Supporters plan counter-offensive to back "Women's Right to Know" HB 1077 at PA Leadership Conference

Invisible proponents of HB 1077 at PA Leadership Conference?  One delegate to the conference in its second day today, says a quick canvass of the literature booths of all Christian/conservative and values voters organizations at the conference found no information on what if anything, Christian, values-voters conservatives there were ready to announce any specific counter-offensive to support passage of Pennsylvania’s House Bill 1077, the “Women’s Right to Know legislation.

Several days ago I reported in this column that 28 state legislators who had been co-sponsors of HB 1077 had followed the lead of State Representative Scott Perry and withdrawn their support of the bill in the face of an intense PR offensive launched by far-left supporters of Planned Parenthood, which prefers no regulation of their “work.”

(and I reported that you can communicate your opinion about HB 1077 to Rep. Perry at [email protected])

We heard of three notable exceptions – who are clearly ready to fight this battle from the right, regardless of how outnumbered up to this point.

They say the campaign of the far left trashing HB 1077, isn’t at all representative of what voters actually think – but only of how effective the far left is at whipping people up.

First, State Representative Daryl Metcalf is a champion and advocate of many issues of interest to all parts of the conservative coalition at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, from enforcing immigration law in the Commonwealth, to the “Castle Doctrine” to allow people to defend themselves in their own home, reducing spending and many more.

No one could find any of the 28 legislators who had followed State Representative Scott Perry last week in announcing in withdrawing their sponsorship of HB 1077, including Perry himself, at the PA Leadership Conference by the end of the first day this Friday.

The proposed bill would force Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills in Pennsylvania to confirm that the mother is in fact pregnant and not facing some other medical issue, and grant the expectant mother the “Right to Know” by forcing Planned Parenthood to show the ultra sound image.

In some cases, in the rush to collect their abortion fee with a quick abortion, the fetus may be so very recent – such as under 10 days since pregnancy began – that in order to fulfill the requirement of the proposed law – an ultra sound to confirm pregnancy and age of the fetus, and showing the mother the image – the only way to secure this requirement is the more invasive version of the ultra sound rather than the external.

And so the far-left seized on that minority of instances to launch a disgusting campaign that completely exaggerates and misinforms – in the words of one sign carried by an anti-Rick Santorum protester at Gettysburg last week “No vaginal probe.”

In point of fact, it is to secure the safety of the endangered mother and secure her right to know such an ultra sound would be required – or a delay to allow more growth of the baby so it can be better seen for its final ultra-sound “photograph” image prior to being sent to its death.

Doctors and medical procedures are of course, routinely regulated by law to secure the safety of patients and the patients’ “right to know” is of course, a fundamental of good medical practice and procedure.

But in the “rush to abort” and give special privileges to the Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in Pennsylvania and other states the far-left uses this issue to claim that the “rights” of the patient are somehow being trampled.

It was just such a recent campaign that caused the abrupt reversal by Scott Perry and 28 legislators.   Perry is campaigning for the support of conservatives as he seeks the GOP nomination for the Congressional seat being vacated by 6-term U.S. Representative Todd Platts.

Representative Perry still tells three different sources we heard from that he remains a strong supporter of the right to life, and that he would certainly consider a meeting with supporters of HB 1077 to discuss the matter.

An invitation to him sent out on Friday morning via email had not elicited any response so far, we were advised.  And we have communicated with him directly via our Facebook account where so far, he remains “friended” to us.

HB 1077 went from all but certain passage with a strong majority of the State House of Representatives listed as co-sponsors, to an uncertain fate with less than a majority in a single week as the far-left’s campaign reached peak intensity last week.

Metcalfe, circulating and talking to his many fans at PA-Leadership Conference during its first day Friday, told one of our sources that he is for certain not going to be one of the legislators who withdraws but remains in full support of the bill and will not buckle to pressure from the far-left.

But Rep. Metcalf acknowledged that the other side is pouring out more pressure on state legislators to withdraw, and he could certainly use the help from conservatives – especially those attending the conference and active supporters of the cause – to generate more phone calls, emails and visits to counter balance all that pressure.

A second exception to the retreating 28 legislators, several of our sources reported, is very well informed on HB 1077 – State Representative Will Tallman.

Tallman was very well received when he spoke at last month’s candidate’s forum put on by “Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation of PA” in the Adams-York County district of south central PA.

Tallman, like Metcalfe, conceded that the other side is putting out far more emails, phone calls and letters to oppose HB 1077 and that he has told this to leaders of the ACTION of PA group, hoping some badly needed help will soon be on its way.

A third source at the PA Leadership Conference who appears to be fairly well informed and determined on HB 1077 is Gwenne Alexander, the ACTION of PA leader for its Chester County Chapter.

Alexander, attending the conference with her husband and manning the Exhibitor’s booth for her organization, confirmed that she is in fact, discussing with some of her leaders how they can help counter the leftwing pressure on legislators and counter-act the misinformation campaign being waged to defeat “The Women’s Right to Know” bill.

We were told that the Action of PA State Chairman, Jay McKiernan, also in attendance at the Conference, has been waiting on a response to a Friday morning email request for a meeting with State Representative Scott Perry, and several of his group’s most outspoken right to life leaders – including Gwen Alexander,  York County Chapter Chairman Pastor Ken Gibson and member, Father Samuel Houser (St. Patrick Church in York City, PA, letter of thanks to: [email protected]).

Ted Waga, one of the seven candidates seeking that open seat was present at the PA Leadership Conference and told one of our sources that he may very well bring this issue up in a candidate’s debate sponsored by the York County Republican Party this coming Monday.  His Facebook page was already filled with comments from interested supporters on this topic, who noted his strong support for HB 1077.

Waga finished in third place of 7 candidates rated, with a very high favorable rating given to him by the 150 people in attendance at the “Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation” breakfast candidates’ forum last month which I was honored to serve on the “Host Committee” for.

Waga and State Rep. Scott Perry will again face off with the others seeking the GOP nomination for the Congressional seat in Monday evening’s debate, see York County GOP for details.

The second day of the PA Leadership Conference convenes in a few hours with a 7 AM breakfast John Gizzi of Human Events, while a very lively Exhibit area beckons for those not yet registered and committing to attend, through the early afternoon of today (and free I might add for the benefit of those anywhere within driving range of the conference).

Conference headliners on Friday include frequent Fox TV News commentator and pollster Frank Luntz, U.S. Senator Pat Toomey, Grover Norquist, the American Tax Reform President famous for the “no new taxes” pledge taken by so many U.S. Congressmen, Senators and state representatives, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (to support Mitt Romney).

Today’s headliners include Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich as they bring their campaign for the GOP nomination for President to Pennsylvania at the PA Leadership Conference.

We will have another report on Monday after this extra “weekend edition special” report – as I continue into my fifth week of five times per week posts for RED STATE friends and allies from a conservative-Christian, values voters perspective in Pennsylvania.

(my earlier articles on this subject are: Women’s Right to Know Bill Endangered as PA Rep. Scott Perry and 28 Legislators Retreat, and Mad Barbarians at the Gate in Gettysburg.)

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