Values voters" push for Rep. Scott Perry and 28 State Reps who withdrew as sponsors of right to life "ultra sound" bill to return to the fold at PA Leadership Conference

An informal survey by members of “Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation (ACTION of PA) of other values voter organizations represented at this past weekend’s Pennsylvania Leadership Conference reveals unanimous sentiment to push on for passage of  the troubled “Women’s Right to Know” bill.

Last week it was reported in this RED STATE corner that 28 state legislators followed the lead of Pennsylvania State Representative Scott Perry in withdrawing their co-sponsorship of House Bill 1077, the “Women’s Right to Know” bill which would have forced Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in the Commonwealth to allow a pregnant women they are trying to rush through for an abortion to see the ultra sound image.

As a result of this withdrawal there is no longer a majority of House members supporting passage of the bill, which puts it in limbo at best and finished – defeated – for this legislative year at worst.

The leftist organizations who opposed any regulation or restriction on Planned Parenthood’s unfettered ability to rush-abort every mother’s child who comes through their doors stirred up a mass of emails and phone calls from their own supporters to state legislators which caught them and the supporters of HB 1077 by complete surprise.

Some of our sources spoke directly to conservative legislators who remain steadfast in their support of HB 1077 but reported to us that the emails and phone calls outnumbers them by a one sided 2 to 1 and even 3 to 1 margin and in some cases even greater.

Sources close to one of those legislators, Rep. Will Tallman, flat out said it is critical that those who value the right to life should be writing  to their own legislators and to key leaders in this battle immediately (we provide a means of doing that below).

But unanimous and strong support for HB 1077 emerged after values voter organizations represented at the PA Leadership Conference indicated their willingness to accept the sole legislative requirement that they could not compromise on, which is the “women’s right to know” and to see any ultra sound image made by Planned Parenthood, which has previously admitted that it already did such imaging 99% of the time.

Our sources also reported from the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference that members of “Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation” (ACTION of PA), had informally surveyed other values-voter interest groups at the conference.

My original article on this subject of Saturday – reporting on the start of the Conference on Friday – questioned “invisible proponents of HB 1077 at PA Leadership Conference?

But after that Saturday morning article appeared things seemed to change later in the morning and into the early afternoon.

“Hard copies” of that Saturday early AM article at RED STATE online, were actually seen in circulation at the conference and were a topic of discussion from some of the legislators and activists in attendance at the conference and some of the “values voter” interest groups there.

Some of the organizations which expressed very strong support for House Bill 1077, the “Women’s Right to Know” legislation requiring Planned Parenthood to allow a women to see any ultrasound image taken of her child PRIOR to their doing the abortion, and which were either Conference Co-Sponsors or Exhibitors, include:

Eagle Forum is led by the legendary and ever-popular Phyllis Schlafly – who was a major speaker at a previous PA Leadership Conference two years ago.  (Facebook) (Website)

Pennsylvania Family Institute. at Facebook (Facebook) (Website)

Concerned Women for America at Facebook (Facebook) (Website)

Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation (ACTION of PA) York County Chapter (Facebook), Chester County Chapter (Facebook) (State Website).

State Representative Will Tallman, cited in a previous RED STATE article in this space for his own leadership as an outspoken supporter and co-sponsor of this bill, especially praised HB 1077 sponsor, State Rep. Kathy Rapp.  The sentiment was echoed from several other sources.

State Rep. Rapp has set up an “action page” dedicated to passage of the “Women’s Right to Know” legislation.

Several of our sources cited the particularly effective work of Thomas J. Shaheen, Vice President for Public Policy and Michael Geer, President, of the Pennsylvania Family Leadership Institute in pushing for passage of HB 1077 (Facebook).

The PA Family Institute has a website page dedicated to the subject of HB 1077.

To go directly to the page which allows you to send an email to your own legislators (your state Rep and State Senator) even if you do not know their name, click HERE.

Our sources at the conference – such as ACTION of PA Adams County Chairman Dan Wilson, report that Representative Scott Perry was at the conference and told him that he will support the “Right to Know” bill but is still looking at what final draft language he would be comfortable supporting.

ACTION of PA State Chairman Jay McKiernan told one of our sources that the member of his group who had requested a meeting with State Rep. Scott Perry by email early Friday morning, had still not heard back from him as of Saturday.

The “Women’s Right to Know” is the critical part of this legislation which Representative Perry would support if that is what is in the final bill, according to Dan Wilson.

Many of the conservative and values voters organizations at the PA Leadership Conference expressed strong disappointment that Rep. Perry and 28 legislators had withdrawn their support of the bill which came out of the Committee and was on its way for a final vote.

The conservative and values voters leaders at the conference, especially including Michael Geer of PA Family Institute, say that they would be delighted if this “Women’s Right to Know” bill can win passage with Rep. Perry’s help and remain hopeful that the details will be worked out quickly between him and the 28 legislators who withdrew their support of the House Committee passed bill so it can be quickly passed.

Perry won the highest evaluation by attendees at an “ACTION of PA” candidate forum breakfast straw poll last month with 85% approval, pledging to be a very strong right to life U.S. Congressman for the south-central Pennsylvania district in his speech to the 150 attendees.

Perry is seeking the seat of retiring 6 term U.S. Representative Todd Platts.  All of the seven candidates running for that seat did very well at the ACTION of PA but third place finisher Ted Waga told one of our sources that he personally called his primary opponent urging a vote for HB 1077, as well as several other legislators.

One of our PA Leadership Conference sources speculated that the subject of HB 1077 may very well come up in the congressional candidate debate of the York County GOP for tonight (Monday) after one of our readers posted the link to one of last week’s articles about Scott Perry’s withdrawal at the Facebook page of Ted Waga and it elicited a response from several people there, including Waga.

Another area legislator who spoke at last month’s ACTION of PA and whose remarks earned him  enthusiastic applause, is State Representative Seth Grove, who remains  a staunch suporter of HB 1077.

Seven legislators wrote a “letter to the editor” in which they dispel the myths and lies being reported to people by supporters of Planned Parenthood.

State Representatives Bryan Cutler, Ryan Aument, Tom Creighton, Gordon Denlinger, Dave Hickernell, Scott Boyd and John Bear wrote to support the bill they have co-sponsored with State Rep. Kathy Rapp.

Acknowledging that the bill is “controversial” and “potentially polarizing” they complain in a published letter to the Editor in a Lancaster, PA publication that their opponent’s emotional attack on them is in fact “devoid of facts.”

The fundamental issue they write, is that “women deserve access to all pertinent health information.”

While it should be evident that Planned Parenthood always seeks an expeditious abortion for pregnant mothers, many people are not aware that an ultra sound is ALREADY done by 99% of their clinics, in a survey of such clinics.

Anything which an expectant mother sees which might cause her to change her mind, is not something the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is eager to show a mother, despite their already doing such an ultra sound as part of their regular procedure.

The legislators’ wrote that mothers who later expressed remorse after the abortion said that they did not really understand that the life inside them was a developing baby.  “The baby has uniquely identifiable DNA and develops a heart within 18-25 days, fingers and toes by the sixth week, eyelids by the seventh week and begins sucking its thumb by the 13th to 16th week.”

And so it is not only a matter of religious faith that a human life is at stake with HB 1077 “but it also is proven by science” says the “letter to the editor” of the seven legislators.

We strongly urge readers who support HB 1077, the PA “Women’s Right to Know” legislation, to take three immediate actions to give voice to that support.

First, go to the PA Family Institute’s “Action page” to support this bill, where they will help you to send an immediate email message to your state Senator and Representative.

Second, send a “thank you” support email to the sponsor of HB 1077, State Rep. Kathy Rapp at [email protected]

Third, send an email to State Rep. Scott Perry, who has at this point still not replied to the email by a member of ACTION of PA with him and his wife and some other leaders and members of the organization.  He has already told this ACTION of PA member at Gettysburg last week with Rick Santorum, that he is willing to have such a meeting.

None of those seeking this meeting with him have endorsed any candidate for the Congressional seat that Perry seeks, although one told me that they all gave him a favorable rating in their own personal ballot at last month’s Action of PA straw poll which he won.  Write [email protected]

At this past Friday’s “Activist Workshop” to teach people how to use social media including Facebook and Twitter to influence public policy, there were three ladies who did the presentation and earned very high marks from those in attendance for a clear and easy to understand but nonetheless inspiring presentation.

The three presenters who spoke from 9 AM until 12 noon ere: Jennifer Stevano, PA state director of Americans for Prosperity and Americans for Prosperity Foundation in Pennsylvania.  Katy Abrams is the Director of Policy of Americans for Prosperity Foundation-Pa, and Mary Ellen Betty, Director of Citizen Outreach at the Franklin Center.

They emphasized that in Pennsylvania, the left is very far ahead of our side in the use of social media such as Facebook and twitter.

The story of HB 1077 very much illustrates this disparity, with all day Friday going by and no evidence being found that most of the values voter organizations members present had knowledge of recent developments on their issue, and only a few actually attended the three hour Friday morning social media workshop.

By Saturday at conference adjournment there seemed to be a new determination to make use of such media – and RED STATE was mentioned in the Friday seminar by one of the readers of my column as an example.

Whether we win or lose on HB 1077, the “Women’s Right to Know” bill in Pennsylvania, could in part be determined by whether conservative and values voters realize that you can in fact, teach an old dog, new tricks.

(my earlier articles on this subject are: Women’s Right to Know Bill Endangered as PA Rep. Scott Perry and 28 Legislators Retreat, and Mad Barbarians at the Gate in Gettysburg. and this past Saturday, Supporters Plan Counter Offensive to Back Women’s Right to Know – HB 1077 – at PA Leadership Conference.)

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