So Simple Even a Moderate Republican Can Do It.

Can a moderate Republican, somewhat conservative Mormon get Christian conservative values voters excited enough to campaign and work to help him take Pennsylvania from Barack Obama in the fall?

I contend that it is so simple even a caveman can do it moderate Republican Morman can do it.


This past Friday night in Lancaster County, PA, Glenn Beck came to town and answered that question as a speaker hosted by the Dayspring Christian Academy.

Repeatedly during this year’s Presidential Primary contests Christians have shown that they are not biased in favor of candidates of their own particular brand of Christianity when a Mormon candidate for President outpolled two Catholic candidates among both Catholic and Protestant Christian voters.

While Mitt Romney has yet to persuade conservative and “values voter” leaders that he can be trusted to carry their message in the fall election, one Mormon who can teach him a few lessons on this score is Glenn Beck.

Do you know of anyone except perhaps Sarah Palin who makes the secular-liberal-left more deranged at the mere mention of his name than Glenn Beck?  That alone should recommend Glenn Beck to the attention of Mitt Romney.

Of course if Mitt Romney chooses someone as his VP nominee who will excite the core of his party as John McCain did in 2008 it will go a long way to turning out the workers and contributors he will need to be competitive to Barack Obama.

But even the choice of Sarah Palin only pulled McCain ahead in the general election contest for three weeks before McCain’s terminal dullness and failure to “fire up his base” as a campaigner put him behind in the polls again.

In the “T” zone or red state part of Pennsylvania – the part of the state outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh – a great choice for the VP nominee such as Senator Jim DeMint or Senator Marco Rubio might not be enough to avoid the same losing outcome of John McCain here in PA in the fall election.

The vote turnout in these Republican precincts, just as in other similar strongholds of the GOP around the country, was some 5 to 10 percent lower than normal, while the vote turnout in the blue-state city part of PA was actually increased by a massive percentage, enabling Obama to carry the state easily in 2008.

So if a great choice for VP will not “seal the deal” and make Mitt Romney competitive, what would?

Romney has but to study the script of another fellow Mormon who does regularly “fire up” a broad range of Tea Party and Christian, center-right activists with his radio and internet TV show, formerly on Fox news.

For a more rural area of PA, having over 1,700 people pay $125 or more each to hear Glenn Beck on a Friday night is no small achievement, especially considering that he isn’t running for any office and isn’t even on Fox TV any more.

What is the appeal of Glenn Beck for Christian conservatives and Tea Party activists, and how is it that the “media Party line” about biased Christians is once again sidestepped so neatly?

Well, I happen to have been a fan of Glenn Beck from the very start so, I’ll tell you Mitt Romney:

Glenn Beck is a friend of mine, or at least, as much as any fan can be a friend.  And Mitt Romney, you’re no Glenn Beck.

Of course, Glenn Beck is – thank goodness – no Mitt Romney.  But if Romney wants to win the election here’s how to enlist Christian conservative activists to that cause: study and emulate Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck very simply, focuses on those ideals which he has in common with Christians.  He does it so well that you don’t know or care as you watch and listen to him, that he isn’t of your particular brand of Christianity.  It is amazing.

For example, when Glenn Beck edifies in a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic way, both Wallbuilders’ David Barton and the Catholic Pope he is able to unite otherwise disparate parts of the Christian conservative community effortlessly.

When Glenn Beck spoke this past Friday night in Lancaster, he focused on the “unique heritage of liberty that was founded on Biblical principles.”

I pause to note that 2012 has been proclaimed “The Year of the Bible” here in Pennsylvania because of the influence of the Bible on the founding fathers of America.

And of course, this proclamation has enraged the secular-liberal-left, which has filed a lawsuit.

Can you imagine if Mitt Romney came to Pennsylvania and says he stands with Christians in praying for the failure of the lawsuit against PA which I have reported in this space?

Can you imagine if Mitt Romney were to speak out against those secular-liberal-leftists who demand that a federal judge cancel that “Year of the Bible” proclamation and even punish those who proposed it in the legislature?

How about the assault on religious liberty that was announced this past February in the form of a federal “mandate” (a euphemism lets not forget, for “dictate” as in “dictatorship”) from the Department of Health and Human Services which will require the Catholic Church to violate its own teachings and provide what the Harrisburg Catholic diocese webpage has called “infanticide” services?

Can you imagine if Mitt Romney came to Pennsylvania and met with the Catholic Bishops, denounced the liberal Democrat posing as a conservative Democrat Senator, Bob Casey, because he has stood with Obama, and said that he hopes voters in this Commonwealth will vote for him and against both President Obama and Senator Bob Casey to defend religious liberty?

On one issue after another of concern to Christians, Glenn Beck has chosen to make his stand with us Christians.  He has been a leader.  Our leader.  Glenn Beck has used wit, wisdom, humor, prayer and a sense of mission to speak out for what we think are the important issues facing our country.

Glenn Beck summons and arouses Christians, educating, motivating and activating them in the political process.

Mitt Romney can do the same thing and succeed where John McCain failed.

Much has been made of divisions among Christians and Christians versus Jews, Christians versus Mormons.

Glenn Beck went to Israel last year and showed unity of Jews, Christians and Mormons.

Glenn Beck’s powerful defense of Israel’s “right to life” has made him friends among both Christians and Jews even as it stirs the enmity of those haters who want to look the other way again as a new Holocaust threatens Jews.

Glenn Beck constantly appeals to Christians and draws them out and fires them up.

If you listen to the “liberal-left” party line you’d think the last guy in the world who can excite conservative Christians is a Mormon.

Mitt Romney showed he can appeal to that group in the primaries – winning in many of the contests against two Catholic candidates.

Can he unify and fire up that base now to win the general election?

I’ll still be voting for either Rick Santorum or for Newt Gingrich next week here in PA.  We still have an election and a vote and I’m not wasting my vote.

But if he goes forward as the GOP nominee for President Mitt Romney can enlist the Christian-conservative base of the GOP to sweep him into the White House, or he can rely on the same formula that failed for John McCain in 2008.

Its so simple even a moderate Republican Mormon can do it.  Glenn Beck has shown the way.

Glenn Beck therefore, is a friend of mine.

So far, Mitt Romney, you are no Glenn Beck.

That will make the secular-liberal-left happy, the folks always eager to “advise” Republicans how to ignore values voters and conservatives and “moderate” to appeal to the swing voters in the general election.  But the moderates who have followed that advise usually lose, especially the Presidency.

Glenn Beck in Lancaster, PA this past Friday, showed the formula for success in red state PA to win the Presidency for Mitt Romney.

And if he chooses to ignore that formula, as I wrote last week to the consternation of those who echo the liberal-left here in these RED STATE halls, it will have no effect on the values voter cause, which will continue to grow during this next year, as Glenn Beck just showed in Lancaster, PA, with or without Mitt Romney.

Ronald Reagan and his followers in 1976 didn’t rely on Gerald Ford to listen to them after he’d lost.  They didn’t rely on Ford to “welcome” them to participation in the campaign.  And so too, the supporters of Rick Santorum should follow that winning example, stay engaged, support those causes, issues and candidates who will help us continue to build on past success and to influence public policy and help elect good Christians to office who will champion our values.  And if you wonder whether or not that’s a good strategy, just look at how much howling the liberal-left does wherever Glenn Beck appears.

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