It's Time for Congressman Rangel To Step Down


Politico is reporting that Congressman Rangel steered significant amounts of business to his son’s company to develop websites.  That’s questionable on its face, but by all accounts his son’s folks did a really bad job at it.  Obviously I’m not assuming criminal liability here, but add this to Congressman Rangel’s omissions regarding his taxes I think it’s time for him to retire.  It’s possible neither of these events were malicious (though that does stretch credibility pretty far), but that’s frankly irrelevant.  I’ve said here before that elected officials must serve the public before themselves, regardless of party.  I rather like Charlie Rangel.  He’s been an effective representative for his district (whatever you think of his politics, I expect most of you will agree with that, at least) and he’s served that district and this country for far longer than I’ve been alive.

That’s what makes this difficult.  That difficulty makes it all the more important that I say something.  Lengthy service and zealous representation of one’s constituents was not enough for me to forgive Senator Stevens.  I would be intellectually dishonest if I held a member of my own party to a different standard.

Thank you, Congressman Rangel, for what you’ve done in serving your constituents.  It’s time to go home.