George Who? (Happy Birthday George Washington!

Pennsylvania State Senator John Eichelberger posted a message about “President’s Day” on his website.  Didn’t say a word about George Washington.  Do people remember who that is anymore?  My maiden posting to RED STATE – which I have been a fan of for several years – is dedicated to George Washington, whose birthday we used to celebrate – and some of us still do – this past Monday.  Do people remember, do they teach it in school, does anyone speak anymore about the one essential American without whom our Republic would have foundered during the critical years after the Declaration of Independence was announced?  I find it very regrettable that what State Senator Eichelberger wrote, is so very true: people do not reflect at all on (to use a phrase you may have heard before) the “reason for the season” – whether it is CHRISTmas or George Washington’s birthday.  To so many Americans, these are nothing but holiday’s, whose only significance is that they are given the day off with pay.  Very much the same as with “snow days.” Having owned my own business for many years (most) of my life, a “snow day” is the day I always paid my employees DOUBLE pay – once for the snow, and once again if any wanted to actually work – and I would send a 4 wheel drive vehicle to pick them up later than normal, take them home sooner than normal and pay for their lunch. Less than 25% of my workforce (of 20 people, ie. 4 or 5 people) would take me up on my offer.   So that demolished the myth that people could not get in to work because of the snow – even with double-pay over 3/4 opted out.  So a “holiday” is another tax, so very often, not a reason for the contemplation that Senator Eichelberger’s thoughtful blog posting offered. (see http://senatoreichelberger.com/).  I know that those who own their own business know exactly what I am speaking of – as it appears that the State Senator does (even if he was forgetful about the NAME of the President I am referring to).  As for me and my family, it is my prayer that we will never forget that holidays are times when we should devote a little bit of time to contemplating the “reason for the season” and so very often, as is the case with George Washington, the reason for being grateful for the blessings we have.  And for snow days, I’ll just think, this too shall pass, and in any event, books and the internet keep the doors to the world open, even with several feet of snow outside.