Is Obama's aim to destroy Americans' civil liberties?

The reasoning behind progressive icon Noam Chomsky’s fear that the most progressive president in U.S. history is out to destroy American’s civil liberties runs parallel with Americans who argue in favor of the liberty the 2nd Amendment dares protect – a federal state gone too far.  He of course is addressing the surveillance state, which he writes concerning the 4th Amendment:

“It is also well to remember that defense of the fundamental right to privacy helped to spark the American Revolution. In the 18th century, the tyrant was the British government, which claimed the right to intrude freely into the homes and personal lives of American colonists. Today it is American citizens’ own government that arrogates to itself this authority.”

He goes onto make some other remarkable points regarding power of the state.  It is no small wonder that Dinesh D’Souza includes Chomsky in his forthcoming film America.  This is a man concerned with American power over other countries — and now is coming to terms with the federal leviathan’s power over Americans.  I would think he would be pleased with our president.  However, it appears he is realizing at what cost this has come.  Surely progressives and liberals are not coming to realize that the ends do not justify the means?

Perhaps this is the nexus Sen. Rand Paul hopes to bridge in his quest for the presidency?  As he turns to 4th Amendment issues, “I think young people are up for grabs for either party. They’re not up for grabs if you’re not willing to defend their right to privacy.”

Strange days indeed.