Andrew Breitbart. Made a full time business out of being a Successful Anti-Left Warrior.

What I admire about Andrew Breitbart, the internet/blog conservative pioneer who passed away yesterday morning, is exactly what I admire most about Richard A. Viguerie, Bruce Eberle, William Rusher, Marvin Liebman, Jerry Falwell.

The latter are pioneers who combined direct marketing and fundraising technology, organizing skills with issues to help create the modern day conservative movement to challenge the radical leftwing which threatens to destroy America.

These early pioneers, working in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s showed others how you can raise the money, recruit the volunteers, hire the talent and carry the battle to the liberal foe and engage them on more equal terms.  This platform from which I post these words is an example of what I mean – Erick Erickson and his RED STATE band have found a way to make money, which they can use to expand their platform, including his stint at CNN as a regular commentator.  If he didn’t have that ability to attract capital – to make money in plain English – then I and all of us who write here would not have this platform to do our little bit to help advance our cause.

Those who began this work in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s were able to earn a living while building a movement that eventually helped defeat the left in pitched election battles.  Those victories were considered unthinkable in the 1950’s when William Rusher as Publisher helped William F. Buckley launch National Review and the modern day conservative movement.

Like Rusher, Viguerie, Eberle, Liebman and others – unknown and unsung heroes of our cause who paid attention to the often mundane details of organization – including fundraising, aka “paying the bills,” Andrew Breitbart helped show the way, in his case with internet and social media, combining the newer technology with the proven methods of the past to advance our conservative cause and do battle with the increasingly malicious, vicious, file and militant radical left in America.

Like his forbears in our cause whose cause he moved forward, Andrew Breitbart raised the money, paid his bills, expanded his empire to further amplify his voice, and was able to speak truth to power relentlessly.

Unlike his forbears, Andrew Breitbart in the age of the internet, was vilified more relentlessly and viciously than any conservative – in direct proportion to his successes in challenging the left’s media monopoly, particularly on the internet.

In all of these worthy website and internet endeavors, as his conservative organization forebears did, Andrew Breitbart maintained the balance between mastering the technology and the business side, while keeping his focus on those means to his end, advancing our cause and challenging the hitherto leftwing media and communications monopoly in America.

Andrew Breitbart spoke “truth to power” both cheerfully and fearlessly, but the point so many overlook is, he did it while making money he could use to constantly and continuously expand his efforts and set an example for others to follow, who did.

This is the most important part about the legacy of Andrew Breitbart – not that he “spoke fearlessly” but that, like those whose example he followed, Andrew Breitbart himself set an example and raised the bar for the rest of us in the world of communications to influence our fellow Americans to resist the radical left, follow “the better Angels” of our nature and make America a better place and to enjoy every minute of it, as do I in filing these dispatches.

I salute my fellow warrior for our cause, who has been both a writer/spokesman as well as an astute businessman in the free market, showing how his standing up to the left and offering his own alternative conservative ideas can pay the bills, win some victories and inspire many more good conservatives to step forward to follow his example.

I feel confident that God Almighty Himself will make Andrew Breitbart most welcome for having fought the good fight, run the good race and earned his place in Eternity.  Our prayers to His family who, when the shock of his passing have faded, will I hope, smile as they consider the influence he has earned for his ideas, and the future successes that those of us inspired by him, will fight for and win.  Thank you Andrew Breitbart and now, your work done here, the inspiration of so many of us to carry on, may you rest in peace.