@SpeakerBoehner @PRyan - "You Lie!"

@SpeakerBoehner @PRyan
To quote one congressman,
“You Lie!”

Congress – we will not forget this one
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How Representatives voted
How Senators voted

…and this is what I sent my future ex-congressman, Tim Walberg (via his contact page, shared on Facebook, and via 22 tweets):

Hon. Representative Tim Walberg,

You no longer serve me.

With the Senate’s vote today approving the Paul Ryan – Patty Murray Budget plan, countless others and I will see their military retiree and/or veterans pensions cut.

You congressman, voted right along with Congressman Ryan, following Speaker Boehner’s lead. Your vote cost my family approximately $100,000.00. That is at least one of my children’s college fund – and – paying off our VA-housing loan.

I will not accept an excuse from you that many other congressional representatives are peddling, that (you) “did not know what was in it” before you voted for it. That
smacks of the same language former Speaker Pelosi used when ramming through
PPACA (ObamaCare). Knowing what you are voting on is your job. This legislation
was pushed through without even the 72 hours promised by Speaker Boehner for
American people to review it. You are complicit in this. You own it.

You willfully chose not to serve nor protect United States military retirees and veterans.
Those who sacrificed decades for their country, many who became disabled doing so. These same men and women, and their families, who served to protect you.

I look forward to seeing you defeated, if not in August’s primary, then in November’s general election. I will be voting in both.