It is Fred Dalton Thompson's Fault that I am here

Eight years ago I had already settled on a late entry to the @GOP race for the 2008 presidential nomination and hadn’t settled on a late entry Fred Thompson, but committed myself to his candidacy.  From my little perch on the outside edge of Augusta, Georgia, I would find myself traveling repeatedly across the span of the Savannah River some hours-plus, dragging my toddler daughter with me, to meet the man.

When he bowed out of that race, some days after coming in third in the Iowa caucus, I placed his simple ‘conservative’ philosophy on my “About” section of Facebook.  It has been there ever since…

Rest in His Peace good servant.  You continue to be an inspiration.fred-thompson

Fred Thompson (former U.S. Senator (TN-R))
Fundamental conservative principles that have unified us for over 200 years

-First, the role of the federal government is limited to the powers given to it in the Constitution

-Second, a dollar belongs in the pocket of the person who earns it, unless the government has a compelling reason why it can use it better

-Third, we don’t spend money we don’t have, or borrow money that our children and grandchildren will have to pay back

-And the best way to avoid war is to be stronger than our enemies. But if we’re caught in a fight, we need to win it because not doing so makes us much more likely to be attacked in the future

-Also the federal judiciary is supposed to decide cases, not set social policy — and bad social policy at that

-And the bigger the government gets, the less competent it is to run our lives.