I'm ready to VOTE

Up until this morning, I wasn’t even going to bother to vote. Why? Because I’ve learned that you can’t trust the majority of politicians — I live in Rhode Island. RI Government is crooked. My vote never seemed to matter.

That’s how I felt about this Presidential election — my vote wouldn’t matter. Then, just this morning, I watched a Biography episode about John McCain. What an incredible human being. I didn’t know the whole story on his capture and imprisonment in Hanoi for five+ years. He was tortured time and time and time again. He never broke. He protected my country. He protected your country with his life.

Our country is falling apart, I feel, because it’s run by people who only claim to be patriotic Americans. John McCain is a true American. I truly believe that if John McCain wins this election, as he should if all things are just and right in this world, that he will once again be our Hero. You can just see it in his eyes and hear it in his words. Some of you make fun that he calls everyone “my friends.” I believe that’s how he sees us, as his friends. I’d like to be able to say that I have a friend with such incredible integrity like John McCain. I’d like John McCain to know that I’m his friend and my family are his friends and I’m going to go vote this Tuesday for my friend, John. I need his help. My family needs his help. Our country surely needs his help. John McCain will not only become our President, but he’ll be our Hero once again.

Get out and Vote on Tuesday, 11/4. Vote for John McCain. Save our Country that we love so.