Then give it back Mr. President

President Obama in the press conference this afternoon, said this in reference to the extension of the Bush tax cuts. “I still believe that it doesn’t make sense for us to provide tax cuts to people like myself who don’t need them when our deficit and debts are growing” Well, Mr. President there is not anyone that will prevent you or any other American from sending additional monies to the U.S. Treasury. If you and your liberal millionaires and billionaires feel that you are not taxed enough, then by all means, write a check and send it back. Somehow I do not think it will happen. Remember Secretary Timothy Geithner tried to get away without even paying what he owed the Federal Government, much less wanting to give additional monies. That is why Warren B., Bill G., and Mark Z., take all their extra money and give it to charities and not the Federal Government. They know that the money is better off being given to charities that know how to spend it effectively, but on one is stopping them either.