Lying Liberals: How Planned Parenthood's Favorite GOP State Senator Hopes to beat challenger Andrew Shaw in PA primary next Tuesday.

Once again organization and money are making an enormous difference in who wins primary elections, from Mitt Romney on down to local races such as the one to decide if Planned Parenthood’s favorite GOP State Senator in Pennsylvania – Pat Vance – will be renominated by the party whose core principles she seems so unfamiliar with, to put it charitably.

People like Pat Vance routinely win elections because so often they are not challenged or because they rack up an enormous advantage in fundraising by their earlier start and incumbency advantage and then use their money to exaggerate their record as “the true conservative” or as is being done here, to flat out lie.

Now I do not wish to have my name added to the roll of those who have simply offered futile and useless complaints about fundraising and organization, because my answer to that is we ought to GET BETTER at both instead of just complaining that the other fellow has the advantage.

Another area where we conservatives need to do better – and which is part of “organization” – is in the social media arena.

One of those making use of the new “social media” in behalf of family values is Michael Geer.

Geer posted on Facebook this gem: “Hmm. The Pat Vance campaign sends a mailer complaining that she’s not a big supporter of Planned Parenthood.  Well, the facts tell a different story, and, the Planned Parenthood PA PAC certainly supports her.”

Most important: Geer’s comment was the caption of the screen shot photo he attached, lifted from the Planned Parenthood PA PAC website (I reprinted it on my Facebook page, HERE).

Not too much seems to get past Andrea Shaw, the enthusiastic lawyer-wife of Andy Shaw and a “regular” user of Facebook.  She immediately reposted Geer’s comment on her Facebook page where the message came to my attention.

Geer provided the visual to go with his comment: a mailer by “Planned Parenthood” (smaller lettering follows: Pennsylvania PAC).

Now, the fact is that Geer is President of the PA Family Institute and is therefore restrained in what he can say in that capacity about candidates running in Tuesday’s primary.  Perhaps his PAFI does not yet have a PAC or, if it does, perhaps without the millions of dollars that Planned Parenthood gets in taxpayer subsidies he is a bit at a disadvantage.

But Pennsylvania’s Michael Geer is generally regarded as one of the more informed and knowledgeable Christian conservative activists in what is generally called the “values voters community” – so it is hard to imagine him voting for anyone OTHER than the conservative challenger against Pat Vance, attorney Andrew Shaw if he resided in that State Senate district.  And he is certainly no friend of Planned Parenthood’s.

Lest there be any doubt about the photographic image that Geer posted on his Facebook page and which I have copied to my page, it clearly says next to the name of Patricia Vance (incumbent) “pro” and next to the name of Andrew Shaw “anti.”

That ought to be enough coming from Planned Parenthood but, for those who need further guidance, the Planned Parenthood mailer says “PRO – Candidate supports a woman’s right to choose; candidate supports access to and funding of family planning and prevention services.

And ANTI – printed in RED lettering so as to leave no doubt who the bad guys are – they helpfully explain, is “Candidate opposes a women’s right to choose; candidate opposes access to and funding of family planning and preventive services.”

If you have any doubt about this you have but to google “Planned Parenthood PA PAC” and see for yourself.  This is not a “news bulletin” that severely taxed Michael Geer to discover – anybody can go to their page and find this just as easily as he did.

I wrote earlier my own opinion that State Senator Pat Vance – the incumbent – is Planned Parenthood’s favorite GOP State Senator in PA.

The only way that Andrew Shaw can beat this challenger in my view, is if enough people jump in with donations and who can work in the final days of his campaign as volunteers.

You cannot beat an incumbent “regular” and an organization with Planned Parenthood’s resources, on a shoestring budget and a handful of dedicated volunteers.  You need more resources or you lose.

Family values voters are behind in the use of social media, Facebook, internet, fundraising and organization, as compared to our adversaries of the secular-liberal-left.

Some of us are aware of what Planned Parenthood means by “women’s health’ and that their use of the word “access” means you and I have to help them pay for their abortions with our tax dollars, and force institutions like the Catholic Church to pay for and provide what they teach are “infanticide” services.

Planned Parenthood is a leading part of the attack on women and on people of faith.

If Andrew Shaw can topple State Senator Patricia Vance in next Tuesday’s GOP primary it will send a message to other wishy-washy Republicans – who are supposed to be using their majority in the state legislature to “deliver the goods” they promised – that they’d better get cracking or else they will be replaced.

There are a range of other issues which Andrew Shaw and Patricia Vance do not see eye to eye on, but nowhere is there a more clear example of a LYING LIBERAL than in Pat Vance’s claim that no, she’s not Planned Parenthood’s favorite Senator, and no, Andrew Shaw and supporters like the undersigned, are exaggerating.

Patricia Vance’s money and campaign workers advantage – the regular GOP machine – can only be overcome by an 11th hour infusion of donations from around the country and by volunteers who live within 4 hours of the district near Harrisburg, PA – sufficient time to drive there, campaign for a few hours and make it home in time.

I hope you bring a carload of friends with you and have a huge Facebook friend list and email list you can share this message with – if you help Andrew Shaw topple Planned Parenthood’s favorite GOP State Senator in Pennsylvania it will send shock waves through the Commonwealth.  Share Andy Shaw’s Facebook page with your friends NOW.

Go to Andy Shaw’s website today: http://JoinAndy.org.

Pray for victory and to topple Planned Parenthood’s favorite GOP State Senator in PA, the lying Pat Vance.

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