A Patriotic way to close Gitmo

I personally would like to see the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility closed except for possibly detainees who are actively being prosecuted by Military Tribunal. I am by NO means advocating the closing the strategic U.S. Guantanamo Naval Station. While ideally I believe that they should be tried and subsequently executed by hanging I recognize that might not be practical.  I’ve got a solution that would I believe might at least partially appease Patriotic Americans and even save money. Sure,  lets bring them to America. I’ve got the perfect spot for them.

The Rat Islands in the Aleutian Islands in the Great State of Alaska. It is a charming wonderful place. It is COLD, it rains a LOT and it is totally isolated from the rest of the earth. Build them housing, a mosque, and an arrow pointing towards Mecca. Of course they can all take the Koran that we’ve already given them.  Let them walk freely in their own little hell. Electronically monitor every individual.  Regularly patrol their little permanent home with naval vessels, aircraft and drones.  Send a supply vessel once a year. Give them plenty of food, warm clothes and medical supplies.  Of course they are going to need a doctor so that’s why we need to find Ayman al-Zawahiri and give him !st Class U.S. Military transportation there.  Give him his own little clinic. Then they can live happily ever after there.

I fully sympathize with the good citizens of Colorado and Kansas who don’t want theses vermin in their states. They very likely would attract crazy, suicidal home grown terrorists. I suspect that the good citizens of Alaska would have not have a big problem with my proposal.  They would be literally thousands  of miles away from any population center and if any Americans are prepared to deal with home grown terrorists Alaskans are. Sure we might have to work out a few details. It’s all a national wildlife refuge,and we certainly want to accommodate the native Aleuts. There also might be a better a better island than one in the Rats in the Aleutian chain (I just like the symbolism).  Your comments and thoughts are appreciated.