Fred Thompson vs. “RINO’s”, Living up to John Adams!

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John Adams, our second president & major contributor and signer of The Declaration of Independence, said, “Our Constitution is wholly inadequate to the government of any other then a moral and religious people.”

This warning says at it’s heart that if the people of our country or it’s legislators do not have high moral standards the Constitution does not have the regulations in it to guard against immoral corruption. The founders so believed in “We The People” they wrote the Constitution so they would have the true power in this great nation. They also “Banked” in that just and moral heart that the people had at that time.

Without that just and moral heart guiding your decisions, an immoral person will steer away from the Constitutions intentions and drag everyone else with them. Thus re-writing the Constitution without actually changing it’s words.

Fred Thompson has once again decided to stand on his just and moral heart even when it’s both unpopular and against what most of his friends in high places wants. Since the end of his presidential campaign, Thomson a Republican, has started a “Political Action Committee” to support strong conservative candidates in America. He also uses his new radio show to promote true conservative ideas as well as those candidates.

Fred Thompson does not back or support all republicans, only those that walk a very tight conservative line. Now, Thompson has gone as far to show the world that he will choose a candidate from a different party when it is the right thing to do. ” Listen Here!”

”The Washington Post “The Fix””

” IMAO “Thompson Is Not Supporting the Republican””

In the race in District 23 in New York, the republican Dede Scozzafava, is by far one of the biggest Rino’s in the party. Doug Hoffman, a little known candidate looks to be the only true conservative running. Read “The Jawa Report” and get to know the candidates.

Many don’t remember that while a Senator, Fred Thompson once was the only No vote (99-1) on a bill. He took that position because of his strong moral heart. That hearts conviction told him that just because the bill was a good idea in what it was trying to do, it also was un-Constitutional because it was giving the federal government a power the Constitution did not give it that should have been left to the Several States. Thus re-writing the Constitution without changing its words.

Time and time again Fred Thompson has stood his ground solely based on his moral compass, despite the negative outcome. Standing that ground is not popular in today’s day and age, which is why his bid for the presidency probably failed. He didn’t live up to what the people thought he should do, rather he lived up to what that Moral Heart and Religious conviction said he should do.

It is people like Fred and Doug that we need is our Legislative Branch of Government. People that will stand up for what is right just because it is right! Only then will we have a Government of the people, by the people, for the people fighting the Clintons and Obamas of the world, and return this nation to the “The Doctrine of Original Intent”

As Always Thanks for being involved, Many Blessings, Shane

“Standing Strong” & “Closing Ranks”
and still in the “Hunt For Red November”