BANNED in the USA: the chant "USA, USA, USA"? Alamo Heights (Texas) HS Basketball Outrage

We’ve come a long way from the anti-war, anti-America rallies of the 1960’s to this week when a high school in Texas apologized for the counter-chant hated by leftists since it became popular after the US Olympics victory over the world class Soviet team: USA, USA, USA .

But the “Miracle on Ice” of 1980 is today the “Stinks on Ice” episode where the same “USA, USA, USA” from over 30 years ago chanted by some fans in the audience earns a reprimand and punishment.

This is a story with a lousy ending, unless people who read this decide to take action to reverse what has happened.

The victorious Alamo Heights High School Boys Basketball Team beat a rival team in a state playoff in San Antonio, Texas this past Saturday and some of the the team’s fans in the audience erupted in this spontaneous chant: “USA, USA, USA.”

It lasted five seconds before Alamo Heights head coach Andrew Brewer silenced the chant.  The supposedly insulted Hispanic High School team members were already in their locker room and never heard the “USA USA USA” chant, according to Edison High School coach Art Vela.

The flag of the Vietcong (National Liberation Front or NFL) was often waved at the anti-war rallies of the radical left in the 1960’s.

So in addition to burning American flags they also waved their Vietcong Communist flag and actually chanted for victory for the communists who were being trained, supplied and assisted on the battlefield of South Vietnam by their North Vietnam Communist allies, as they faced American soldiers, sending 58,272 of them home in body bags and hundreds of thousands more wounded and with changed lives.

Yes.  The flag of the Communist cause that killed those 58,272 Americans and wounded so many more, was the flag raised at those leftwing anti-war rallies.  The flag of America, was the one burned, in the 1960’s.

Fast forward to this past Saturday, 2012.

In Texas, our sources report what the national news media has still not reported: the Edison High school students – predominantly Hispanic – were chanting “ALAMO WHITES” repeatedly against their rival team throughout the game.  They were not reprimanded or stopped by their coaches.

The Alamo Heights Boys Basketball Team’s fans at MANY OTHER GAMES during the school year, had chanted “USA, USA, USA.”   It wasn’t just at this one game, as media reports make it appear.

At the end of the game, SOME of the fans of the winning Alamo Heights High School basketball team in the crowd (not all of them as has been reported) spontaneously erupted AS THEY HAD BEFORE, with the chants of “USA, USA, USA.”

Their team’s coach jumped up and silenced them within 5 seconds.  The students who were caught chanting “USA, USA, USA” have been reprimanded.  They will not be allowed to go to the next championship game of their team, because they changed “USA, USA, USA.”

Is that an outrage in your opinion?

What makes it an outrage, and indeed makes my blood boil as I sorted through this information to write this more balanced report, is that the story gets even worse.  You won’t read this in any reports up to this point – there is no single story anywhere that has this report.

First, we have political correctness at work – the same mentality of the 1960’s Vietcong flag wavers who wanted to burn the American flag as they waved their Communist Vietcong flag.

The San Antonio Independent School District athletic director Gil Garza was offended.

Not by the clearly racist chants “ALAMO WHITES” by the Edison High school fans.  There is NO INFORMATION ANYWHERE which reports Garza being offended by this clearly racist chanting during the game.  No.

Garza was only offended by the “USA,USA, USA” chants of some in the crowd.

So now District Athletic Director Gil Garza has filed an official complaint against the Alamo Heights basketball team seeking further punishment of the team for the crowd’s chant “USA, USA, USA.”

The politically correct Gil Garza filed his complaint with the University Interscholastic League (http://www.uiltexas.org), the governing council for high school basketball in Texas.

Can a high school team face further punishment by officials of the state basketball governing body because some in the crowd chanted “USA, USA, USA”???

Yes.  It is a pending matter.

Can you imagine?  The chant “USA, USA, USA” could be BANNED IN THE USA.

It has not at this hour, yet been reported in the national news media, which has only reported a one sided story making it sound as if one side is completely to blame, completely racist, and all guilty.  Even the Fox news report on this – as always more fair and balanced than any other TV reports – has been incomplete.

This is an incredible, even absurd story.  But it is for real.

We don’t condone any racism or any rudeness whatsoever.

High school students who behave rudely towards other teams should indeed be corrected, just as those who steal, cheat, curse should be corrected and even punished when they have done harm.

But America’s famous symbol of Lady Justice blindfolded, is done that way for a reason.  Justice in America is supposed to be blind to color and race – and only take account of the actions of those who are to be punished.

The students who chanted “ALAMO WHITES” were clearly ACTING in a racist manner.

The students who chanted “USA, USA, USA” were doing what fans at games ALWAYS do – they were expressing their enthusiasm for their team.

How can it be considered racist in America today to chant “USA, USA, USA”?

If you showed up at a leftist anti-war, anti-America rally in the 1960’s waving an American flag you would have been beaten half to death.  If you showed up waving a Vietcong flag you would have been welcomed.

In San Antonio Texas, it seems OK to chant the racist “ALAMO WHITES” against the dominant white Alamo Heights, high school basketball team while they were playing.

But in San Antonio, Texas, that Alamo Heights high school basketball team is facing further punishment because some in the crowd chanted the now politically incorrect “USA, USA, USA”.

If you want to read a more balanced account of this story you can check the blog of George Rodriquez,  who became the first Hispanic president of a Tea Party when he was elected in March, 2011 (see Facebook page).  Rodriquez has worked at the U.S. Department of Justice and the White House Office of Public Liaison during the Reagan Administration.

The more balanced report of Rodriguez says that these district administrators (led by athletic director Gil Garza) “are fixated on political correctness (and race), (and) only revenge, not justice, appears to be satisfactory (to them).”

He goes on to blame the national news media as well, because, writes Rodriquez, “in their hurry to report a story, they have been unjust to all the students of Alamo Heights… we should teach responsibility and justice, rather than victimization, entitlement and revenge.”

One of the most amazing ironies of this story is that the supposedly “white” Alamo Heights students included Hispanics, who were also reprimanded as “racists” for chanting “USA, USA, USA”.

Fox TV’s Griff Jenkins interviewed one of the tearful mothers of the reprimanded students.  Brace yourself for this.

The reprimanded student of the supposedly all white high school team’s fans in the audience is an Hispanic mother, Paulette Jemel.  Griff Jenkins interviewed her for his TV report.

Mrs. Jemel said her son complained to her after the reprimand, saying “I am not going to be called an anti-Hispanic racist” and begged her to stand up for him.

We are thankful for the bits and pieces of this story we were able to put together thanks to blogger George Rodriquez and Fox TV’s Griff Jenkins who went to interview students (in addition to numerous other sources).

The scales of justice are out of balance with the punishment of students from San Antonio, Texas’ Alamo Heights High School for chanting “USA, USA, USA”.

The scales of justice may be much further unbalanced if they are punished by their state association as demanded.

But this story isn’t over yet.  Incredibly, the team’s fans face further punishment.

You can help restore balance, and prevent further injustice.

If you want to demand justice you can write to the state agency where the complaint was filed:

Executive Director Dr. Charles Breithaupt, University Interscholastic League (in Austin, Tx), Policy and Administration (regarding Boys High School Basketball), [email protected]

And if you want to ask the high school which punished students for chanting “USA, USA, USA” to lighten up and stop being so one-sided, you can write:

Alamo Heights High School Principal, Dr. Linda Foster, [email protected]


(to complain about Head Coach Andrew Brewer’s silencing the students chanting “USA, USA, USA,” and then their subsequent reprimand and punishment:

Alamo Heights H.S. Principal, Dr. Linda Foster, [email protected]

In writing, you may wish to share the URL for this story, and not use inflammatory language.  Stick with the facts and be polite!

I will appreciate if you wish to post here, any letter you send, and any response that you receive, and I may write again on this topic as I continue to follow this story.  Your doing this may help influence some others to write also, and may also provide useful ideas to others thinking of writing.

I will also appreciate it if you could help circulate this story – using email, facebook or any other media that you have available to you.

I conclude with a statement that may also be banned at basketball games in Texas, very soon, at the rate we are going, but which will always be applauded by us conservatives and values voters:

God bless America, God bless us one and all.

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