Why the President should apologize to me

One U.S. soldier commits the crime of murder and all Americans are blamed?

The U.S. soldier who went nuts and appears to have murdered 16 Afghan civilians this past Sunday is causing everybody in Washington and the entire network of liberal intelligentsia and leftwing internet hate sites to go nuttier than the guy was when he committed the crime.

Is one murderer now to be made a symbol representing all Americans who unselfishly serve, who put their lives on the line to protect the people of Afghanistan ?  That’s absurd.  Worst: it is an outrage.

But this is the party line of the new alliance of  President Obama and the Taliban – the new anti-America, anti-US military line where we are supposed to once again apologize endlessly.  This is not liberalism run amok – it is the left doing business as usual – what Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick long ago called the “blame America first crowd.”

President Obama took the time to apologize most recently for the perfectly legal destroying Koran’s which had the handwritten messages between terrorist prisoners held by America.

This illegal, in-house, secret prison communications system between captured terrorists – scribbling notes as the Korans were passed back and forth – was stopped when their American captors caught them.

But now it is the Americans who should be punished?

It is the Americans who had to apologize?  It is our highest ranking official – the President himself – who had to apologize?

And now with this crazed lunatic shooting 16 people – which is a low murder rate if you compare it to what the Taliban does routinely, regularly and purposely – the President apologized YET AGAIN – as if you and me and all of America has again done something wrong.

Mr. President, I want an apology too.

I want an apology for all of your apologies including this most recent one.  And I want an apology for all of the lunatic-leftist friends of yours who are USING this as just another issue to tear down America and insult all Americans and especially American military and their families who have paid such a terrible price for their sacrifice.

Apologize to me, Mr. President.

It isn’t even “legal” under Sharia Law to hand write in your Bible.

So why does America have to apologize instead of the captured terrorist prisoners who violated their own religious law to violate the American prison rules forbidding any type of communication between prisoners?

Shouldn’t America’s President by on America’s side in this argument?

Now “here we go again” as President Reagan said long ago.

What sense does it make to blame all Americans for the murder of one person by a criminal or deranged lunatic?  How are all of us guilty of something that needs such an apology?

If an American walks thru the city streets of any middle East country unarmed and unescorted and is then murdered, do we blame the entire country?

Actually as an aside I think that any American who does this is remarkably brave or else insane – I’d prefer any such walking to only be done accompanied by a a platoon of Marines bristling with heavy weapons and flak jackets.

When (not if) an American is murdered in Paris, France, in London, Great Britain, in Frankfurt, Germany – do Americans blame the entire country for that murder?  If an American is robbed abroad does the entire country get the blame?

It is only when there is a MASS of such killing of Americans that our State Department will issue a WARNING on their website alerting us of the danger of travel to that country.

And there ARE in fact, countries in which it isn’t safe for Americans to travel.

Who would want to visit the Middle East or Mexico after all the stories we have seen of attacks on their own people and on Americans, over and over?

If any apology is in order I’d like to see them coming our way from abroad, addressed to all Americans.

I do not feel that we should be compelled to apologize each time a visitor from abroad is victimized by crime while visiting America, for two major reasons.

First, who the heck are THEY to speak of crime in America?  Have you visited other countries?  Do you KNOW how bad the crime is in other countries, particularly against visiting Americans?

Second, to put things in perspective, the crime rate against foreigners is SMALL compared to the crime rate against Americans abroad.

What about apologies for Americans who travel abroad and are victimized by crime, cheated, robbed, attacked?

You have to be NUTS to think you are going to get an apology note from their President or from anybody if you are victimized while traveling abroad.

Yes, since I have been forced to read about and watch this newest anti-America story I have learned the terrible details of how a Staff Sergeant took his gun and went house to house murdering 16 Afghans – mostly women.

But do the people writing these articles and reading the script of these stories on TV have no ability to put this into perspective – how many women are murdered as a matter of policy by the terrorist Taliban, every day, every week, every month, year after year?

How many Vietnamese who cooperated with America and defended their own country from invasion by Communist North Vietnam, were murdered or sent to prison “reeducation” camps after America cut the legs off the Vietnamese defense forces with a cut off and our retreat and they collapsed under invasion?

If the President wants to apologize how about issuing one to the Montagnard tribesmen who are still being “ethnically cleansed” by the angry North Vietnamese Communist regime still mad at them after 40 years because they worked closely with American Green Beret?

If anybody on earth ever deserved an apology it would be the few American citizens of Montagnard ancestry who managed to make it to America after they had trusted us and we abandoned them to the Communists, who continue to persecute them.

I have yet to see a single news report on this story which puts any kind of perspective into the story of the soldier accused of murdering 16 Afghan civilians.

So once again Americans are getting a one-sided, anti-America story and critics of U.S. involvement in ANY foreign efforts are having a bonanza focusing attention on this.

The entire Democratic Party and one small sliver of the Republican Party led by Ron Paul, are literally “on the warpath” with their usual anti-America, “bring the boys home” rhetoric.

Never missing a chance to apologize for America, especially to foreigners, President Obama said “I am deeply saddened by the reported killing and wounding of Afghan civilians.”

If he had added (my suggestion): “… by terrorists trained and equipped by Iran, who aim to kill them and maim their own countrymen, and now by one single soldier acting alone” that would have been fine.  Be sorry for the whole list of tribulations being forced on Afghanistan with foreign assistance in order to control them and destroy their sovereignty.

That would be putting things into perspective.

If he had added “and I hope everyone understands that this one act is an isolated instance, and not at all representative of the 99.9% of Americans who unselfishly serve the people of Afghanistan to help them be secure and sovereign in guiding their own affairs free of force or threat from the Taliban or any other foreign controlled force” that would have been outstanding, and putting things into perspective.

And it would have made us all cheer him on if he had also reminded both Afghans and Americans, that this terrible and isolated murder by one individual, will be used by our enemies to obscure the terrible sacrifice that both American and Afghan armed forces and their families have made as they fight people who do this same thing on purpose and by design every day, every week.

Unlike those terrorists, we have captured, imprisoned and will put on trial the person who appears to have committed this terrible crime.   Do the terrorists do this to those who murder civilians?

Unlike the terrorists, we will give him a fair trial with due process and we will punish him if under the fair laws of our Military Justice system he is found guilty.  Do the terrorists know what due process of law is, instead of the terrorist attacks they visit on their victims, especially including civilians?

Instead we have hand wringing and whining by the usual suspects in the liberal mass media which have once again, led by the President, engaged in mass hysteria and mass whining and now a fresh new round of anti-America bashing.

The New York Times, CNN, the U.S. government funded National Public Radio, and of course all the most extreme websites of the anti-America left are going all out to tear America down.

No apologies of President Obama will silence them or stop the Taliban from using this latest incident for their anti-America purposes.

I appreciate that people are weary of war – but that is exactly what our enemies are encouraged by.

American policy should not be set by an alliance of the anti-war New York Times/liberal media and the Taliban, which never let any excuse go by to tear America down once again.

As for me I’d like an apology from President Obama, at the very least.

He promised to be a President for all Americans, even took an oath of office.

But President Obama is serving the liberal media elite, the intelligentsia, far left hate websites and the Taliban and betraying the American people.

Especially when he does those never ending apologies to people who kill Americans and want to kill more of us.

How about an apology to American servicemen who have to hear this insult from their own Commander in Chief, and an apology to me for helping our enemies, encouraging them in their newest recruiting,  constantly rewarding instead of rebutting anti-America hate attacks?

And if you feel like “venting” on this topic you can sign an online petition that came to my attention here (I have no connection whatsoever to this group).

I think this is a teachable moment.  An opportunity for our President to show Afghanistan and the world one of the many differences between our system and the Taliban.

In America, we punish a murderer after a fair trial.  They make murderers of unarmed civilians into heroes, and in the case of suicide mass murderers they pay cash to their families.

More people feel contempt for America today in this world because our own President leads the parade.

Apologize to me, Mr. President.

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