Will the next Mark Felt please step forward

“Deep Throat” after 30 years turned out to be  none other than Mark Felt, a career FBI Agent who by the beginning of the whole Watergate debacle had reached the Agencies highest echelons.  It was certainly at great risk that he he contacted Bob Woodward of The Washington Post and gave him the information that broke the whole affair wide open. We currently and sadly have a similar situation both in the Hillary Clinton scandals in addition to the Obama Administration scandals as a whole.  Unfortunately despite the egregious conduct where criminal statutes have been broke by multiple government officials no one has been even remotely held accountable. G. Gordon Liddy whined when Deep Throat’s identity was announced and confirmed that Felt should have gone to the Grand Jury.  Does anyone really believe that a Grand Jury would have been convened then or will be now?  Ted Cruz was 100% right in his opposition to Loretta Lynch. She said right in here confirmation hearing that she would not enforce the law . She now is a full fledged  co-conspirator in the massive Obstruction of Justice of  Obama,  the Clinton’s,  Holder,  and dozens if not hundreds of underlings.  Some out there seem to believe James Comey  will somehow step up to the plate. Perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised,  but because he hasn’t yet I am not hopefully.  People within the Justice Department and the FBI know what’s going  on. We need someone with the courage of  Mike Felt  willing  to risk their career, their liberty or even their life to step forward even if it means leaking.  If a giant government entity is so hopelessly mired in corruption sometimes it’s members are forced to go outside of it. Felt action reminds me of Frank Serpico except that while Serpico went against a powerful NYPD establishment Felt took on the whole US Government.  Will the next Mark Felt please step for and do what ever is necessary to relieve us from this Tyranny.