ACLU and left seeks Court reversal of new "Thou Shalt Not Steal" Pennsylvania Voter ID law

Once again as I review the newly passed voter ID law sponsored by State Representative Daryl Metcalfe in Pennsylvania which requires you to show a photo ID as a condition of being allowed to vote, I am reminded how good laws are, and should be, based upon right and wrong, and the liberal-left ignores this fundamental truth at its peril.

Pennsylvania became the 16th state to enact such a law, although the Justice Department of President Obama has moved to disqualify Texas’s law recently and the Wisconsin passed law is tied up in the courts.

Aiming at the 2012 election and hoping that enough new American (legal immigrant) voters, Hispanics and black voters will be ignorant enough to believe them, the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Pennsylvania branch argues that he thinks this is “an attempt at voter suppression.”

Conjuring up images of the Klu Klux Klan rampaging in Pennsylvania and the other states in America that require you to show a photo ID – available on request free if someone does not have the means to pay for a low cost identification such as a drivers license or an alternative available at the same office you get your drivers license, the hope is that there will be an army of black, Hispanic and other immigrant voters marching to the polls to throw out the evil racist Republicans.

In defense of the measure that he sponsored and which has now been signed into law by the Republican Governor, my “Facebook friend” State Representative Daryl Metcalfe, a champion of many different conservative causes over the years, said on his facebook “fan” page:

“I believe every single individual has a right to have their vote counted and if any individual vote is being canceled out by a fraudulently cast vote, that is one too many.”

Many forget that passage of this measure is no small accomplishment because Rep. Metcalfe had to overcome an alliance of determined liberal left politicians in both chambers of the legislature, allied to liberal leaning Republican legislators plus the weak kneed Republicans who call themselves conservative but “run for the tall grass” at the first sound of battle from the left.

This is a tremendous accomplishment for Rep. Daryl Metcalf – who appeared on Greta Susteren‘s Fox TV “On the Record show being interviewed last night – and for conservatives in Pennsylvania and around America owe a tremendous THANK YOU to him for passing such a bill in a blue state like this – you can send him an email at [email protected] and you can also “like” his facebook page, “PA State Representative Daryl Metcalfe.”

The ACLU and their leftwing allies have assembled their armies to make this a major issue in this year 2012.

In states like Pennsylvania, which went RED the last time around and elected a Republican Governor, and a majority in the State House of Representatives and State Senate, the liberal-left aims to reverse this and restore Democrats to power in both chambers of the legislature and setup to retake the Governor’s mansion two years later.

Their first counter-attack against conservative legislators like Rep. Metcalfe, is to use the courts to reverse what elected officials have enacted as law with popular support.

Before you dismiss their chances of success, consider this.

In Wisconsin a judge has supported the ACLU’s request in court to throw out the simple requirement enacted by the representatives elected by the people that a reasonable requirement to vote is to prove you are who you say you are.  And the Eric Holder/Barack Obama Justice Department’s “ruling” to throw out a similar law in Texas is now being challenged in court there.

In many states you do not even have to prove that you are an American citizen eligible to vote, to receive a photo ID which in turn would then enable you to register to vote and to vote.

But even that requirement is called “onerous” and “burdensome” for blacks, Hispanics and other Americans who, the liberals argue, are being blocked from voting because of this simple requirement that they prove they are who they say they are at the polling place.

Putting such a requirement to prove you are who you say you are, into the same category of hateful, bigoted, masked and robed Klu Klux Klansmen out marauding, pillaging and lynching uppity blacks for trying to speak out, to register other blacks and to vote, is absurd, ridiculous, and is a clear and present danger to free elections in the United States.

Not to mention, this tactic by the liberal left is a repugnant, despicable and misleading fright to legal black, Hispanic and recent immigrant voters in America, who should be reassured that of course this does not interfere with their ability to vote in elections.

The clear aim of liberal-left strategists is to terrify a voter segment they think is totally stupid and gullible.

Those in the know in Washington, DC and who have been politically active as conservatives for more than 10 years are already aware that Congressman Robert K. Dornan was defeated in 1996 by a very slim margin provided to his liberal-left backed Democrat opponent via illegal aliens voting in his Congressional district.

Because the Congressman was very popular with conservatives but detested by moderate Republicans, his appeal of the rigged election results resulted in a one-sided denial by the House of Representatives – his court of appeals- where some moderate Republicans joined a phalanx of Democrats in denying him the right of an incumbent with the evidence he carried to the table, to have a formal investigation launched to review the evidence he presented.

Radical leftist activist and “author” of smear/hit-books aimed at conservatives, Al Franken is widely reported to have “earned” his U.S. Senate seat the same old fashioned way – cheating when the Republican running for that seat started out with a very clear lead after the polls closed but they kept “finding” more stacks of votes and the results were “switched” to declare radical Franken a new U.S. Senator.

Plenty of people are still upset that in Iowa, Rick Santorum did NOT lose to Mitt Romney as originally reported but actually WON that election.  It did him no good finding out three weeks later because two more primaries had gone by during that time – the precious time needed to “boost” your fundraising from that “victory lift” was gone, stolen, poof.

Whether that was a simple mistake or an example of the Republican “regulars” stealing an election we may never know.  But we do know that the sanctity and security of American elections was once again thrown into question – to those who voted, to those who sacrificed so much so that America could continue as a self-governing society as founded in 1776, and to those around the world who look to us an example.

In Florida the 2000 election virtual tie that was then tied up in courts until the Supreme Court finally decided on a 5-4 vote to uphold the state’s election results awarding the electoral college votes and therefore the U.S. Presidency to George Bush, the popular mythology to this day is that somehow the Republicans “stole” the election and the Republican majority on the Supreme Court upheld that robbery.

The truth is it was ballots designed by Democratic Party officials in Democratic Party controlled counties which they were criticizing.

And it was THEIR third party problem that year – Ralph Nader – who siphoned off enough votes from Al Gore to enable George Bush to win in a squeaker.

But the most important – and almost totally unreported – factor in the Florida election result is that military voter’s absentee ballots were trashed (as they so often are), if they even made it from around the world and to the states and to Florida where an out-of-country stationed American soldier, sailor, airman or marine was stationed.

Those who gave up the most for us to have the right to continue as a self-governing Republic were in fact, the most disenfranchised voters of the past quarter century.

But in Florida their being disenfranchised almost enabled the Democrats to win that state in 2000 and to elect radical left, phony environmentalist Al Gore to the Presidency.

In Pennsylvania, Rep. Metcalfe spoke very clearly about the previously reported fraudulent voting in cities which is a matter of record in his previously cited interview with Fox TV’s Greta Van Susteren last night.

Metcalfe said in that interview, “As a veteran, I want to ensure every citizen that wants to vote is able to vote and that their vote is not canceled out by the forces of corruption, as we’ve seen taking place throughout the history of Pennsylvania, with overturned elections, prosecutions — prosecution of a Pennsylvania congressman back in 1998 in the Philadelphia area” (entire transcript).

Now we come back to the 7th Commandment, “Thou Shalt not Steal.”

And we come back to the belief by Christian conservative activists that all good law is law based on the very basics of right and wrong, exactly as the founders intended when they first announced the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and then later when they created the Constitution with the Bill of Rights.

Democrats aim to steal the 2012 election by having people vote who have no right to vote.

Democrats aim to win the 2012 election by scaring the heck out of blacks, Hispanics and recent immigrants who DO have the right to vote, falsely claiming that their franchise to vote is about to be stolen from them by Republicans.

This “invented” issue very simply is: unless they return Barack Obama and the Democrats to power in Washington and the states, then the evil Republicans aka Klu Klux Klan, will forever disenfranchise them and rob them and their children of their precious right to vote.

In states like Virginia where a U.S. Congressional seat last time was decided by less than 1 percent in favor of a liberal Democrat, having enough illegal alien voters participate and having them believe they have to stop the Republicans who are trying to steal their rights, would be more than sufficient to decide that and many other contests.

In the last election the $700 million raised by Barack Obama included many clearly illegal donations – as has been documented in a cover story several years ago by Newsmax magazine.

There were so many variations on “Mickey Mouse” and “Santa Clause” making $25, $50 and $100 donations as to defy belief.

There was even a photo distributed by the Associated Press and carried in many newspapers across America, showing someone described by the pro-Arab, anti-America photographer/reporter as a “Palestinian refugee” who appeared to be 20 or 25 years of age at most, making phone calls the article said, to Americans urging them to vote for Barack Obama.

There was nothing in this widely reprinted photo with caption to confirm if this person in the photo was an American citizen or if he had legal permanent American resident status which alone allows him to donate and participate in an American election.  To the contrary, he was identified by name and only as a “Palestinian refuge” who supported the election of Barack Obama for President.

For those who do not know the history two facts are critical to understand the significance of this photograph and the caption:

First, the term “refugee” is from a U.N. resolution in 1948 recognizing displaced people in the middle east as “refugees” after they fled Israel at the end of the first Arab-Israeli war.

Not to wade into middle East politics but, the question is, how can a 25 year old making phone calls be a “refugee” from a war that ended 52 years earlier?

And most critically, why is a foreigner making illegal calls to Americans to tell them how to vote, and this is being blithely reported without question by all of the newspapers across America who use material provided to them by Associated Press, including the work of this so-called “photographer-reporter” who is actually an activist supporting all the usual anti-America, anti-Israel causes in the middle east and paid by AP?

Another important detail is that the actual place where the phone call came from was noted for its people – the “Arab Street” as they are called – going out in wild celebrations outdoors on two specific occasions we might want to remember: first when the “Blackhawk Down” incident happened and 19 American Army Rangers were killed by Taliban-trained militia trying to steal the aid we were donating.

And second, the “Arab Street” of Palestinian “refugees” where this fellow was calling from to urge votes for Barack Obama, was wild with joy and celebration on September 11, 2001 when they heard of the suicide bomber attack that killed 3000 Americans.

So as the liberal-left gears up for what may very well promise to be the biggest election robbery in American history this year – with both fundraising, campaigning and actual vote counting threatened to be the most blatantly illegal of all time, we have a new battleground in Pennsylvania emerging.

The Republican Governor, Tom Corbett, said he signed this measure into law “to prevent voter fraud.”

The ACLU’s man on the scene, Vic Walczak, legal director of the Pennsylvania ACLU, said in what passes for eloquence on the left, “that’s a crock.”

Regardless of whether the courts follow Walczak and the ACLU or not, the left is aiming to galvanize enough angry immigrant and black voters with the charges that their votes are “being suppressed” so as to win Pennsylvania and other battleground states which have large cities and large populations of this fertile recruiting territory for them.

Remember, the last election put Pennsylvania into the Obama column for two reasons: in the “red state” parts of the state such as my own Hanover area and south central PA 19th Congressional district where Republicans always win, there was about an 8 percent drop off in voter turnout.

While in the “blue” state part of Pennsylvania – mainly Philadelphia and Pittsburgh – there was an enormous JUMP in the usual vote turnout as the ACORN and liberal-left “get out the vote” (GOTV) apparatus did its work to turn out votes, any votes.

Now this is another of the “issues” they aim to use to boost voter turnout in the same “blue state” parts of Pennsylvania and indeed, across America in the precincts normally voting for Democrats.

The two things that will decide whether they get their way is this:

First, will their ploy with blacks and recent legal immigrants and Hispanics, work?

Will this “issue” they have created produce more voter turnout?

Their entire assumption is that those they are targeting, are completely stupid.

Their entire assumption is that the blacks, Hispanics and recent immigrants will only have the information THEY provide – that Republicans hate them and are trying to suppress their votes.

It is a totally concocted issue and will only work if in fact, the central premise the radical left holds up: their target audience is both stupid, and willing to steal.

“Thou shalt not steal,” can be a stumbling block to the left in its goal of galvanizing this particular target audience.  An enormous number of them are in fact, Christians.  That means they have more than passing familiarity with this idea, THOU SHALT NOT STEAL.

The liberal Democrats are basically saying: we want people who have no right to vote, who are not American citizens, to be able to vote in American elections.

The liberal left and the Democrats are saying THOU SHALT NOT STEAL except for blacks, Hispanics, recent immigrants and most of all, for illegal aliens not registered to vote.

Is it possible they miscalculated and a large number of these people know right from wrong, and know that this “gift’ being offered to them, actually trashes their sacred right to vote which they earned if they are immigrants and which is a sacred birthright if they were born American?

Is it possible a large number of blacks, Hispanics and new Americans will say: but you want to let people citizens, vote the same as me … me who am an American… you are stealing, you are cancelling out my vote… could this happen?

I pray that our side does in fact convey this argument in the year ahead at every opportunity we can.  I pray  that we do in fact, convey our respect for the right to vote for all legal Americans and that we will fight vigorously to defend this right – and not let the liberal-left destroy our lawful votes being cast by American citizens.

We do have powerful and eloquent champions who argue our side in this battle against the liberal left and if you did not know it let me tell you plainly: the liberal left despises them beyond anything you can really understand.

You will never fully understand what I am talking about unless you go ahead and speak to one of these fearless champions of our cause to the “new Americans” immigrant community, Hispanics, blacks.  It is important that we support and encourage such emissaries wherever we find them.

Several examples come immediately to mind of such champions.  If there are others who you think of I will appreciate your adding a comment at the end of this article about who they are and how you think they can be reached to be thanked.

Tito Munoz in Virginia has a regular radio show and gained fame (or “notoriety” to the radical left which hates him) as “Tito the Builder” in campaigning for GOP candidate John McCain for President and many Republicans before and since.

A popular fixture at many TEA Party rallies including some in DC I have attended, I know that the battering Tito receives from the left and his critics takes a terrible toll on him and his truly wonderful and supportive wife, very articulate a champion of our cause in her own right.

You can support TITOpac or you can simply send him a THANK YOU message at his PAC webpage.

Another articulate champion for our conservative cause who speaks with tremendous credibility to the “new Americans” community is Ana Puig, the Freedomworks Pennsylvania State Coordinator, whose country of origin is Brazil (she is actually of Brazilian-Portuguese background).

I have heard Ana speak about American freedom and know she is a terrific, fearless and articulate advocate for our cause.  She is also my “facebook friend.”  You can send Anna a thank you note encouraging her to redouble her efforts this election year at [email protected]

And a third champion for our cause to one of these liberal-left targeted communities is the organization which I have written of before, Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation, which has a number of black pastors attempting to communicate with their own congregation about the importance of looking beyond color of skin or past proclivity to vote for one political party but to look at the issues and the values of the candidates.

Three examples of champions of this ACTION of PA cause are the York County Chairman, Pastor Ken Gibson, and black Pastor Thaddeus Godwin, who both spoke at a recent gathering of pastors – many of whom are black – sponsored by Action of PA’s York County, PA chapter.

Pastor Gibson is responsible for bringing the terrific pro-family, pro-fatherhood, Christian movie Courageous to York County by organizing 1000 Christians to attend the first weekend showing at a movie theater and he showed the movie again at his congregation last week.

Pastor Thaddeus Godwin has spoken out on radio interviews about the genocide of black babies in inner cities by the crime of abortion administered by Planned Parenthood.  A registered Democrat, Pastor Godwin is a member of the Board of Directors of ACTION of PA’s York County Chapter, in itself a “profile in courage” given his situation.

Both Pastors Gibson and Godwin are educating their congregations, registering them to vote, and persuading them why they should vote for ideals and issues not just for political parties.

And, also speaking at that recent lunch gathering of Christian Pastors hosted by ACTION of PA of York County was Father Samuel E. Houser of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.

Introduced by one of his parishioners at the lunch as “a genuine profile in courage” for doing the same thing as Pastors Godwin and Gibson in the inner city of York, PA – urging his parishioners to register to vote, to ask questions of the candidates, to consider issues of concern to us as Catholics and to look past political parties and to how the candidates answer those questions before deciding how you will vote (you can send him a thank you note at [email protected]).

Thou shalt not steal

“Thou shalt not steal” means very simply, we want everyone to remember there is a gang of thieves at work trying to steal this 2012 election.  The thieves are every leftist, every liberal, and every Democrat, who thinks having a photo-ID as a condition of voting, should be outlawed by the courts.

I do not know if they will succeed in their goal of using stark terror to increase the turnout of these targeted voter constituencies who sometimes vote as high as 90 and 95% for the liberal-Democrat candidate, but the critical work of good people like Tito Munoz in Virginia and Ana Puig in Pennsylvania, of Pastors like Thaddeus Godwin, Samuel Houser, Ken Gibson and so many others like them in Pennsylvania and across America could in part, help foil them this year.

The second thing the left is counting on in their gambit to make an “issue” of this “right to steal” for illegal voters, is that THEY will galvanize more voters than our side will.

Will conservatives who are not happy that their choice for President, actually fall asleep again as so many did in the McCain 2008 election?

Will many heed the siren call of those who chant “not a dime’s worth of difference” between the two parties, the old rally cry of such disparate forces in American politics as George Wallace in1968, Ross Perot (who was sufficiently successful in pulling enough votes away from GOP Bush that he enabled Bill Clinton to win with a plurality of 43% of the popular vote) and the last dozen years of Libertarian Party candidates?

So the next time somebody tells you that they cannot see any difference between the two parties, Republican and Democrat, ask them which party in Wisconsin and in Texas and now in Pennsylvania, is the party that defended the sanctity of the election process, defended our votes, and put in place a measure to STOP the Democrats from stealing more elections?

And which party is the one that supports overturning this law in Wisconsin, Texas, in Pennsylvania and every other state that has enacted such a provision to prevent stealing votes?

Which party applauds the recent complaint by Mexico to the United Nations, to investigate how America is “disenfranchising” Hispanic voters (who also vote in Mexican elections if they are dual citizens)?

Remember, the Mexican government of course, requires her citizens to show a photo ID to vote.  The same Mexican government which is asking the United Nations to “investigate” America for disenfranchising Hispanic Americans.

Regardless of whether you prefer Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, or (my favorite) Rick Santorum to win the GOP nomination to run against Barack Obama, there is without a doubt, a lot at stake in this year ahead in thwarting the liberal-left’s attempt to turn Thou Shalt not Steal upside down, establish by court and federal Justice Department edict “the right to steal” and brand Republicans as the modern day resurrection of the Klu Klux Klan.

The despicable and hateful work of the liberal-left to terrorize blacks, Hispanics and new American immigrants should be thwarted by conservatives who are thankful that we have champions like Republican Daryl Metcalfe leading the charge.  And we should follow where they lead and put more like him into legislatures here in Pennsylvania and across America.

HanoverHenry is Pat Henry on Facebook, and I’m on the lookout for new friends there.

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