How I converted a Trump voter

I hadn’t seen the guy in a few weeks.  I play poker with him occasionally. He’s a private builder/remodeler and is frustrated in this Obama economy.  He also has had plenty of misdealing’s with various customers dealt with various incendiary frivolous lawsuits. This was the Achilles heel I used to bring Trump down.


My friend was all gung-ho Trump the last time I’d seen him, saying he was the guy who can get things done.  When I saw him Saturday he’d already softened a little. When I pointed various underhanded thing that Trumps has done, especially his classic maneuver that he brags about in “The Art of The Deal” (the appropriate title would be The Art of the Swindle).  That being wait until the contract is nearly complete and then sue his contractor saying his work was shoddy even while it’s 1st rate. Pay the guy 80% then make it very clear that it’s going to cost him more to get the rest of his money through litigation just isn’t worth it.

When I told my friend this and told him to research it himself (he did) he went bonkers. He was an instant convert. I think the key to converting Trump worshipers is to find one thing that is near and dear to their heart pointing out Trumps contradictions on it and getting  them to at least research it themselves.  Trump is his own worst enemy.  I don’t want to call him stupid, but some things he says are totally irrational.  His positions change on a whim. Point to a specific issue and how inconsistent he’s been on it over a short period of time. That’s my tactic.  I can understand how people feel hopeless though. It’s like pushing sand against the tide. You can shoot zombies all day long, but they don’t seem to die, but rather multiply.