Are Trump and Kasich in cahoots?

Why is Kasich still there? What possible benefit does he hope to achieve? He has a well earned reputation as an insider deal maker. He currently has his fiefdom in Ohio right now, but don’t overlook his 18 years in Congress. He knows everybody that’s anybody in D.C. and I’m sure Ohio too.  The classic big business buddy with K Street insider. He is a crafty and experienced at making deals that benefit the Washington cartel and himself.


Donald Trump despite he might claim not to be an insider is exactly that. He’s spend his whole life making insider deals with politicians to benefit himself. He brags about it. I could do the whole litany of what’s wrong with Trump, but if you believe this isn’t just about serving his ego and self interests either you are a moron, intellectually dishonest, or both.  He is the ultimate crony capitalist. He see’s himself on the verge of becoming head of a wonderful oligarchy. The west’s version of Putin only bigger, badder, and cooler. So where does Kasich fit in?

I believe that there is a distinct possibility that Trump and Kasich have made a deal. Trump wants him in the establishment lane right to siphon off  votes. He fits right into the game plan. Even as he continues to fade I see people ponying up to keep him in the race. Then when Trump thinks the time is right he’ll give the order and Kasich will very deftly drop out.

Trump has previously stated the he plans to pick a politician for a running mate, that one “outsider” was enough for the ticket. It could well be Kasich. He’d bring with him all sorts of inside contacts that Trump doesn’t have yet himself and most likely would insure that he carries the very important state of Ohio. Trump could use him to defray attacks on his own inexperience and knowledge in certain areas and make him palatable to K Street.  It remains to be seen but I would not be surprised to see this play out.  Never forget Kasich is a deal maker.

I hope I’m not violating posting rules about not using insults by calling Trump supporters morons. Many are undoubtedly wonderful Americans.  What I’d really like to do is wack them up the side of the head with a shovel though. Not to hurt them, just to wake them up to the reality of who Donald J. Trump.  It’s all about ‘The Art of The Deal’ and the deal somehow benefiting Trump.  Trump supporters should ask themselves just how have all these wonderful deals Trump brags about actually benefited them.