When the bottom 50 taxpayers run the show

Listening to Neal Boortz discuss the issue with taxpayers and where we potentially could be heading in the future was the reasoning for this post. We now have the bottom 50 per cent of taxpayers that pay almost no federal  income taxes whatsoever. Yet these folks have the ability to vote and you can bet that most are wanting to continue to not pay any taxes and some of those want the “shared sacrifice” (Senator Harry Reid’s words). Shared only in the sense that the rich pay more and that they do not pay anymore. This can be a huge voting block and I see it getting potentially getting bigger. Look at those that cannot find jobs and those that are under employed. They may just say the hell with everything and expect the rich taxpayers to continue to pay the lions share and even more. It is time to move to a fair tax as Mr Boortz supports and one that I would support also.