Christian Pastors in York, PA pledge to turn out the vote to defend religious liberty

Liberal-left nightmare.  Catholic and Protestant Ministers had a private “Pastors Lunch” in York County, PA under the auspices of Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation.

The very definition of an “ecumenical” (“gathering promoting… Christian unity or cooperation” see Merriam-Webster), what brought this otherwise disparate group together?

One attendee told me the pastors are concerned as never before about the threat to religious liberty and wanted to discuss what they can do to alert their congregations.  The threat – specifically including the recent “edict” from the federal government which I have written of here recently – bothers all of them a great deal.

(see two previous articles: A Tale of 2 churches: Obama Campaigners violate Law vs ACTIONofPA fidelity to law to organize Christians, and The Gates of Hell Will not Prevail: Here Come the Angry Catholics)

No doubt we have Barack Obama, Obamacare and this threat to religious liberty to thank for this record gathering at the annual Pastors Luncheon.

These Christian pastors of York County, PA – 38 in all – gathered to discuss these issues and how they could increase the influence of Christians over government policy and who is elected to office to represent York County.

The York County Chapter of Americans for Christian Traditions in Our Nation (ACTIONofPA), the lunch sponsor is Pastor Ken Gibson of Pleasant View Brethren in Christ Church (Red Lion, PA), who was the “Master of Ceremonies” for the luncheon.

The pastors heard keynote remarks from Joe Watkins, pastor of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, the oldest African-American church in Philadelphia, PA , a past CNN commentator and radio talk show host and former candidate for Lt. Governor of PA.

In addition, Father Samuel E. Houser of St. Patrick Catholic Church in York, PA spoke of his recent efforts to persuade every member of his congregation that they must register to vote if they haven’t.

He has done this repeatedly – providing parishioners with the official registration forms in his church.

Father Houser made sure his Catholic churchgoers understand it is their duty to vote, and they must be very careful to vote for candidates who oppose abortion and who reflect their own views, who will defend our right to religious liberty, not just follow a “party line” out of habit.

Father Houser was introduced by one of the members of his congregation, who noted that the parish priest  has been “sounding this call to arms” to his Catholic congregation repeatedly since the Feb. 10 edict from the Obama Administration, forcing Catholic Churches which teach that abortion and certain contraception they would be forced to provide are actually “life threatening” (as the Harrisburg diocese website describes it) and violate the religious liberty of those who oppose these practices.

To thunderous applause, the Catholic prelate was introduced as a true “profile in courage” for taking such a strong and courageous stand and urging his congregation to write in protest to all their elected officials and to make sure they only vote for candidates who will defend our religious liberty.

“It takes courage” said the member of his congregation introducing him, “because some of those who will vote for the straight line ticket of President Obama and to restore Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker will be very angry with their pastor for taking this stand and will no doubt complain loudly.”

Elected officials who came in for criticism in Father Houser’s remarks include the Obama Administration for launching this new assault on religious liberty and trying to persuade female voters that it is about contraception – which it is not, incumbent US Senator from Pennyslvania, Bob Casey, and most especially former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who keeps reminding everyone she is a Catholic but who then attacks her own Church.

Father Houser was especially critical of Pennsylvania Senator Robert Casey, who many people voted for thinking he was like his late father in being anti-abortion, but they were deceived.

We understand from one of the attendees that Father Houser has in fact confirmed some in his congregation are unhappy with him – but also that he has apparently gained some fans around the country, at least one of whom wrote to him as a result of our earlier story.

He also has heard from a large number of his parishioners who are very supportive of his recent and repeated remarks from the pulpit in defense of religious liberty and urging his churchgoers to register to vote and to vote.  You can write to Father Houser to thank him,  [email protected]

The keynote remarks at the luncheon were delivered by Pastor Joe Watkins, introduced by Steve Johnson, a member of the board of directors of Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation.

Steve Johnson, like Joe Watkins, is a recent candidate for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania.  The two struck up a friendship as they competed in that race and shared various platforms around the state, during which they learned that they shared a strong Christian faith and conservative philosophy.  Steve recommended Joe Watkins as the speaker at this annual Pastor’s Luncheon.

Joe Watkins is a former staffer for Vice President Dan Quayle and has been a longstanding conservative advocate.  Despised by the radical left, he has been attacked by one of the top leftwing blogsites, Daily Kos, with one blogger writing of him after his TV appearance on CNN:

“The most fervent attacker of Rev. Wright was the African-American commentator Joe Watkins, who I haven’t really paid much attention to.  He was practically frothing at the mouth…”

You may recall the news – ignored by the “mainstream” media – about radical leftwing, anti-America Pastor Jeremiah Wright in 2008 with his blatantly racist, anti-white views who preached his filth from the pulpit of Barack Obama’s church for 20 years.  Wright has made additional “pronouncements” covered “religiously” (if I may say) by the “mainstream” press since President Obama’s election.

That Jeremiah Wright “Church” was Obama’s “base of operations” for 20 years which helped launch his organizing and political career, starting with the “organizing” of black churches in Chicago to “get out the vote” and elect leftwing Democrats – including himself – to office.

Funny how silent the left is about the “separation of Church and state” with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama supporters recent efforts to recruit “congregation captains” in every Church, engage in partisan politics at their churches to reelect him, but goes crazy about Pastor Joe Watkins.

The hate site Daily Kos posting I found, attacked Joe Watkins because on CNN recently he dared criticize  the radical, anti-America comments of Rev. Wright.

The Daily Kos blogger asked, “Just who is this ‘analyst’ and what is his agenda… attacking Barack Obama and Rev. Wright…”

Oh that leftwing Daily Kos blogger was upset with Joe Watkins, especially that Joe dared to have been born black and chose to be a conservative instead of a faithful little leftist.

The leftwing blogger who attacked Joe Watkins used vicious and racist language to describe him as an “oreo” (black on the outside but white on the inside – because he is a conservative).

It isn’t hard to see why Human Events described Daily Kos as the sixth worst “hate site” on the internet.

But on the other hand, anyone who whips up this much of a frenzy by militant leftists has plenty to recommend to conservatives.

I hope to obtain more details on the remarks of Joe Watkins at this luncheon to report in this column later this week (a videotape may be made available to me).

We applaud the efforts of Joe Watkins, ACTIONofPA (York Chapter) President, Pastor Ken Gibson, Catholic Priest, Father Samuel E. Houser, and ACTIONofPA (York Chapter) board member Steve Johnson, and all 38 who attended this “Pastors Luncheon” for their efforts to get more Christians to vote and to defend against this year’s worst attack on religious liberty in history.

If those who attended this annual “Pastors Luncheon” – in this case a most “ecumenical” gathering of Catholics and Christians – follow through on what they discussed this past Thursday and they turn out more of their congregation to vote then in the past watch for some changes.

Without ever telling anyone specifically who to vote for or against, these pastors may be responsible for Pennsylvania electing a different United States Senator (goodbye Democratic Bob Casey), and may change Pennsylvania from blue Barack Obama to a “Nobama” RED STATE, and on that happy note I will conclude today’s RED STATE column.

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