Yogi Berra, I saw a fork in the road and took it.

We are at that fork in the road in the U.S. The path that we decide to take will determine our destiny as a nation forever. If we continue down the road of more foolish spending, we will soon perish as a nation. We cannot continue the runaway spending that we have for the last number of years. We should be able cut spending to at least to 2008 levels and if we all sacrificed, we could get back to 2003 levels. We cannot continue taking on more debt. There are those that think this is a revenue issue and that we can just raise taxes and that will solve our problems. This is ludicrous. President Obama has put forth a budget that is way beyond our means. He  should be leading the charge; after all, he is the President. But, if he is not willing to make the right decisions, then the next fork that we reach in the road again in 2012, we will take the right one, not the left one.