Atheists March on DC, File Lawsuit over PA "Year of the Bible" as Christian-conservatives counter with "10 Hour Prayer Money Bomb" set for Sunday, April 1.

One way to counter the atheist march on Washington DC and the lawsuit to punish legislators who sponsored and passed the “2012 Year of the Bible” in Pennsylvania this week is simple: make a commitment right now to pray this Sunday anytime from 2 PM to midnight as part of a “10 Hour Prayer Money Bomb” called by supporters of Christian-conservative candidate Andy Shaw, who hopes to topple Planned Parenthood’s favorite GOP Senator in the GOP primary later this month.

You can affirm your willingness by simply clicking LIKE on their Facebook page and by passing this article around.

[[ 10 Hour Prayer Money Bomb for Andy Shaw  (this Sunday, April 1, anytime from 2 PM to midnight) ]]

20,000 Atheists and Agnostics marched on Washington this past week to protest Christians’ influence in America.

In Pennsylvania, atheists filed suit on Monday in federal court to silence and remove any future reference to the state’s passage of a “2012 Year of the Bible” (see my earlier report here in RED STATE).

The “2012 Year of the Bible” resolution passed without objection by the Republican controlled legislature in Pennsylvania praises the American founding fathers and cites the influence of their faith and belief in the Bible as the word of God in their works: the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, and later adoption of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

To atheists and their liberal-left allies this “2012 Year of the Bible” is an outrage.

So they filed a lawsuit in court – to silence any such praise of Christians – even thought the words “Christian” and “Jesus appear nowhere in the resolution see full text of resolution which I created as a JPG image at my Facebook page, HERE.

One of my sources in the Pennsylvania center-right coalition which cheered passage of this bill and is a member of “Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation” (ACTION of PA) said “it is about time that our elected officials spoke up loud and clear about the critical role of Christians in the formation of this great country and how they were inspired by the divine word of God in creating the county where any religion can be practiced in freedom.”

“We are grateful” said this ACTION of PA member, “to the courageous Republicans who are now more hated than ever by the liberal-left for recognizing the influence of the Bible on those who are the founders of this Republic.”

Rep. Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny), one of the parties being sued by the atheist because of his sponsorship of this “2012 Year of the Bible” resolution, will be ordered by the court to repay all costs and legal fees of the lawsuit against him if he loses.

Saccone (who I have praised in these pages in the past) notes that his resolution unashamedly affirms the Bible’s “formative influence” on our founders” and “to deny that is to deny history.”  He defends his work, saying that the Bible “has been so important in our nation’s history.”

The atheists who filed the lawsuit don’t agree.

And as we have seen repeatedly in recent years, atheists and their liberal left allies don’t merely want to win debates and arguments but wish to completely silence and destroy those who stand in their way – like Rep. Saccone, you and me (thank Saccone at: [email protected]).

And as the rally in Washington DC and now this lawsuit make clear, they are hopping mad.

The lawsuit filed by the “Freedom from Religion” foundation based in Madison, Wisconsin, demands that a federal judge should “order the defendants to stop publishing and distributing the resolution” which proclaims 2012 as “the Year of the Bible” in Pennsylvania (Associated Press).

Despite the clear language of the actual resolution which DOES NOT anywhere refer to Christianity or anywhere state that America’s form of government is Judeo-Christian, the atheists demand that the federal judge should “rule that the state government isn’t Judeo-Christian. (see my second article on this topic, in which I strongly praised Rep. Saccone – Anti-God Forces Erect Strawman Art)

Against this backdrop of seemingly unrelated atheist advances to remove any influence of Christians from public policy in America and even eradicate reference to the history of Christians in America, Bill “Reilly’s TV show last night interviewed Catholic Timothy Cardinal Dolan who spoke out in defense of Catholics and Christians in the public arena.

Denying they ever tell anyone who to vote for or against, Dolan objected most vigorously to the attempt by the Obama Administration, announced on February 10, to tell Catholics how they will be allowed to practice their faith in the future.

And when Catholics objected, Cardinal Dolan said, the allies of the Administration attempted to divide Christians and demean the Bishops.

Most Christians recognize that what Cardinal Dolan is speaking of is blatant interference with the religious liberty protected from government intrusion by the First Amendment, when they demand that Catholic institutions must provide and even pay for sex and abortion services (“women’s health” is their euphemism) which are taught to be sinful and even “infanticide” by Catholics.

So just in one week these three seemingly unrelated reports will I hope, I pray, serve to inspire and arouse a more vigorous defense of our most sacred beliefs – both as Americans who believe in religious liberty and also as Christians who have a faith we are COMMANDED to go forward and speak of and defend.

That is why for Catholics, their “mass” adjourns with that command from our Lord himself: go forth.”

“Go Forth” does not mean “get out of here.”

It means that you and I dear Reader, are commanded by our Lord to go forth into the world and to act as Christians and followers of our Lord, and to defend and speak of our faith.

This does NOT mean that those of us who sin are disqualified as our Atheist and liberal-left opponents always say – because as one of our sources told me Rep. Grove said at his “town hall” meeting last night “as Christians we all have available to us Redemption” and as Christians know, ALL of us are sinners.

No, that is simply another of the endless attempts – which we see in full force this week – to silence Christian conservatives.

We are commanded by our Savior to GO FORTH and to SPEAK OUT.

And yes, that specifically includes speaking out even in the public square, despite the “separation of Church and State” demands of the left and this week’s demands in a federal courtroom and in Washington DC that Christians should be silenced.

Dr. Robert Jeffress, yesterday on Fox TV reminded of the Christians who were silent during the Holocaust which saw over 6 million Jews sent to gas chambers by the Nazis before and during World War II.

This outrage was not something popularly referred to in that day, not something universally condemned, not even acknowledged to be happening.

American troops who found the stark and horrible evidence as they seized the concentration camps as World War II was ending, were shocked and horrified at the evidence of this terrible inhumanity they found.

Why did Christians not speak out back then – and to my point, WHY do so many remains silent today as a holocaust of butchered little babies continues piling up day after day?

Why do they allow politicians to remain in office who either help to FUND this new holocaust or who remain silent as it happens?

Dr. Jeffress said on Bill O’Reilly’s show last night that we should all remember when they try to silence us Christians, that we should go in the other direction and speak out clearly and loudly – and remember the Holocaust silence – and we should NOT let them silence us.

He said that especially includes Christian Pastors who should speak out to condemn what is wrong from their Church pulpits as they did not do during the Holocaust of Jews during World War II.

With respect to Dr. Jeffress, whose central point remains totally valid, in fact, there were some Christians who DID “interfere” with the prevailing policy of those times.

Israeli Consul Pinchas E. Lapide’s book Three Popes and the Jews, refers to that very era Dr. Jeffress spoke of and praised the Christians and the pastors who did not take action, which always speaks louder than words.

Lapide reported how the Pontiff of the Catholic Church in Rome, Pope Pius XII and his Church (page 214 of his book), were instrumental in saving 860,000 Jews from Nazi death camps.

In that case, says the Jewish Lapide, the Jewish victims did NOT want the Pontiff to speak out because that would destroy his ability to continue his life saving work as the Nazi holocaust of Jews continued.

And while so many focus on the supposed silence and refusal to act of Catholics and of Christians during those times, author Pinchas notes that Pope Pius XII deserves “a memorial forest of 860,000 trees in the Judean hills” of Israel to remember the man and the Church who did so much and so courageously.

But of course, then and today atheists and their allies want to silence and erase any reference in American or world history which refers to the wonderful work of Christians.

And no doubt they’d hate a reminder that not only were six million Jews butchered by the secular-left “National Socialism” Party of Adolf Hitler but so too were three million Catholics murdered.

The work to silence Christians and remove them, their history, their influence from the public policy process is very real and seems to have kicked in with a vengeance in recent months and in this past week.

The need to resist this effort – led by Atheists and Agnostics, endorsed and supported by the American liberal left and in the process of active implementation – is urgent.

But we must do far more than merely resist.

We must speak out for that which is good and in the most critical places in this vast battlefield, we must win victories.

It is not enough to simply resist and to speak out.

We must also act as did the Catholic Pontiff during World War II.

We must elect champions who will from the floor of the legislature in Washington, DC and in Harrisburg, PA, give voice to truth and speak in defense of Christian values before we are erased from history, and our ability to influence a future Christian friendly America is destroyed.

We must defeat some of our foes and we must elect “Men of Courage” to lead us in battle now in 2012.

Nowhere in Pennsylvania do I see a more stark contrast in candidates than in the race which culminates in a primary vote on April 24, between what I have called the favorite Republican Senator of the Planned Parenthood, liberal left, incumbent Pat Vance, versus the Christian conservative challenger, Andy Shaw.

Many conservative Christians in Pennsylvania are severely disappointed (some are in fact outraged) that 28 State Representatives followed the lead of Representative Scott Perry in removing their sponsorship of “The Women’s Right to Know” House Bill 1077 to force Planned Parenthood to allow expectant mothers to see the ultra sound image they ALREADY DO in 99% of all abortions.

A group associated with Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation have waited patiently for over one week (as of yesterday) but still no word of a date and time that they can visit Rep. Perry to express their support for HB 1077 and urge him to reverse course, and return to the battlefield.

Rep. Perry has been busy campaigning for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives to replace retiring 6-term Congressman Todd Platts.

This morning’s RED STATE article marks the 8th day of waiting since Rep. Perry was asked to name a date and time he could meet with the Christian conservative group and the 10th day since he verbally told one of their members in Gettysburg, PA to see Rick Santorum, that he was willing to do that.

The group is still waiting for the time and date where they can object to his withdrawal of sponsorship, ask for his explanation and ask him his intentions in the future.

But still no word from the self described conservative who continues campaigning as a “right to life” conservative for the GOP nomination to run for U.S. Congress.

It is an amazing irony that of the top three contenders in the April 24 GOP primary, two of the three are military men who have served our country in uniform – for which we are grateful – but are afraid or unwilling to speak out and defend HB 1077, so important to “right to life” advocates in Pennsylvania.

Former Army Ranger Sean Summers, who narrowly edged out (by less than 1 percent) Baltimore County Police Sergeant Ted Waga at the ACTION of PA candidates’ forum straw poll last month, told one of our sources this past Monday evening at a “GOP country club” gathering that he would not take a position on HB 1077 nor call any of his legislators to support it just as a good citizen.  He offered no explanation.

The “Christian Traditions” group members at their breakfast candidate forum had given a “rating” for Army veteran Rep. Perry and for Sean Summers that placed them first and second in the straw poll after speaking to the group about their quest for the Congressional seat.

But alone of the top three in that group, third place Ted Waga (out of 7 candidates who spoke) has not only voiced strong support for passage of HB 1077 but we have heard even as late as yesterday that he gave voice to that in speaking to legislators such as Rep. Seth Grove, who told our source of his conversation with Waga thanking him for his stand.

The sad truth is there aren’t enough Seth Grove’s in the legislature to get this bill passed, not with the retreat of Rep. Scott Perry and his 28 frightened fellow Republican Representatives.

There is an urgent need for more elected officials who will speak out for our values.

The basics of right and wrong ought to be a major consideration in all legislation and that ought not to be a controversial idea in the legislature.

But there are not only those who will avoid such battles and retreat from such confrontations but even worse is this.

Within the ranks of the Republican Party are also are also those who are among our strongest opponents, and the best friends of Planned Parenthood in the legislature.

One such enemy of everything important to a values voter is Republican Pat Vance who I have labeled in this RED STATE space, Planned Parenthood’s Favorite PA GOP Senator.

Standing against her is openly Christian-conservative Andy Shaw, with the GOP primary vote set for April 24.

His supporters have made a new twist on an old “money bomb” idea.

They are also inspired and moved to do something to counter the atheist lawsuit against the “Year of the Bible” and the Atheist march on Washington.

Seeking advance commitment and support they have called for a 10 hours “flood” of prayer, support and donations for this Sunday, April 1 via internet website, to kick in anytime from 2 PM to midnight.

The “10 Hour Prayer Money Bomb for Andy Shaw” for State Senate kicks off with the airing of the already taped ” Andy Madeira Radio show.

The radio show can be viewed as it airs at 2 PM, listen via internet: click HERE at 2 PM on Sunday.

Or it can be found in the “archive” at the David Madeira Radio show website.

The Prayer Money Bomb is set to kick off at 2 PM and adjourn by midnight.  Anytime during that period we need you to say a prayer for Andy Shaw, make a donation, speak out – one of these, or all of these.

Right now, we need for you to make a commitment and we hope you will give VOICE to your choice here on RED STATE (click referral, click LIKE, make a comment, share this article) or on Facebook or both.

You can pledge whatever you wish – prayer, speaking out, a donation – to support of this outstanding conservative Christian Andy Shaw by going to the Facebook “event” page set up to collect your Prayer Pledge (all of the links  you need are there also) right now, HERE.

You can write to or donate to Andy Show for State Senate at http://JoinAndy.com

Whether you will lend your name publicly to this cause on Facebook or quietly in prayer, whether you will help by forwarding a link of this article or make a favorable comment here or on Facebook for this cause, the time is right now to make your commitment.

Now, commit yourself to the Sunday “10 Hours Prayer Money Bomb” for Andy Shaw for State Senate, to run from 2 PM and adjourn by midnight.

Now, commit yourself to take action even if for just a few moments, during those 10 hours.

We are called to “go forth” as Christians.

Planned Parenthood’s favorite GOP State Senator Pat Vance is going to get reelected and go back to defending her friends at the abortion mill if you don’t do something right now.

To help your Christian conservative brothers in Pennsylvania, do your part to topple our foe from this hilltop of incumbency, put in place an unabashed defender of Christians and a staunch, articulate conservative.

My sources tell me that last night his supporters gathered and rallied for this battle at an event at which he spoke and at which his most gracious wife hosted… but the numbers do not yet appear to be present, to scale that mountain and to win, to do as a wonderful Christian author called (the title of his book) “Piercing the Darkness.”

This is a call to arms to tip the balance for someone will can very well give us a “two for the price of one” bargain – topple a most outspoken foe, and put in her place someone we will all be proud of and who will make a major difference in future battles and for years to come.

Go to Facebook and click LIKE on the “10 Hour Prayer Money Bomb for Andy Shaw“.

Whether you listen to his interview on the David Madeira Radio show at 2 PM “live” or in the archive, say a prayer, make a donation, or all of these, please make your commitment right now, HERE.

Go forth.

HanoverHenry is Pat Henry on Facebook, and I’m on the lookout for new friends there. You can also communicate via private mail at Facebook, and I welcome new sources for my articles focusing on the conservative-Christian viewpoint in Pennsylvania.  And I thank those whose information have helped me with some of my reports, including those who do not wish to be quoted by name.

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