Why Trump would be marginally better than Obama/Clinton

I  look back at the last seven plus years with great sadness and disgust. Even Bill Clinton was not anywhere near as embarrassing.  The insolence, arrogance, and criminal activity of Obama and his regime has by far exceeded any President in history. I am angry all right, not just at Obama but his supporters who elected him.  I am equally angry at both Trump and Hillary supporters. They overlook blatant criminal and unethical conduct and total disregard for citizens (including themselves) as they slavishly fawn over them.  Now we are faced with the specter of a Trump or even Hillary Presidency. Anyone who somehow believes that any of them will or has any intention for following the Rule of Law as an absolute fool. I have come to the conclusion that people that support them don’t care either as long as they see them subjugating someone else and not them. In reality they too are being subjugated along with everyone else.

So why is Trump any better than Obama or Hillary?  Because he is a white heterosexual male.  The reason this makes him slightly better than the other two is that because of it he might actually be held accountable to Article II, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. For those no familiar with it, it is the section of the Constitution that allows for Impeachment.

Obama has certainly committed crimes that warranted Impeachment.  From malicious prosecution,  conspiracy, to obstruction of justice and a host more. I think the obstruction charge would have been easy to prove. Anyone who believes that he did not know about Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, or all the rest of it is very naive. When it comes to going after his enemies he micromanages it all. We could not touch him though. Even the slightest suggestion that he should be held accountable drew cries of racism. Hillary would and has already used the same tactic accusing people of being sexist and racist. Trump would not have that luxury.

He has himself created this great expectation. People are going to expect him to deliver and  there is no way he can or even intends to. I suspect once elected he will immediately revert to the his liberal,  pro- illegal immigration, anti-gun, pro-abortion, pro-socialized medicine, dictator mindset. The dictator mindset is actually on full display right now. In this state of American rage that he has helped foment I could easily see it all coming back to bite him in the ass. He doesn’t even know the rules and certainly doesn’t plan to abide by them even if he did.  Just like all criminals do (and yes I am saying he is a criminal, just look at the frauds he’s already perpetrated and his mob associates) he’s going to screw up. His arrogance assures that. Once the bloom is off the rose I can see his support turning on him faster than a Texas rattlesnake. He might just be held accountable. God help us considering what the state of the country would be by then though.