift yourself up on your feet that were nailed to the cross, causing more pain as the price of getting another breath of air.  The way that crucified people died was when they literally no longer had the strength to lift themselves up for another breath of air, they finally died of asphyxiation.

What is known by most people that this is a most inhumane way to die.  What people do not realize about what this Obama Administration official was saying is that his purpose in “crucifying” American businessmen was to terrorize ALL of them by what he was doing to a few.

In this regard, the Obama Administration acts exactly as do terrorists who don’t mean anything personal when they kill innocent civilians – they are seeking to TERRORIZE with fright, the rest of us, who are the real target.

The Obama “crucify” strategy is the same – the real target is ALL American business, especially energy producers.

And so it is entirely appropriate that Senator James Inhofe has demanded hearings to investigate how such terror tactics have been used on Americans during the past year since those words were spoken in 2010 and placed on youtube.

An apology and quick removal of the words of the EPA Official from youtube who said this is simply a cover up of what actually happened, not a cancellation of what happened.  No doubt any criminal caught in the act of his crime would prefer to erase all evidence of his crime and say “I am sorry lets forget about it.”

But every American concerned about a government which is so willing to ignore the constraints of the Bill of Rights and to even adopt “crucifixion” tactics on Americans should be demanding such a hearing and investigation and in fact, we should be asking what criminal investigation is being launched against Al Armendariz and anyone else engaged in what he says was the Obama Administration’s policy.

Lest the casual or uninformed reader imagine my concern on this subject is overrated you need to read carefully exactly what Armendariz said on the now removed youtube video which came to the attention of U.S. Senator Inhofe and so provoked his anger:

Our general Philosophy

“But as I said, oil and gas is an enforcement priority […] I was in a meeting once and I gave an analogy to my staff about my philosophy of enforcement, and I think it was probably a little crude and maybe not appropriate for the meeting but I’ll go ahead and tell you what I said.  It was kind of like how the Romans used to conquer little villages in the Mediterranean.  They’d go into a little Turkish town somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw and they would crucify them.  And then you know that town was really easy to manage for the next few years […] So, that’s our general philosophy.

No doubt he is sorry but the most instructive words there are: “that’s our general philosophy.”  Is it now?

Senator Inhofe is on the right track in simply saying to the Obama Administration, “tell us more” and do it under oath please.  I wish that the House of Representatives would launch companion hearings on this topic as well, since they have the Constitutional authority to fund – or to defund – the very activities which are guided by this “general philosophy.”

And there is no doubt that the three states most immediately and directly impacted – and which are named below – ought also to conduct their own independent hearings to determine how the Obama Administration’s official “general” policy hurt their citizens and their economy.

Inhofe recognizes that the so called “apology” is meaningless and said so.

Inhofe noted that the Obama Administration did not apologize or provide financial reimbursement to the companies it had ruined or caused massive financial losses to using these terrorist tactics, such as Range Resources  in Parker County, Texas.

Their misdeeds are simply covered up when they silently withdraw their false complaints against companies, leaving damaged, wounded and sometimes mortally wounded companies in their wake, and a growing number of other companies living in terror that it could very well happen to them next.

This is a policy which will make the radical liberal left delirious with joy and no doubt will provoke exclamations and excited columns in the corridors of the Huffington Post, the Daily KOS, Media Matters and on the Rachel “madcow” Maddow TV show where anyone who tears down American business and demonizes energy companies is an instant hero.

Writing as a Christian conservative from Pennsylvania I have rarely seen more of a confluence of my three major interests in one story than this one, plus the bonus that those who I have no use for (see paragraph above!!) are all jumping up and down on the other side of this issue.

Not long after EPA Administrator Armendariz made his 2010 video taped remarks revealing “our general philosophy” the EPA embarked on a campaign of terror to do exactly what he said in Pennsylvania, Texas and Wyoming.

The EPA tactic was – as is the case with all terrorists – to go for the headlines by making inflammatory accusations against American energy producers claiming they are the cause of water contamination and suggesting that criminal penalties would be in order.

Despite not having any evidence that this in fact was the case, they pursued the headlines, crippling and damaging companies and causing untold costs and embarrassment to Americans, effectively punishing them without a trial and without even enough evidence to indict anyone.

When the Obama EPA investigation against weakened and damaged companies was underway of course, those companies could always make it stop by simply surrendering – known as a “consent order” where the victim gets the pain (ie. crucifixion) to stop by surrendering and admitting to a lesser “crime” so that they can then go off and lick their wounds while EPA goes on to the next crucifixion victim.

When EPA’s “crucifixion” terrorist tactics did not produce either a surrender, the destruction of the targeted company or industry, or even any new evidence to support unwarranted accusations, they simply withdrew the charges and released late night or Friday afternoon media statements of withdrawal, and then went on to their next victim.

To date there has never been an apology or payment of damages to the companies they hurt.

To date, there has never been any penalty or punishment of those who engage in what I will bluntly call criminal terrorist blackmail tactics against Americans, under color of law.

Of course if it is a baby human under 9 months of age, an American businessman, an American soldier, or an American conservative, it seems anything goes – murder, terror tactics, false accusations.  It is only terrorists, enemy combatants and baby seals who seem to merit the sympathy of the radical anti-America leftists.

Senator Inhofe is looking to investigate three specific examples of how the EPA unfairly used its power to “crucify” American energy companies in Texas, Wyoming and Pennsylvania (details HERE).

Dimock, Pennsylvania was one of the targets of EPA where they reversed their earlier announcement that despite hydraulic fracturing there had caused no problems with groundwater which was still safe for drinking (the State EPA declared this on Dec. 2, 2011).

The PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary Michael Krancer accused the Obama EPA of having a “rudimentary” understanding “of the facts and history of the region’s water.”

The only issues with local water in Dimock, PA are naturally occurring throughout this area and have nothing at all to do with “fracking.”

Yet the EPA proceeded on the attack against the local business which was developing this energy resource, completely ignoring the facts and history, the state DEP, the local government, and even due process of law in its zeal to pursue its crucifixion strategy against Pennsylvania energy producers.

Senator Jim Inhofe’s U.S. Senate investigation should be mirrored by a similar investigation by the Pennsylvania state legislature.

On the grounds of the 10th amendment – which reserves those powers not expressly identified in the Constitution to the states – such a Pennsylvania legislative hearing should be pursued.

On the basis of the demonization of Pennsylvania business in pursuit of a radical, anti-business, anti-free enterprise “crucifixion” strategy, this Pennsylvania legislative hearing should be pursued.

On the basis of the violation of due process of law and equal protection under the law – those pesky things we call “The Bill of Rights” constraining government from doing what we see the Obama administration here doing, there should be a Pennsylvania legislative hearing.

I have to ask, aren’t there Pennsylvania laws which have been violated in this over zealous and I say criminal conduct to hurt Americans who did nothing to warrant such persecution – such “crucifixion.”??

If you agree that both the U.S. Senate and House, as well as the Pennsylvania legislature, should conduct hearings and inquire of Obama administration officials how they used this crucifixion terrorist strategy against American energy producers without due process of law then please take the following actions.

First please pass this article along to your friends, “like” it on your facebook page, pass the word every way that you can.

If you are on Facebook go to Senator Inhofe’s page and “like” – https://www.facebook.com/jiminhofe

You can leave a written message electronically for Sen. Inhofe to encourage him to press on: HERE.

If you wish to be extra-industrious on this topic you may telephone either (or both) of two Inhofe Staffers on that Senate Committee to ask them to convey to their boss your THANKS for his being so outspoken on this topic – Matt Dempsey [email protected] (202) 224-9797 and/or Katie Brown [email protected] (202) 224-2160

You can write to U.S. Senator Pat Toomey of PA asking him to support the Inhofe investigation:  (202) 224-4254, and/or email form: click HERE

The liberal Democrat who poses as a conservative from PA is Senator Bob Casey and you can call him to ask him to defend his state from the President of his party, (202) 224-6324 and/or email form HERE.

To demand that the Pennsylvania State legislature also call hearings to investigate the EPA’s use of crucify terrorist tactics against Americans in their state, write your own legislators, and/or also contact:

State Rep. Scott E. Hutchinson, Chairman, Environmental Resources & Energy Committee (717) 783-8188.  Email form HERE.


State Rep. Garth D. Everett, Subcommittee Chairman on Energy (of the Environmental Resources & Energy Committee) (717) 787-5270 and/or email form HERE.


State Rep. Jeffrey P. Pyle, Subcommittee Chairman on Mining (of the Environmental Resources & Energy Committee)  (717) 783-5327  and/or Email form HERE.

Senator Inhofe said after the phony apology, “we’re not going to let them get away with it.”

This is an outrage not just because the crucifixion-terrorist policy of the Obama Administration is directly responsible for the increasing gas and energy prices but because there really ought to be a line drawn on the ground where Christians of all political persuasions say “this has gone too far and is over the line” for civilized political discourse.

The only way that you can send a real message is to take action and that means the more you do, the better a result you can help us attain.

I hope you go well beyond “like” and make a few phone calls, take a few minutes to write a few messages, and sound off.  This is too far and a simple apology doesn’t begin to atone for the wrong which has been done.

This article contains enough information and links and suggestions as to constitute an ACTION KIT in its own right on this one topic.  I hope some of my readers and friends will make use of this resource, with or without credit to the undersigned, and please do feel free to post the link to anything you write, especially describing or sharing any response you get.

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Whatever you do I’d love to hear more – anything else you find out – here in this space or if you create your own article or diary entry feel free to post a link in the comment section below.


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