Dana Loesch vs. Jeremy Konner and looses

Caleb Howe had a great post yesterday expounding  Dana Loesch ‘s telling article and radio show and read and listened to both. I like Dana, I agree with her, and none of what I’m going to write here is to besmirch her. Dana laid out the hard hitting facts against Trump. She used well documents and sources and she’s spot on. Dana’s got competition though, she’s not the only one trying to educate the masses on who Donald J. Trump really is. Some of that is coming from our friends on the left and far left. Donald scares and disgusts them just as much as he do conservatives but undoubtedly for different reasons.


Funny or Die produced a hilarious internet movie that anyone can watch for free: ‘The Art of The Deal, the Movie’. It has the same overall goal as Dana and I don’t see any real competition between them except in all media one wants to do a better job and reach a broader audience. This is a classic case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.


In my title I give most of the credit for the movie to Jeremy Konner although that certainly not the case. It was clearly a HUGE team effort that he’s continually acknowledged this.  It is my contention that in 50 minutes in the form of a fast moving movie that these guy’s fired a much greater salvo at the Pirate Ship Trump than Dana’s well thought out and presented radio show lasting 45 minutes. If it really we’re a competition these guy’s really beat the pants off the poor girl.


Just like Dana they thoroughly researched their material. Even though they did do a fair amount of embellishment and it is presented satirical  form the movie was loosely based on real characters and actual events that actually happened. Yes, Trump really did resort to paying homeless people to urinate and defecate in his buildings to intimidate tenants to move out.  The cast of characters portrayed (especially real life Trump lawyers  Roy Cohn and Jerry Schrager) gave insight into who Trump really is and the type of people he surrounds himself with.  It was the lead character and noted leftist Johnny Depp who made the movie though. I’ve watched the movie several times with different people and many initially think it really is Donald Trump himself.  I truly believe that it actually portrays Trump’s true personality more closely than what he try’s to present himself  as.  His petulance, insincerity, self serving arrogance,  and total disdain for everyone especially those who do not bow down and worship is highlighted in a very funny way.


That said, Dana had an unfair advantage and I know we are comparing apples and oranges. Jeremy had a hugely talented team and basically did a mini Hollywood movie with a star studded cast. The movie was released two days before Justice Scalia’s death. He was know to really enjoy humor and I hope he got to see it.  As for Dana for me it would be a dream date to sit down and watch the movie with her.  If her husband cared to join us fine. Unlike Trump I don’t try seduce other men’s wives  (and then subsequently bragging about my success at it in according to Trump the second best book ever written).