The Liberal Senate Votes itself a Vote!

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I wasn’t going to write about “Washington D.C.’s Vote” but the more I read all the comments over at “Hot Air “ the more I realized that everyone is missing the point.

I lived around D.C. pretty much from birth until I was 31 either in MD or VA. I worked in on around D.C. for over 18 years. So I am well aware of the issues in play here. “We The People” should be demanding an amendment to the Constitution giving D.C. two Senators and two Congressman, Point and Blank! However, what the Liberal Senate is currently doing is taking what has been a smaller national issue, moving it to the front so they can secure a sure “Left” vote.

With the Left Senate so close to being filibuster proof this will secure it for them. But what is really going on, that no one is catching, is that they will be making the tie breaking Vice President vote meaningless. The Founding Fathers set up the Senate so it would always have an even number of votes so the “President of The Senate” would always have a role. With all our Vice Presidents lately giving up their Constitutional responsibilities as President of the Senate, there was only one remaining role the Vice President still had, their tie breaking vote. With that vote gone why do we need a Vice President.

Although the current Vice President is “Left”, the liberal Senate could not guaranty this always to be true. Now they have secured that the tie vote will always be “Left”.

“The Doctrine of Original Intent”

As Always Thanks for being involved, Many Blessings, Shane

“Standing Strong” & “Closing Ranks”
and still in the “Hunt For Red November”