How to Spark a Trumpertantrum

The last GOP debate we saw a Trumpertantrum on full on display. Full credit to Ted Cruz for coining and defining the term,  but  I believe that the origin and first  Trumpertantrum’s  date all  the way back to June 14, 1949 (the Donald’s D.O.B.). Every indication is that he has always been a spoiled petulant brat who when he doesn’t get his way spazzes out inside. He’s deceptive though and has learned somewhat to control it.  When it does not suite his ends and means he can suppress it. It’s always there though like a dormant but rumbling volcano ready to erupt. And it does and often. If there is no reason to suppress it, it just continues to spew lava and ash  and toxic crap just because that is the nature of the beast.  I wish I had the skill and means to go back  and catalog them. If someone out there can help me with that please do. Let’s get back to the past week though.  Using the Volcanic Explosivity Index  (VEI) he’s had several ranked 5 (Mt. St. Helens). Most of these have been in response to Cruz ad’s both to the run up to the debate and since. Cruz is the master genius at creating the Trumpertantrum’s which are normally a naturally occurring event.  Just like Tesla’s earthquake machine though they can be easily triggered by someone with the courage and intellect to do so. Most people would never dare or even think of setting off an earthquake in NYC or a volcano in South Carolina for that matter.  Cruz has let the Donald expose himself for who he truly is. During the debate you can see Cruz watching Donald  noting his reaction to being booed  and then leading him right into his trap where he simply exposes Donald’s very recent support for radical social positions and elected Democrats. Getting hit on several fronts (I’ve got to credit Jeb for a supporting role) he had the biggest one I’ve seen. The Liar, Lair, but I won’t let you speak eruption ranked 6 (equivalent to Mt Pinatubo).  It was so childish and as Ted Cruz has aptly pointed out he doesn’t tolerate such behavior in his children and we shouldn’t in our politicians either. I don’t wish to impune the Donald’s parents but there has got to be a reason for this behavior.  Cruz is certainly a cunning politician. He didn’t turn on his Volconositor  machine until he got to South Carolina for a reason. He timed it to maximize the effect. His ad’s (especially the Tim Russert one) using Trump’s own words against him have been devastating (the Donald doesn’t like the Truth). Having seen them I suspect many Iowans are now having voters regret and that Cruz would have won by a much higher margin if they knew then what they do now.  The Volconositor remains turned on. It is churning the inner reaches of Trump’s soul.  I’m anticipating the BIG One. At least a Mount Tambora (VEI 7).  What do volcanoes do when they’ve blown all the toxic crap they can?  They collapse into a caldera under their own weight and go back to sleep.