Ted Cruz's "Lousy" Spanish

During the South Carolina GOP debate Ted Cruz pulled off a really slick maneuver vs.  Rubio. It was similar to a common  poker play where you put out a little bait and letting  your opponent make the classic mistake of overplaying their hand. Cruz accurately stated that Rubio had said on the Spanish language network UNIVISION  he would not rescind Obama’s Un-Constitutional immigration  executive order on his first day in office. BAM! Like a  bass hitting a crawdad on a carefully baited hook Rubio took it,  “you don’t even know what I said,you don’t speak Spanish”.  When Cruz shot back in Spanish that he was prepared to debate him in Spanish anytime (my translation) it stunned Rubio.  Clearly his opposition scouting was/is pretty poor. Sun Tzu “know thy enemy”.  It  instantly became obvious that Cruz’s assessment of his own language skills is introspective and humble and that he simply wished they were better. “Lousy” for the standards that Cruz sets for himself. It’s apparent the standards he sets for himself are pretty high. I don’t see that as a bad thing. To Rubio’s credit he managed to spit out the hook and not get reeled in. A big wise old bass though would have seen the boat’s shadow looming above and never even touched the tempting crawdad.