Help "Prayer Money Bomb" topple Planned Parenthood's Favorite PA State Senator this Sunday radio talk show appearance with conservative Andy Shaw

Conservatives nationwide are being called to a radio talk show kickoff of a “Prayer-Money bomb” this Sunday at 2 PM to defeat Planned Parenthood’s favorite State Senator in Pennsylvania and elect unabashed conservative champion Andrew Shaw in her place in the April 24 primary.

You are summoned to participate in this first conservative, values voter “Prayer Money Bomb” in Pennsylvania at the start of the David Madeira radio show which has already been taped and is set to air this Sunday, April 24 on 94.3 FM in North East Pennsylvania but most important can be listened to either “streaming live” as it goes out at 2 PM via internet connection or even after 2 PM when the show is over and it is archived on the site.  There are other internet options at the David Madeira Radio show – such as an archive if you miss the show start at 2 PM Sunday.

The “Prayer Money Bomb” call – a Pennsylvania first – asks people to support the removal of a State Senator who has helped defend Planned Parenthood using both prayer and donations – either direct at the candidate’s website or preferably at the Facebook events page where there are various links to check.

This is a spontaneous call and not coordinated with the official campaign: it is a call starting at RED STATE online and in keeping with the recent call of Red State leader Erick Erickson to show that conservatives have MORE BITE and not just a LOUD BARK, to put it in my words.

Or as Erick wrote, when we have a clear cut contest between a conservative and a liberal in a GOP primary and the other side is pulling out all the stops to help their candidate win – will we match and beat them or just talk and be rolled over?

There are values voters organizations in Pennsylvania that had literature booths and people and literature at the recent Pennsylvania Leadership Conference in Harrisburg.  Do these groups have local members ready to fight, to make a difference on the issues that are of critical concern to them?

I wrote yesterday of the clear cut choice in this contest in which the only candidate running as a conservative – no muddled or divided field this time – between State Senator Pat Vance and conservative challenger Andy Shaw.

And I wrote yesterday about how this is one of the most critical races in the State and indeed in the United States because of the clear contrast between two starkly different GOP candidates.

One result of that article was that one of my conservative “Facebook Friends” – David Madeira – responded to my call by immediately connecting with Andrew Shaw to do a radio talk show interview with him that will air on his show this Sunday – which is available to my friends here by internet at or anytime after 2 PM.

And that sounded like a great opportunity to launch this:

Prayer Money Bomb for Andy Shaw.

Listen (radio show Sun. 2 PM or later) * Pray * cause an explosion DONATE

If you can donate DO THAT and if you cannot then simply pledge your prayers to help Andy Shaw defeat Senator Pat Vance on April 24 in PA.

Do it fast, do it sudden and do it big – and do it preferably RIGHT AFTER 2 PM on Sunday but no later than 12 midnight.

I thought of Eagle Forum, ACTION of PA, Concerned Women for America, Pennsylvania Family Institute – four organizations with excellent literature booths and wonderful people doing a splendid job of showing what their “values voters” traditional conservatives organizations stand for.

Will their members and supporters stand up for Andy Shaw who can become the truly outstanding champion of their views as a State Senator, toppling off her “mountaintop” perch the legislator who is Planned Parenthood’s favorite GOP Senator in Pennsylvania?

I have been asked by friends on Facebook which group do I think does the best job influencing public policy for the values voters.  I honestly do not know because I see each of them having unique strengths and I respect them all.

Perhaps if you can make your way over to the “events” page on Facebook you might wish to post a message as to whether you have a favorite from that group of exhibitors at last week’s PA Leadership Conference.

But it is time to stop begging legislators to stand with us on bills such as HB 1077 “Women’s Right to Know” and to start replacing the ones who won’t, with ones who will.

It is time to notice the difference between the legislators who give us lip service and the ones like those 7 who signed a “letter to the editor” and in the midst of the one-sided firestorm coming at them fro the liberal-left they raised up a battle standard to show where they stand, and why, on an issue so many of think is very important. (see my articles of this past week about them, complete list of my RED STATE articles is at Facebook click HERE).

There is a difference.

Enough Republicans offer us nothing but an “echo” of what Democrats are doing, that it kills the chances of a bill like HB 1077.

That is why so long ago one of the “founding mothers” of the conservative and values voters movement in America, Phyllis Schalfly, said we should demand “a choice, not an echo.”

Nowhere in America is the choice more clear than the one you will see between the 7 year incumbent, 74 year old, kindly grandmother, former nurse, beloved by Planned Parenthood, State Senator Pat Vance and the youthful 37 year old articulate, conservative challenger Andy Shaw.

But affable and kindly doesn’t cut it for conservatives who are outraged that on some of the issues of most critical important to us we see liberal Republicans posing as conservatives during GOP primaries, win by fooling the voters.

That is why Andy Shaw urgently needs more volunteers and he needs money to overcome the advantages of the incumbent State Senator.

Without help from a MONEY BOMB on Sunday I do believe Andy Shaw may very well lose this race and exactly what our RED STATE leader Erick Erickson warned about will happen – the alliance of liberal and wishy-washy Republicans will go back to business as usual and we can go sit in the back of the bus and go back to begging for our legislative initiatives to be released to the floor for a vote.

Right now in Pennsylvania the State Senate and the State House of Representatives has GOP majority control.

Many good things have happened – and a tax increase has been STOPPED two years in a row – thanks to that GOP majority control.

We should be satisfied with that, say the country club Republicans I wrote about in yesterday’s column here at RED STATE.

And so the “Women’s Right to Know” House Bill 1077 continues to be stalled because we have State Senators like Pat Vance who look out for their friends at Planned Parenthood.

They call it the “ultra sound bill” or the “forced vaginal probe bill” but they are liars and are using disgusting tactics to terrorize women, especially expectant mothers.

The truth is that 99% of all Planned Parenthood abortion mills have already admitted that they do an ultra sound – but they do not want to be required by law to show this to the mother.

If they had to show a live baby with a beating heart, hands, fully formed feet and very recognizable as a baby, they fear that it might cost them some money when some of the expectant mothers CANCEL their planned abortion.

I can see why Planned Parenthood is outraged about HB 1077 sponsored by State Rep. Kathy Rapp.

But what possible excuse does the Republican Party in Pennsylvania have with its majority control, to have blocked and stopped passage of HB 1077?

In the last week I’ve written several times about State Rep. Scott Perry and the group of 28 legislators who, in the face of a storm of “vaginal probe” criticism – where angry mail and phone calls from our opponents outnumbered our side by 2 to 1 and even by 3 to 1 and 5 to 1 according to those on the receiving end of such a bombardment by the liberal-left allies of Planned Parenthood.

So on top of the “Republicans” like State Senator Pat Vance who are usually reliable supporters of Planned Parenthood, we saw State Rep. Scott Perry and 28 other legislators who are usually pretty conservative on a host of issues, withdraw their support of the bill and remove their names as sponsors – dooming the bill to defeat unless they return to the battle.

With Rep. Scott Perry seeking the GOP nomination to run for the U.S. Congressional seat being vacated by 6-term Rep. Todd Platts, a group of center-right Christians – including several pastors – have asked for a meeting with him to explain why they support this bill and hope that he will listen.

They have been waiting since last Friday at 8 AM for his response to an email invitation from one of their members who also said Rep. Perry said he’d be willing to meet with them since the previous Tuesday.

I was advised by one of those sources that as of this writing, despite assurances on Tuesday, March 20, the written followup invitation on Friday AM, March 23, and another “in person” assurance on Monday, March 26, and an email response saying he was ‘crafting” a response and checking with his scheduler, at this date, 7 days from the request, no response from State Rep. Scott Perry, one of that group of 28 who withdrew their support from HB 1077, who seeks the GOP nomination to run for US Congress.

So we took a break from Scott Perry yesterday and again today to focus on what we think can be a real breakthru for our cause in this battle:

Defeat Senator Pat Vance and elect this articulate, strong Christian conservative Andy Shaw and I predict we will see movement in the state legislature on HB 1077.

In fact, with a big Prayer Money Bomb on Sunday from 2 PM until midnight I predict that the “powers that be” in Pennsylvania will figure out OH MY GOSH THEY ARE SERIOUS.

So please.  At the minimum I need for you to go to the Facebook event page, “like” it and then answer the several survey questions.

10 Hour Sunday Prayer Money Bomb for Andy Shaw for State Senate

Topple Planned Parenthood’s Favorite PA State Senator

* Listen * Pray * Donate * Make an “explosion” for Andy Shaw on Sunday 3/29

Go the “events page” to register your support right now.

LISTEN VIA INTERNET – The radio talk show program that Andy Shaw will appear on Sunday at 2 PM and then anytime after via internet is at David Madeira Radio Show Direct streaming

The website page for The David Madeira Radio show is HERE.

For the full story “Articulate conservative Andy Shaw Challenges Planned Parenthood’s Favorite State Senator Pat Vance in GOP primary”

To check the report by Erick Erickson in which he warned “A Case Study in Why Republicans Do Not Fear Conservatives.  Erick wrote here in RED STATE, “conservatives will keep losing these fights on policy … because they aren’t willing to win the political fights that precede them.”  He asked how do we conservatives expect to be taken seriously when we “wont even pony up for their own.  Paper tigers are desk ornaments, not cause for concern.”

If the values voters groups in Pennsylvania want to influence passage of The Women’s Right to Know House Bill 1077 then we need to REMOVE Planned Parenthood’s favorite State Senator, Pat Vance, and replace her with a champion who will loudly and proudly proclaim his support of our values and for this important bill.

If 28 state legislators run for the tall grass right behind State Representative Scott Perry and then tell us that Perry is our best bet for the GOP nomination for United States Congress to replace the retiring 6 term Rep. Todd Platts we need to say, HOLD UP A SECOND ….

We have been waiting since last Friday at 7 AM – and that is a full week of campaigning for the Congressional seat – but State Rep. Scott Perry hasn’t got time to meet with concerned constituents in the congressional seat, to respond to the email invitation in behalf of several members and leaders of ACTION of PA (Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation).

One ACTION of PA member – Ann Bunn – I reported recently saying on the Facebook page of congressional candidate Ted Waga, in reaction to last week’s report about the 28 state legislators who have withdrawn their sponsorship of HB 1077, that she would never vote for a candidate for that seat who wasn’t strongly supporting HB 1077.

Several of my sources report that Ted Waga set side his campaigning to make phone calls to state legislators to ask them to support HB 1077 – including his rival for the Senate seat, Rep. Scott Perry.

But a week later no word of a meeting Rep. Perry and no word that he has returned to sponsoring HB 1077.

So unless there is a change this would seem to remove State Senator Scott Perry from the possible candidates to vote for in this GOP contest, and elevate the chances of Ted Waga.

The 2nd top vote getter at the ACTION of PA breakfast meeting last month, behind first place finish Rep. Perry, was Sean Summers.  The former Army Ranger narrowly edged out Ted Waga (71.2% vs 70.3%) in the straw poll but told an ACTION of PA member at this past Monday’s GOP country club meeting, that he didn’t want to take any position on the HB 1077 topic – even when asked “but aren’t you still a voter in this district, don’t you want to express your own opinion about the bill?”

The question is, how many John and Ann Bunn voters are there in south Central PA who appreciate the conservative rhetoric – and the budget and spending restraint of Republican legislators – but think that legislation like HB 1077 should already have been passed, and they are sick and tired of hearing excuses from a GOP controlled legislature?

One way to send them a signal that conservatives recognize where the roadblocks are and we are prepared to support our own, and remove the obstacles, is to stand up for Andy Shaw this Sunday in every way that you can.

You can “like” and “refer” this article on Red State – and I urge my non-subscriber friends to learn how easy it is to sign up so your “vote” in their system can be counted.

I urge my friends who aren’t in Facebook to go and sign yourself up there so you can “like” the event:

10 Hour Sunday Prayer Money Bomb for Andy Shaw for State Senate

Topple Planned Parenthood’s Favorite PA State Senator

* Listen * Pray * Donate * Make an “explosion” for Andy Shaw on Sunday 4/1 anytime from 2 PM to 11:59 PM

I urge you circulate the link (URL) to this article on your Facebook page, by email and even use the phone to help “make an “explosion” for Andy Shaw this Sunday, 4/1 after 2 PM and up til midnight.

It will be noticed.  It will make a difference.  If enough of us do this, it will cause an “explosion” of interest in our cause in the Pennsylvania legislature.

Yes, a Prayer Money Bomb for Andy Shaw could really do a lot more than just elect a single state senator in Pennsylvania.

It could be, like the Battle of Gettysburg not far from this central PA state senate district, a pivitol battle with national significance – a place where the wishy-washy Republican “regulars” recognized that we conservatives will stand together when it can really make a difference, and they better worry about not offending us more, and about making Planned Parenthood happy, less.

Erick asked us of RED STATE to search out opportunities like this one, and to sound the alert when we spot a place where we can really make a difference.

Andy Shaw is that place.  The battle is right here in central Pennsylvania to win this primary and knock out Planned Parenthood’s favorite PA GOP state senator.

We need you on Sunday, anytime from 2 PM on to 12 midnight.  Listen to Andy Shaw on radio via internet, pray for him and lets make an “explosion” of donations with this 10 Hour Prayer Money Bomb.

Go to the Facebook page right now and make your pledge to join us on Sunday sometime during that 10 hours.

This already IS a red state senate district but it is far too pink for us so lets make a difference in a race where there truly are “bold and vibrant colors” hoisted up for us to rally behind.  You can also go directly to the website but I hope you’ll join our money bomb on Sunday – but if you miss it go to JoinAndy.org.

Go to the facebook PRAYER MONEY BOMB “event” page before 2 PM and make your pledge – to listen, to pray, to circulate this article and that link, and to help create an “explosion” of donations support to elect mainstream conservative, the values voter candidate, Andy Shaw and topple Planned Parenthood’s favorite PA GOP senator.

All the links you need are at the PRAYER MONEY BOMB Facebook page.  Please do it now, pitch in today.

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