The morning after Easter and Jesus' message for Christian conservatives

I’ve enjoyed family time over the Easter weekend and hope you were also so blessed.  Many who wear the uniform of our country and are on assignment were not so blessed.

And even those who were, are at this early hour as I write this, back on station, guarding our freedom.  I hope with this short reminder to enlist you to their cause – and that you will join me in a simple prayer of thanksgiving for the members of the armed forces of the United States do for us.

I ask our risen Savior to place a hedge of His powerful protection around our protectors, the defenders of our freedom, and together with you Dear Reader, I humbly pray for this to our Father in the name of his son Jesus Christ.

As we prepare to resume battle with the liberal, secular left this Monday morning after the three most solemn days on our Christian calendar – Thursday through Saturday – followed by the joyous victory of Easter Sunday and the Resurrection of our crucified and buried Savior, I am reminded of two lessons for us which I hope you will let me share with you.

First, our opponents always point to any sin – real or imagined – of any conservative to try to paint the entire conservative cause as hypocrites and thereby to invalidate everything we say, silencing us.

Rush Limbaugh, who has called himself an entertainer but whose pointed barbs at the left go well beyond mere entertainment, is a recent case in point where he called Sandra Fluke a name for which he later apologized.

Despite his public apology for his use of one unfortunate word he said,  the liberal left continued relentlessly to remind of his mistake (or perhaps more accurately, his “sin” or “wrong”).

The fact remains that his original criticism of a policy which makes a “media sensation” out of a 30 year old leftwing activist student at one of the nation’s elite law schools, because she demanded free birth control from that Catholic Institution, in violation of their teachings, was perfectly valid.

Our Christian faith says that if you sin, admit error, express repentance and stop doing what was wrong you are forgiven.

What liberal-secular leftist is going to say that about Rush Limbaugh – we accept your apology and lets move on?  Never going to happen.

Are those of the liberal left who do this, not Christian, or are they totally ignorant of this most basic tenet of Christianity which we were reminded of in every Christian church in America just 24 hours ago?

Why are there never any articles in the secular press when they do this sort of attack on conservatives, explaining that the secular-left critics are the hypocrites – they forgive and forget the transgressions of their leaders – which are legendary and frequent – while relentlessly focusing attention on any sin they can find of conservatives, as if forgiveness and redemption are totally alien ideas to them?

Forgiveness of sins and Redemption are truly unique Christian concepts and that is the message of three days of sadness and the victory of Easter Sunday.

And the second lesson that is relevant for us Christian conservatives in the public square, is that Easter reminds us that there can be no victory without a struggle, no defeat of the dark forces without accepting our own defeat and even embarrassment and humiliation on the path to that victory.

Jesus’ death was a painful and humiliating one on Good Friday, with most of his disciples having fled and Peter – his future chief bishop – even denying him “three times before the cock crows.”

So too we conservative Christians must remember that we will face disappointments and defeats and even embarrassments and humiliations along the path to victory.  Some of our leaders will surely disappoint us and disavow us – as Peter’s denial should remind us happened even to Jesus, the Divine Son of the Creator of the Universe.

We should not let this discourage us, but should keep that image of Christ crucified, risen, and in victory on Easter Sunday, and most of all, His giving us a chance and a choice to accept that we have sinned, may have forgiveness but for the asking and are redeemed by the blood of Christ and can be if we so choose, right back on the path to victory.

We should have faith because we are the sons and daughters of the King whose Son was expressly sent here with that good news message.

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